What are good reasons to quit a job

What are good reasons to quit a job .

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You have found better one.
You have saved enough money to be NEET for the next 2 years.
You have found your sugar mommy/daddy.
You live in 1st world with maternity leave and found out you are pregnant.
Your job is dangerous and the money arent worth the risk.
They didnt pay you.

Boss refuses to give cummies unless you do unpaid overtime

>If its shit and its not giving you any relevant experience that you can take to other jobs
>if you're in a financially stable position
>If the boss(es) are assholes and are breaking laws that fuck you over or the boss(es) are throwing you under the bus at any given moment
>if the job is a direct cause to your health problems

You feel absolutely shitty doing it.
No/slow raises.
Distance/time to travel from home.
Not getting paid for time worked.

Good for whom?

If you don't like it - quit, but suffer the consequences - or enjoy.

>Good for whom?

I don't believe in having to justify myself to myself in matters where no principles exist.

I'll quit a job if I have a reason, good or not.

My opinion: in order to find out if you should quit, you should first know why you're working in the first place.

Once you know that, you'll automatically know if you should quit AND you'll know your next steps too

I like you, my man. I'll send you some good energy.

>why you're working in the first place.
To not starve?

>why you're working in the first place.
Thought I could work my way up

Thanks. I'm wrestling with this particular issue currently too, so I have some insight into it.

There's a lot of ways to make that happen. But ultimately, it's short-term thinking. What do you actually want out of work in the long-term.

That's a better answer. My response is if you find that you are not able to work your way up after a certain time, maybe you should switch to a new company. Remember, it's far easier to get a raise/promotion by switching a job than by staying.

Just my 2 cents

>I'm wrestling with this particular issue currently too
How so?

Well, I've been in my career for quite a while now (I'm already middle-aged) and I'm wondering if it's time to leave it behind. Worked hard for a long while so I could retire early but as the time gets closer, I'm not really seeing anything at the end of that road. So should I keep working at a job that isn't very fulfilling anymore, or just retire and see what happens, or actively pursue a new career?

I'll likely want something to do with my time, but what that looks like is very fuzzy at the moment.

I remember when my grandpa retired from the air force he starting working at a Walmart since he didnt know what else to do with his time .

I landed a decent job, but it won't last for eternity.

In my free time, I'm working to monetize my other interests to transition one day.

I believe it. I just don't want to take up knitting cat sweaters or doing meaningless time-filling activities:

Needs to be something that I like, something that doesn't have low pay, but I can do flexibly.

It's good that you're thinking about next steps. My original point was that people really do not think enough about why they work and what they want out of it. And if you don't, it'll eventually come home to roost.

I'm looking at monetizing some of my interests as well, but it seems that with those, it's a quantum leap to go from "amateur" to "professional"

This is true. But I'm SOMEWHAT past that. I've been working on my craft for years to reach a level which I considered adequate for professional production and it is partly the reason it took me so long.

I'm not approaching the end of the skill cap, but I'm at a comfortable level to feel proud of what I produce.

I have quit several jobs because they worked me too hard (chronic health issues) and my body was deteriorating, but they wouldnt lessen my schedule OR give me the vacation we had agreed upon two months in advance

The last time I paid a high price. My body went into meltdown mode, because I refused to stop working

I nearly died after developing this rare ass illness

Since then ive gotten worse and now cant work anymore

Protect your health, anons
Put that first in any job