How do you remain positive despite all the negativity around?

How do you remain positive despite all the negativity around?

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I don't.

it's impossible when it gets beamed in directly

i always try to find something positive in something negative.

Avoiding negative people also helps. Theres no changing them

Drugs and alcohol.

detach yourself from negative people, they are still there but you just don't give a fuck

think in terms of
>will this help me?

it's a good repellent for negative people as well, their snide remarks and bitter commentary can easily be diverted with

>will this help me? why are you telling me this? why not just stay quiet instead?

they usually shut up for a while and switch to a productive subject

I read uplifting shit and go to 12 step meetings with scheduled speakers. Scheduled speakers tell great stories of depravity, corruption, despair, then redemption. I always leave feeling a bit better about life in general.

I listen to Oingo Boingo in my head 24/7

If I'm trying to have a good day and stay in a good mood, I don't come here for one. Most of the people here are vindictive depressed losers trying to make everyone as miserable as them. This place is a downer.

God she is fucking hideous. Yeah I know I'm the negativity you're talking about and no I don't care. She looks like a fucking bridge troll.

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Love Oingo Boingo

The way you look at the world is a habit.

Como yo me mantengo positivo. Salgo con moto a dar una vueltas y comienzo a insultar por todas la mierda que sucedió en el transcurso del día. Así me desahogo y luego continuó con la rutina

You askin this in a Jow Forums forum my man, but yeah, I dont

kill them all

suena divertido

Dont give a shit

Just do LSD 3 times a year or so. It makes ,, blindingly obvious and you hardly even have to try.

Shit's rough but that's the struggle.

i'm just so detached from everything and everyone around me. people try to make small talk at work but i don't want to talk to them. i just want to make my money and go home. i don't how they can be so happy when we're all slaving away five days a week at 9 hours a day. its maddening..

Jesus obvs