Is it normal to cuddle with someone you only consider a friend or even a friend of a friend?

I have a friend who likes to cuddle with me. I don't think of him sexually, and he's too old for me anyways. I mentioned to my friend that we cuddle sometimes and she thought it was inappropriate. I didn't initiate the cuddling, but I don't exactly mind it either. He's a very sweet guy, and I think he just likes being affectionate.

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If it's like pic related I'd say that's alright. Removing clothes, getting blankets, or in bed nah. Also see if he's aroused

Stop being an attention whore. You know exactly what he's thinking

It's important to understand that what YOU may consider platonic, may not be what HE considers platonic. This could be him grooming you and getting you used to the idea of being close. Maybe, also, he's just a lonely guy and needs another human's physical contact because it's been so long.

I don't know for sure - but you need to make sure you're not misleading him and getting his hopes up that eventually it'll be more than just "cuddling" for you two.

As for me, I've had friends that I've chilled on the couch with and leaned against and shared blankets and shit, but not full on snuggling.

My male classmate sometime cuddles with me but other times he gets rapey like holds my hand and doesn't let go.

I watch my back when I'm around him.
Im a guy.

What's wrong with blankets?

There was a girl that i was friends with and we just cuddled for like a year and a half while we watched movies or tv. It was weird doing it because I didn’t know exactly what we’re were doing. And later I ended up making a move and kissing on her neck, but she didn’t return it so I guess she was expecting only cuddling and time spent. Imo, it’s weird in a guy’s head cause sex is always on the mind.

It kinda creates ambiguity as for what could happen. Also you're exchanging body heat which is sexually arousing for males

It gets sexual real quick. Even if I'm not interested in a girl and she's not interested in me, cuddling with her makes my dick twitch.

Would you be okay with your gf cuddling with someone like this?

If it's with blankets, should I stop?

Cuddling is sexual, yes.

Why do you say that?

Because I'm a male and have cuddled with women in the past. I can evaluate the conditions of my mind during the cuddling process.

Perhaps its' not sexual one the womans' part, but on the male side - it certainly is.

No man cuddles with a woman he doesn't have sexual attraction to and desires for. Women who are conned into thinking otherwise are deluding themselves.

>Also see if he's aroused
Man, I'm easily into boner state in like 5 seconds :(

Lmaaaooooooooo cuddling is not inherently sexual. It depends on the person. I mean it can definitely definitely be a precursor to sex (if you guys had it before cuddling) but it is also just something you do for comfort. Just to share warmth, the softness of another person's body, and feel a connection with somebody. Tbh

Got cuddly with a girl I didn't know. She was the agressive cuddler. Pulled my arm around her neck while on tge couch. Lots of room to stretch out. She pulled my legs over for this leg crossover jumble of legs.
What felt good was us leaning a bit giving each support. Alarms went off in my brain. I LIKE THIS I WANT MORE CUDDLES. Too young to think about stealing a base as a kiss or mutual stimulation.

Another part of this is this is my friends Dad. And I can't imagine him thinking of me sexually. But maybe it's not appropriate?

Try not to rub it and have your legs more open so your balls can breathe/cool down

You're a whore who misdiagnoses sexual function for comfort. You share warmth, persons' body and feeling of connection through physical exposure with your sexual mate or potential sexual mates.

My last gf was someone that did something similar. She liked to cuddle like in your pic or hold hands n shit even though she had a bf. I wasn't too comfortable about it, but she kept reassuring me it was fine and just a friend thing. She quickly ended up falling for me, left him, and asked me out. And I eventually figured out how crazy she was and broke up with her.

So I wouldn't say it's normal. Even if you don't think of it sexually, what if he does?

what was her reaction , she couldnt have just sat there and had no reaction to it ?

what happened then, did she reject you ?

Are you literally fucking retarded
What the fuck
Are women typically this dumb

Holy shit please tell me this is bait and not actually OP


What’s the problem? He’s hardly thinking about sex with me. Like i said, he’s very sweet.

Holy shit no. Any woman would flip her shit if she saw you with another woman like that, so why would I take it

I've had sex with girls after cuddling with them yes but if you truly have never cuddled with your partner that you love then you have missed out on something great that is not inherently sexual. It's just facts bro.

