How do i get a qt Ramona gf, anons?

how do i get a qt Ramona gf, anons?

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very insightful

I matched one on tinder it was goth GF, but she left because I never texted her.

The best way is to be really smart in college and then watch out for the hot girl who needs help with her math homework, then you offer to help her study out of class and she will sit next to you during every lecture to get help

>be really smart
but i'm a fucking retard

so what being smart and doing the hot girls homework, and then being a free tutor is just a single strategy for getting girls.

there are other strategies you just need to play on your strengths, and find out what works

btw the goth girls are usually dumb and they are only found at community colleges, doing psychology or something dumb, this could be a good thing depends on what you like :)

>there are other strategies
but what are these strategies of which you speak?
go away

uh oh, INCEL alert!

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how am i an incel

If you want a goth girl, be a goth boy lol

The whole message of the movie is literally not date girls like Ramona lmao


She’s not real and girls aren’t like her. Fictional characters tend to have their personality intensified so dummies can understand them better. I guess you can find someone that looks like her.

t. pessimist

trips of truth
the universe is saying that
is a faggot liar

The point of the film was about learning to respect yourself enough to get a gf who respects you for respecting yourself enough to respect them and other womens.
On the other hand, Ramona is kinda a ripoff of Clem from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which is a movie about not dating girls like that.

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Mhm, find a Ramona then. There is a reason why it’s been asked for and the closest guess was maybe try a goth girl. Even though her style is closer to punk. But not really. Because that’s what a fictional character are. Made up.

I matched a crazy goth girl with pink hair on tinder, she has been ignoring my texts lately I offered to help her use R studio for her statistics class, and use my Hulu account no answers...

In the comic she's described as a half-ninja.

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"manic pixie dream girl"

Ramona isn't a manic pixie dreamgirl. She was a slut who never learned how to connect with people emotionally and so was Scott.
I don't know anything about Clementine I never saw that movie. Natalie broke his heart so he went around trying to get girls with his brother's stolen bass guitar that he wasn't even that good with while Ramona left America to start her life in a new place. It's truly a beautiful love story.

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We're obviously talking about the movie you fucking nerd. Christ.

She ran away from her slutty past and he is a selfish lazy dummy. I wouldn’t call it beautiful love story, but a cautionary tale. How damaged is your view of romance?

I don’t have any scientific evidence on this one but a female who colors her hair pink is thought to be signaling to males that she is sexually promiscuous, just one hypothesis. My high school therapist died her hair pink after I made sexy comments during therapy, she is over 30 and said I was too young.

Basically when you see a girl with a blue or pink hair it means she is good for really rough sex, but she is also an annoying bitch, just 1 hypothesis for the “Ramona effect”

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It's the best thing ever when the girl who is self conscious about being flat starts doing squats and then she gradually gets hotter

that doesn't help
get scientific evidence of this

The books are better than the movie

I can debunk this. I like orange so I colored my hair orange, it wasn’t to signal that I’m dtf.

At least in the movie he’s a little less of a self-centered asshole, but only by a little.

>believing a woman about anything related to sex, attraction, or dating

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And what do you about anything related to women?

Ok I never mentioned orange or blonde because those are natural hair colors, so it doesn't count.

when a girl colors her hair neon and dresses edgy it is a signal for DTF

How does it work? Don't girls fuck the good-looking guys anyway? Or the bitches with bright dyed hair have lower standards?

when you them on campus and they need help with class projects... tattoos, vaping, blue hair they may be dumb but it's probably much better sex, not necessarily an easier girl to pick up unfortunately but worth the effort.

I understand this is a bait thread, and that you are here for entertainment rather than advice. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting discussion.
Ramona is the prototypical pixie-girl who desperate men in their 20s want to save them from their unsatisfying life. These men want a woman like Ramona because they are lazy and insecure, yet they expect an attractive, quirky girl to approach them. These men want an ornament in human form in their lives more than a human being who may challenge them to better theirselves. The real life equivalent to Ramona is an art hoe who will most likely cheat on you.

I'm sorry, say again? Go on, I think you were in the middle of saying something really funny.

