Ask the opposite gender anything

ask the opposite gender anything

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why is brosnan so based

>The Architect

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Opposite to what?

girls what do you do with shy guys?
I'm okay looking but I'm afraid of women and making moves.

I stay away from them. Just too much work.

Opposite to a convex shape is a concave.

likewise for women. I don't make moves anymore because all the push pull bullshit is tiresome, childish, and not worth it.

I avoided that dating girls older than me. Last one was 4 years older and we stayed together 5 years

I don't want a barren cow either.

Good good. Let’s date.

Shy man is dating equivalent of obese woman. If you dont ask her on date, you will die alone.

Any tips for a young average looking spic?

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everyone dies alone.

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Studies show that lonely people die like 10 years sooner. Married men have longer lifespans.

Look out everyone, it’s captain semantics. You fucking loser.

No, it's just reality. I'm sorry that you are upset. Everyone dies alone and a partner does not change that.
>live longer
Not a good thing and I'm not lonely either.


[citation needed]

you kids wanna try again? get off the board with your shit advice

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If I can smell it on you, and you're attractive, I'm going to push your buttons as nicely as possible to confuse you.

Omg you braindead fuckingg retard. We all know we die alone. It’s still a saying we use to explain spending life with someone or not. Damn, you are for real autistic.

>argh! no alphonse! let me win!

Guys why would you lie about your sex partner count?

>been with SO for 15 years
>never told me his number, but always made it seem close to mine, if not more
>found out I'm his 3rd, he's my 10th
>he didn't really give me a reason why.

No one wins here, you silly town special. My advice is really try working on your autism.

nice projection kiddo

Among me and my friends we have never lied about it. Stop dating the wrong kind of guys, this isn’t complain board for your bad decisions. It’s for advice.

I have a dilemma. So I'm a dude and I only find a small percentage of women attractive. They have to be young looking and innocent for me to find them attractive. I was thinking maybe I'm gay but I don't find men attractive at all. Pls halp

I am attractive but I'm a wreck sexually.
I didn't get laid in half a decade, so I just want to sniff girl feet now.

Not pedo young I want to strongly emphasize. 20-25

he's insecure about it and probably thinks he'll never live up to your experienced expectations
t.dated a slut for 4 years, broke up with her because the insecurity ate at me from within, then watched her slut it up once more from the sidelines



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nice projection

Seems to be the thing you say when people figure you out, whops. Maybe you should go back to be user. Or is this the only place you belong to?

sperg more autist

if you have a sinking suspicion your date is a trans, that probably means its best just to assume that they are trans and move on correct? because i dont usually feel this way about other women and i can already pinpoint "clues" - although it's possible i may be overthinking and being paranoid too

Guys is it actually possible to sit on your balls

You have to see the irony at some point, no? Or is that one of the things you people have no concept of, lol.

Is it possible to turn off a prospective partner completely by doing a creepy thing even if they seemed really into you before?

Sure, if that’s a no go for you. Just move on.

Yup. Not everyone, but some sad few start life with extra droopy balls.

go back to Mexico

Do you want to have kids someday

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Nope. I like my freedom, i have fun every day.

Tips on ways to avoid interacting with women?

Girls, how do I come off as genuinely wanting to be friends, and not come off as just wanting to fuck you?
I get along better with girls than guys and most girls just assume I want to fuck them.

Because if the guys number is lower, she will lose respect for you/ it's a turnoff. My first gf told me that to my face and subsequently slept with my friend.

One day you will realize you got old and no one wants to use you as a cum dumpster anymore and that you dont have anyone to take care of you.

Sounds really fun, right?