OH my god is this fucking bait, i sure as hell hope so .

No she literally had no reaction. I kissed her neck twice, then stopped to see if she’d respond, then kissed it one more time to be sure, and she just didn’t move so i just watched what we watched and left I think abit later that night.

We never really spoke about it, but we did continue to do this a few more times. Sex or no sex, it was nice to be dick to butt snuggling under a blanket.

It was a long time ago, but we’ve hung out since then as we’re older.

That cuddling is a sexual mechanism doesn't mean it has to always lead to literal sex, it's a pair bonding mechanism like many other. I'm not sure why you thought what you highlighted is a criticism of my previous statement.


Well why? Obviously I’m making this thread because i have my doubts if this is okay. But I don’t want to tell him I don’t want to do it anymore just because of some vague feelings.

Why should i stop? What is wrong about it?

Ok ill bite this bait , i have some time to spare i guess.

Ok so this is your father's friend? First thing's first , he is behaving blatant disrespect for your father, and second that sounds beyond predatory. Cuddling is essentially a pre sex event, and him behaving in it with you is disgusting. I'm supersized he hasn't started grabbing you in areas, well he probably has to be honest. This has deep sexual undertones and the fact that you're blissfully unaware of it tells me he gets off on that aspect. Why does this not make you uncomfortable about it ? How old are you?

Body on body contact brings a whole other element in relationships, its intimate. And intimate situations regardless of intention are easy to draw out sexual themes.

In other words, he is taking advantage of you. And it's disgusting that hes your fathers friend and doing such a thing. Sounds like the beginning of an abuse victims account of how her creepy uncle took advantage of her. That is your eventual future if you dont see this.

Cuddling is very intimate. Intimacy between a man and woman is usually sexual.

He's heavily invested but does t want to ruin the relationship. I can tell that because you are a girl. Nice friendzone but he thinks he's very very close as you cuddle.

maybe she was so nervous she didnt knew what to do or shocked, if after kissing her on neck she was still open to cuddle with you then she was definitely wanting you to take charge but you didnt it seems

Man he'll sooner or later touch you inappropriately, try to kiss you, try to get you to suck his dick or something. If he's not 100% gay or your own brother or father then there's lust involved

It's my friends father. He hasn't grabbed me in areas or anything like that. But I think I see your point.

I guess you just don't cuddle with people ever unless they're someone you're dating or whatever?

>cuddling is totally a pre sex event
How sexually frustrated are you all?

As a guy, I enjoy cuddling for warmth (I'm hipotensive kek) and comfort - human bodies are squishy and can be bended and twisted in many ways for maximum resting comfort while showing you are trust worthy and not threatening. I will cuddle with any humanoid creature that finds itself in my vicinity when situation allows me to. For example, watching a film - brother/friend/gf/gf's parents or brother, anyone is fair cuddle game.

Do you have a brother or father?

Why are you so sure?

I have a father and two sisters and no brothers. Why?

I've seen it happen a lot of times. Share this kind of intimacy with some guy, however innocent you think it is and things come crashing down. His wife won't be okay with him cuddling up with you. The guy can't control his urges and will try to take things further etc.

Do you sit on the couch with your father and cuddle?

When have you seen something like that happen?

When i was younger I used to a little. He’s not very affectionate though.

When I was between 16-24. Seen multiple friendships go to shit, relationships break. Keep that kind of intimacy for guys you want to be intimate with. It's about boundaries

I ask this because what you and your father have is platonic love. Cuddling with him would turn things awkward. Cuddle with any guy who you think is platonic with you and things will turn awkward

Yeah, boundaries makes sense to me. I think I'll stop what I'm doing with him. Thanks user.

Well cuddling is a more intimate thing , that whole scenario is very awkward and if you were my friend i would implore you not to get yourself hurt. But seeing as i invested myself into this thread , i implore you to look at this at what it is and not what you want it to be.

I got a feeling you're young, and if you are that's ok , just dont put yourself in a position where you can get hurt. You said later that your dad isnt very affectionate ? This is why you are so open to something like this, you crave that paternal affection and i'm sorry that you dont have that.

