Is it socially acceptable to stare at her tits if she's dressed like this in a public place and you're sitting across from her?

If so, then what is the amount of time that its acceptable for. 2 seconds?

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Yes it is. 5 seconds tops though and as long as she doesn't see then you're fine.

she will obviously notice but it doesn't matter, no one's gonna judge him
4-7 seconds should be cool

Is she technically asking to be checked out if she's dressed like this? I.e if she caught the guy within 4 seconds and she gave him a scornful look should he feel bad?

whatever they might tell you, she's actually looking for attention, like we all do, the same way we sometimes frame our bulge with our hands in our belts when we are feeling particularly cocky

however, it's only acceptable for her to stare her when you ain't ugly
if you are ugly or fat don't stare for more than 4 seconds in a row or else she'll get angry and cover her tits so you can't keep looking
or if you have a weird tick or don't have one eyelid don't even try or she could freak out


no, not technically. do you know what that term means?

So she is or isn't?

The better looking you are, the longer she wants you to stare.

She doesn’t want you to look at her, ever.

Why do you care anyway? As if bitches have the balls to say anything. I'm a poor ugly manlet, so I do it as blatantly as I want. It's funny as fuck how uncomfortable they get and how they start adjusting their slutty outfit.

For real or joking? If so, how long do you stare for?

I mean, how long would you stare at her for if she was sat across from you ike this

Cant see you risking staring at her for more then 10 seconds max I'm guessing?

not him but since I lost weight and started working out I haven't had any bad reaction from women so I just stare for as much as I want until a minute before I have to stand up so my boner relax and don't get old ladies uncomfortable
they don't seem to mind at all, if you ain't ugly just try to smile naturally
but who wouldn't smile when looking at a pair of luscious, delicious yummy jugs of fun like those


Ya'll are borderline rapist

it's only rape if you are ugly

t. nog
Is it socially acceptable to be a slut and dress like a slut? For some reason, nowadays it is if you ask alot of people. There's really nothing wrong with staring at the good they're oh so desperately trying to sell.

He's obvi larping he called himself a manlet

this. I'm relatively tall and have been told I'm handsome. I stare as much as I want. and I don't think I even smile, I probably look like a fucking depraved fuck when I look. mostly they don't care.

One of my female friend told me how she used to have F cups when she was 15 years old.
After many men staring her boobs, making comments, strangers implying she was a pornstar (at 15 jesus), and being gropped by the sports teacher, guess what ? She did a breast reduction.
So no, not all girls can hide them under many layers of clothes, especially at summer. Not all women want to be provocative.
My point is, putting pressure on women about their breasts is just wrong. I'm a boobs lover myself, but you gotta have some decency for yourself, and for her. I can peek like 0.5s but after that only eye contact until we know eachother more. Respecting women for human beings can even lead you to make female friends, so that's a bonus.
Some of you are probably thinking I'm some kind of White Knight or something, I don't care. That does not stop me from spotting thots. They exist too. But as long as you don't know an individual, be careful with how you acts, don't be rude. Women with huge breasts gets ALOT of attention they don't want.

Wear dark sunglasses, turn your head so you don't appear to be looking right at her, stare as long as you want.

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No, it's fucking hot and she can't take her tits out to cool for obvious legal reasons, mongoloids.
If you get caught staring, you get either good or bad consequences based on the context of her personality. So zone back in and figure out if she's into you or not.

how is it that indians and africans can manage without forcing their tits in your face. really makes you think, except when you are stupid, than you don't think at all and just write butthurt garbage