Ukraine or Thailand?

I've had enough. I can't take it any longer. I'm 22 and a virgin. I have decided that after this school year I'm going to either Thailand or Ukraine to lose my virginity to a hooker and then trying my luck with tinder over there. My questions are: which country has cheaper escorts? and which country has a more liberal sex culture where a socially retarded American might stand a chance on Tinder or similar apps?
I'm white, 6ft, 200lb, long hair. I'm thinking I'll do better in Thailand but I'm more attracted to white girls, especially Eastern Europeans.

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just hife a prostitute in america

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I don't want to risk it. There's no escort agency in my area and I can't compete on Tinder so there's that too

Lose weight, cut your hair, and get an actual girlfriend.

You should use your emotions as a fuel towards your self improvement, instead of trying to cheaply lose your virginity to a hooker and regret it afterward. Nobody seriously cares whether or not you are a virgin, and you shouldn't be ashamed to be a virgin at 22. Think long term.

I don't want a relationship; I want sex. Not cutting my hair. It's all physical. I can't focus on other long term goals because I'm sexually frustrated.

Why not Germany?

>he took “have sex” personally

Too expensive

No, I just want sex. Plus it might honestly help me move forward a bit

Are you so weak that you can't control your lowly sexual urges? Even then, fucking a hooker once isn't going to make you happier. Make it your long term goal or get devoured by your urges. It's one way or another.

I recommend ukraine in your case. and why a hooker? if you take a vacation around there you might score a gold digger or something even better, why not?

Get a fucking haircut. Unless you are 10/10 chad, long hair looks disgusting on men. Repeat every two weeks. Clean your room.

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Having sex is just to see what it's like. So I can convince myself that it's not important and to just experience once. Having sex and a relationship are not a part of my long term goals. Just something to do and get over with
Hooker because no woman will fuck me willingly or for free. And I'm broke so no way to support or attract a gold digger. It's possible some random Ukrainian girl will like me but I doubt it's much different over there.
Not cutting my hair. I don't care how I look, hence why I have to pay for sex; because I'm unattractive.

You probably seem desperate with is usually a turn off
It's probably due to the fact that you only want sex
Sort yourself out

Not necessarily. Brothels in Germany can be surprisingly affordable. Of course Ukraine is cheaper and so is Thailand but prices in Thailand have gone up steadily and prostitutes there are not super cheap anymore.

>and you shouldn't be ashamed to be a virgin at 22
What about 28?

I'll look into it. I meant more the whole experience. I'd like to have a regular vacation of sorts as well.

there are lots of places you can legally fuck whores, such as brothels in nevada or in amsterdam. Then there are places like the Philippines where prostitution isn't legal, but it's ignored and pretty cheap. As far as tinder goes, you will probably do better in a foreign country as everyone (esp in asia) will think you're rich and asian women seem attracted to white men.

As far as losing your virginity goes, it's not a big deal. I lost mine to a friend from highschool when I was 19. No real connection between us, but it was fun and I came like 6 times. Haven't had much luck since, may have been a pity fuck or something.

Being so out of touch with reality you’re willing to risk life and reputation contributing to human sex trafficking.
The only reason you’re lonely is you think you deserve a 10/10 and you have nothing to attract one, you could have already had multiple women sleep with you if you got realistic about your standards.

It was a pity fuck, and she fucked multiple guy friends the same day because she kept beta virgin orbiters around. She’s probably ugly now and fat.

Stop lying to OP. Why are you so angry?

No thanks, bucko. Keep living in fantasy land. If I wanted a 10/10 I'd she'll out thousands of dollars for a porn star in the USA
Again, not interested in a relationship. Casual sex obviously isn't an option for me
Yeah, I just want to experience it and maybe have follow up tinder sex. At the very least I could experience a new country

It s not shameful but you might have a blockage because of it.
Fuck a hooker and be done with it. You ll realise you were stupid to ever obsess about something that inconsequent and then you ll be able to slay.
>t. Ex 28 yo virgin

>repulsive because doesn't care about how he looks
>wants sex
>repulses women by not taking care of himself
You're sabotaging yourself. If you can't take care of yourself like an adult why even bother

Because I want to experience sex and then forget about it. What's hard about this?


>only 10/10 chads
No. The problem with a lot of losers is that they're depressed so they don't take the time groom their hair. If you have a problem just waking up in the morning, you shouldn't have something that requires maintenance like long hair.

Personally I'd go for Thailand. Easier to get laid and the country is neat. Haven't gone to Ukraine but did spend time in some other Eastern euro places a few years ago

Don't they beat foreigners there because they assume they're there to fuck their hookers?

Then go to Vegas

go to Poland the whores are cheap there

The fact you wont forget about it, retard.

He wants to pay for sex he has no illusions that he is attractive or even wants to try being attractive he sees his virginity as something to be rid of nothing more quit being autistic Go to Vegas and legally do it in a brothel

Op, do this