But all this will do is hurt you even more. Trust me on this.

Furthermore on that point, you could try to figure out what is making your dad feel distant to yourself , and maybe talk to him about it .That would solve this at it's root , a more meaningful relationship with your father is a very strong way to help yourself in cases like this.

And i know you tell yourself that it his his responsibility to go out of his way to make sure you are loved and cared for etc . But fathers are humans too , and sometimes they can be oblivious to how you feel unless you tell him.

I seriously hope you're trolling, because that's not okay.

Glad to hear that. I knew this girl who'd do stuff like that with her guy friends including me. Sitting on the lap, cuddling up etc. One guy tried to take things further, others got girlfriends who went ballistic when they saw her being so close to their partners. Other girls saw her as an attention whore. It split the whole friend group. Her boyfriend of 4 years broke up because he couldn't take her showing that much affection to other guys anymore. She thought nothing of it all the time and just liked the comfort. Now she's done a 360 and only shows this kind of intimacy to her husband.

Had a gf who was all physically close to her best guy friend thinking nothing of it, it's just harmless cuddles and stuff. Guy fell in love with her because to him it was her showing all the green flags to go for it and I went mental after finding out the whole thing.
It's intimate, keep it for people you can be intimate with.

To me it isn't really appropriate at all, but maybe I'm too old. Rules change

Yikes and cringe

Yes and no. I wouldn’t cuddle a guy I didn’t have feelings with alone but when we are in a group we have a guy or two and they join us girls in a giant puppy pile we create.
Also I think that’s real weird your cuddling with your friends dad, like if your a female no ones dad should be cuddling up against you that’s like red flags.

No you don't understand it's perfectly normal and healthy to intertwine bodies with your friend's dad everybody is doing it

Red flag for what?

Two dudes, cuddling with the clothes on so it's not gay ~

People cuddle pets and it's normal.

Only humans are off limits.

Pets should count as beastiality or humans on.

Despite this, I told my friend's gf that he was cuddling with another girl and they broke up.

Depends how long you’ve been friends with the friend. Like if it’s been since middle school or high school why is a grown man thinking it’s okay to cuddle with a girl he’s seen grown up it’s gross. If you befriended your friend after 18 it’s a little better I guess if older dudes are what you like preferences and all though that doesn’t sound the case here even if cuddling can be innocent I still think it’s weird being alone with a friends parent and cuddling them no parent should be cuddling up with their sons or daughters friends. Like to me it just gives of real predatory creepy vibe.
Red flags
1-If this man is constantly hanging around woman around their child’s age you have to wonder what’s wrong with him that he’s not hanging with people more his age
2-Some older men seek out younger woman because it’s easier to manipulate and control them
Not all people with an age gap are predators or have an unhealthy relationship but a man with a child the same age just raises flags specially if because “I didn’t initiate the cuddling.”

There is no such thing as platonic cuddling for a guy you dumb cunt. Stop leading him on.

Have you fantasized about this guy you cuddle with? Has he ever popped in your mind while you are flicking the bean?

>Is it normal to cuddle with someone you only consider a friend or even a friend of a friend?
>I have a friend who likes to cuddle with me. I don't think of him sexually, and he's too old for me anyways. I mentioned to my friend that we cuddle sometimes and she thought it was inappropriate. I didn't initiate the cuddling, but I don't exactly mind it either. He's a very sweet guy, and I think he just likes being affectionate.

He wants your boipussy

don't listen to the incels. i cuddle with my sister from time to time, nothing sexual about it.

Just be aware, guys think cuddling will lead to sex. And most of them gets too handsy. If you want cuddles, stick to girl on girl stuff.

Not really no. Like I said, he’s too old for me.

If this guy your cuddling with would not do tge same with a male friend it is sexual.
I as a male would never cuddle another male, so ask him he he would be comfortable cuddling with one of his male friends.

I think there’s a difference between cuddling with a family member and then say your dad cuddling with one of your guys friend.

I like the idea of this, but many a time myself or others have taken things too far. I still do it though.

This better be a troll