Just tell me the truth

Just tell me the truth
I'm ugly aren't i

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No, but you look upset
Post a pic smiling.

I'm not upset
This is just me. I think life is good and will be okay but I just realized I'm really ugly and I'm okay with that

you're not ugly retard you're average

You're a perfect example of a 5/10
Just plain boring average

You facial structure is ok. Workout more to be more attractive.

>seeking validation

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I know
I'm going to lose more weight but still I now see how I really look like and honestly I'm ugly af

you look normal. stop being an insecure faggot

No, just stay crisp and trim.

You're not ugly, but as , a bit boring looking.

I know guys below your level of attractiveness but they're stylish and fun and then they're so much more attractive beyond their facial features and weight or whatever.

Again, I'm only seeing a picture of you so I don't know what you are like personality wise. You could at least try to smile..

This isnt about validation
I want the truth


I wouldn't date you.

Now what reason would you say no?

In that, you seek to gain temporary confidence from people over the internet, you seriously need to blow your brains out

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I'm not a homosexual. Sorry, mate.

Would you let me sniff those panties

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Okay first off stop this
I am not seeking validation or someone to tell me I'm cute or gorgeous

I'm being honest here. Just want to know what I look like

Validation thread.

OP you have nice eyes, your hairline isn't horrible, stop your bitching.


> I'm not upset
I dont know that, neither will potential dates. Smile more
>This is just me. I think life is good and will be okay
This is not what I asked and shows some insecurity about youself
>but I just realized I'm really ugly and I'm okay with that
You aren't ugly but your confidence is.

Hit the gym, smile more, find confidence within yourself.

>implying she has a choice about me sniffing her panties

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I'm not a she.

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still for most women by looks 7/10 is fuckable

unless you bring something else than looks to the table

You aren't ugly you look like just an average run of the mill dude

Were those your Harvard Days user?

You're average. Lose some fucking weight.

You're very cute. 7.5/10

please mam may I have some coochie

I'd be offended if you asked me out. Lose some weight and we can talk.

You look like a fucking normal person, faggot.
Stop being an insecure bitch.

You look average. Depending on your personality/charisma you can be fairly successful with women.

can't be sure until we see your real face, the one without fat.
ATM yes, you look between low/norm and have 0 chance with girls


yes. do you have a mirror btw?

>shit facial hair, have a shave
>spots, wash your face, face wash, not soap
>shit haircut, do you even style or comb your hair?
>could do with losing a little weight
>didn't iron collar or at all
>women's sunglasses
>what is that earpiece thing supposed to be connected to????

You look like a regular guy, which is a good thing. There are actual ugly people who are on meth or deformed or cursed with terrible genes. These people would kill to look like you. Remember that. Also, get some exercise so you feel good about yourself. It’s not about losing weight, it’s about endorphins and confidence.

I don't think you're ugly, OP. I think your hair and facial hair feel half-commited to though. Not fully matured, so to speak.

Time for a big boy hair cut, ok? Tell your barber to help you out and give you something resembling personal style.