Now that I'm a qualified sex haver, I stand by what I said, bitch.

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this isn't a bait thread though

Nice dubs and perfect hour post.
This is a bait thread, though. The OP is “how to do I get a [insert specific type] gf???”, and it’s the same useless reply trap every single day on this board.

>commonly asked questions are bait
wait what

>stupid questions are bait
>questions which have been answered 10000 times on this board and can be reasonably asserted to illicit a reason invariably are bait
>”Guys, how do I get a Asian/gamer/virgin/lesbian/black/shy/big tittied/occult/mommy/Japanese/country-girl/Icelandic/weeaboo/Minecraft gf???” is bait

I think the term is "manic pixie dream girl" and you don't want one. Sure they're fun to fuck, but the one I had was autistic, bipolar, and crazy as fuck. We dated very briefly, and during that time is was a roller coaster of highs and lows. Sure we had some good times, but she was selfish, unreliable, and disinterested. You'd be a toy to her that she takes off the shelf to play with and then she'll dump you for the next best thing to come along all while claiming it's cause she's a "free spirit" and to "go with the flow". If you can, then they're a fun little ride, but don't catch feelings or it'll ruin you.

Exactly. People are dumb thinking they want the manic pixie girl, but don’t realize what that means in reality. A quirky girl is not actually cute in a whimsical way, she got issues and its going to come up.
If she change hair colors and styles she most likely suffer from self esteem, don’t know what she want in life and need validation through attention. They tend to make a lot of mistakes, jumping in and out of relationships. List goes on.


>desperate men in their 20s want to save them from their unsatisfying life.
Scott wasn't desperate and desu this reads as the synopsis of a different film/comic and has nothing to do with Scott Pilgrim because Scott wasn't desperate, he had a girlfriend, he wasn't unsatisfied in life, he was just oblivious to everyone else being unsatisfied with him.
>quirky girl to approach them
Scott approaches Ramona though.
>These men want an ornament in human form in their lives
He also only fell in love with her because he kept seeing her in his dreams/subspace.
>human being who may challenge them to better theirselves
And then ironically it was Wallace who was pushing Scott to become a better person, not Ramona. He suggested Scott to break up with his highschool girlfriend the most, he was the one who told Scott to tell Ramona that he loved her so she wouldn't bounce out of his life, he also told Scott to get a job without telling him the real reason was that he was planning to move.
>The real life equivalent to Ramona is an art hoe who will most likely cheat on you
She does cheat on Scott (he does the same) but she's not an arthoe, just a half-ninja who dressed like how every rock groupie would dress in the late 00s.

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Fight the army of chads that are already giving her beef curtains

The main theme of the movie is that one Canadian is more Chad than 7 American soiboys.

You don’t, she’s a 30 year old pretending to be 17. Maybe if you date one of those girls from perverted justice.

bad advice



Girls who look like that tend to be left wing and feminist, often very outspokenly so. Now i'm a leftie so i'm fine with that. But just saying, most Jow Forums people wouldn't actually like speaking with those type of girls

I’m wasn’t talking about the relationship between Scott and Ramona. I’m talking about Ramona’s archetype and the real men who are outside of the confines of the fictitious setting that the movie takes place in. The men who want a girl like Ramona aren’t Scott, and even if they were exactly like Scott, they don’t have a convenient movie plot to place themselves into an adventurous, fairytale love quest where the guy gets the girl despite not being her type to begin with.

Disregard Courtesans
Acquire Currency

I had one of these girls obsessed with me in school. Not cute, but very much nerdy weeaboo with colored hair.


But all the normal girls have boring appearances


No, fuck you. They don't exist and you don't deserve one.

why are you mad

>unironically wants used good, emotionally detached,neurotic cunt with multiple ex boyfriends

Seriously user, I've had multiple run ins with these "manic pixie dream girls" and funny enough, they're supposed "individuality" and "quirkiness" is regurgitated. It ain't worth it, don't be a simp ass nigga.

are you black?
you sound black.

And why do you think you like orange and wanted to color your hair?

They're called art hoes.

You find them in every major city, likely around the hipster district.