My dad (63) has a new gf (29, same age as me)

my dad (63) has a new gf (29, same age as me).

now he wants to give her all his money and the house which I was supposed to get when he dies.


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she's not even hot. she looks a bit retarded to me.

I'd say start talking to her and make him look bad. Be casual when you do though. Or bang her lol. It might not be the best sex but at least you get a house

no chance... she's already talking bad about me to him

Poison her slowly without bleach in her drinks over the years


maybe something less illegal?

You just got Cucked

Rape your dad, sue him for rape and incest, get all his money.

totally jup

any advice other than calling him an idiot and leaving it all behind?

There is only one salient fact here:

It is HIS money. It is HIS house. Whatever you might have thought, there is no "supposed to" about your expectations.

Kill him before his trust is in place. You'll lose some value going through probate, but that's better than getting fucking nothing.

that's true!

> be ok with getting cucked, it's the enlightened position to take
Good job Jow Forums

Are you and your dad close? If so talk to him about it and try to reason with him that family is more important than some slag he’s drilling. If not then I guess you’re fucked. Tell him to enjoy his slut and cut him out of your life. Let him know his legacy is dead

nothing really you can legally do
either sit it out and hope he lives long enough for her to figure it's not worth the wait or just cut him out of your life
unless you believe you can talk him out of it, but I doubt it

Hahaha buwahahahaba!

He’s buying her loyalty, you better hope you find a good job soon user.

She's planning to kill him too if she's talking shit about you without a ring on her finger.
Either beat her to the punch Beat him to the punch Or accept that your dad thinks you are worth less than some pussy, mourn the loss of your father figure and move on without him.

couldn't care less about the money. I have a master's degree in engineering and lots of opportunities. I just don't want the heritage to go to some random skank.

i tried talking to him but he's in denial. I'm pretty sure he's too old/stupid/horny

Fuck your dad and become the wife

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Yeah it happens. Girlfriends dad got diagnosed with cancer, decides to marry a 28 year old. Goes and writes a new will, splits everything equally, except the house that belonged to their mother and was part of his previous relationship.

Dies, wife goes fucking crazy because she doesn't have a share in the house. Destroys all the childhood possessions, gives away pets, starts legal proceedings to annul the will as not of sound mind which fail. She then starts trying to sue individual family members for random sums of money. She has an email where the youngest daughter said 'she'd give her the house if it meant things could go back to how it was before all the drama' as apparent 'proof' that she has been financially harmed by the fact the rest of the beneficiaries would not agree to amend the will to include her because they were causing her to incur legal fees. She came at each beneficiary in turn with personal lawsuits.

In the end it was agreed that she could have a share of the house because it was cheaper than defending endless legal drama. Legal counsel said in the end that she'd said she'd not stop, she'd keep going until she was broke, she was occupying the house and was able to damage it and eventually, even if it was unlikely there was the chance that some judge, at some point in some future case would decide it was fair for whatever reason to allocate partial legal fees to the defendant and at that point you'd be paying out more than the share of the house was worth anyway and she'd use that money to keep going and running up further legal costs.

Soon as she got her share she married a dude from where she worked and got pregnant. Money makes people do crazy shit.

Also families are retarded. Family wealth, inherence etc is all about consolidating power and wealth within the family. Pfft, when I die if my family think it is 'fair' or some shit they are in for a surprise. It is going to the ones who I like the most who I think will do the best with it.

Men will go mad and make terrible decisions faced with the opportunity of hot pussy.