Background: I dated this girl for almost a decade and she broke up with me four months ago. I am almost 27 but I have zero experience in dating people - my ex was my first gf and the "one" I intended to spend the rest of my days with. I am obviously heartbroken, I miss her yadayada the whole package but I'm starting to open up to the possibility of seeing women again. I don't feel comfortable manwhoring so I don't intend to try tinder or shit like that and I'd prefer to find someone for a stable relationship but by reading stuff on adv I think that's not really the norm in 2019. So my questions are:

> Is it a turn off for a guy to have so little experience with my age? Ofc I'm not a khv but my whole experience is limited to one girl.
> Are women weirded out by the fact I dated someone for so long? Should I actively avoid mentioning that?
> Would you be offended if you were to date a guy and find out you resemble his ex somewhat? I'm pretty limited in what I find attractive and unfortunately my ex fit the bill nicely. Maybe I should avoid dating people that looked like her?

Should I tell my GF that my first time was with a hooker? If so how should I go about it?

So I accidentally set off a friends trigger a couple weeks ago (She started panicking, and while I instantly realized and let go I still feel guilty for it) and I also thought more recently she wanted to be alone when she actually wanted my company due to another event unrelated to me. Thus, I'm feeling like a bad friend.

Im thinking of apologizing for it and maybe doing something, however I'm also incredibly emotionally constipated and have 0 idea how to move forward and would appreciate input.

I don't know how old you are, if you're in this age range yourself it's 100% normal.

If you are thirty+ yourself, less so, though still not entirely unheard of. Thing is there are a lot of reasons to find someone sexy. You are at the mercy of your sexuality in the sense that you cannot will yourself to find something unattractive when it turns you on, and you cannot will yourself to get turned on from something that does absolutely nothing for you. That is true but still leaves a LOT more wriggle room than people often account for. E.g. plenty of young men would sincerely get turned off seeing leg hair on a woman they otherwise find cute, but that's hardly set in stone, and for ages men fucked and thirsted after women with hairy legs just fine. It's the wriggle room you want. Why can you only like this specific time? Do you sincerely find e.g. more experienced women unattractive or can you not experience attraction because you feel out of your element/comfort zone with them and the ensuing nerves get in the way of a potential click? This is just a single suggestion and it does not matter what the answer is. What matters is that you need to get to the bottom of this and learn over time which parts of your sexuality are static and which can change. Part of the fun of experimenting and discovery is being able to be surprised by yourself, to suddenly find yourself enjoying something or someone you never saw the appeal of. Oftentimes falling in love can "unlock" feelings for a different kind of person, whether mentally, physically or both.

>inb4 people arguing there's nothing wrong with your taste
There isn't, but you are hugely limiting yourself this way. The first step to broadening your horizon is realizing you WANT to change and experience new feelings.

i dunno, try listening to them if you can

just say it was a drunken one night stand

Yes, very much so.

"Grey rock". Make interaction with you not in any way rewarding. No interesting comments or opinions, no questions or interest in them. They tell you something? "Wow, okay" with the flattest intonation possible. They ask what you're going to do this weekend? "Well you know, watch tv and unwind, that's what weekends are for."

You cannot 100% avoid it but using this on whomever you don't want to talk to will discourage them.

According to most people I encounter, I'm handsome, smart, buff, and have a good personality, but I have zero interest in dating. People always give me these confused funny looks when it comes to light. What goes through their heads when that happens?

People see your outside shell and aren’t considering that you’re a person with feelings and thoughts. They see that you’re perfect relationship material and that you need to date or you’re a waste. People also just project their jealousy. They might be confused because if they were you they would be doing something else and they’re annoyed that they can’t live through you.

A lot of guys are really vocal about how no man would want to spend time with a woman they didn't want to fuck, or about how no red-blooded male would not want to fuck any woman giving him attention for that matter, especially if a girl grew up with a father/brother like this chances are there's nothing you can do to convince them.

Having said that, being vocal and somewhat demonstrative about other platonic female friends is most likely to do the trick. I've been friendly with two guys like this myself and that's what did it for me, realizing (with the first at least) such a strong platonic interest was exceptional for me but not for him.

Call her

Personally I wouldn't. I'm usually all in favor of being open with your partner, and of course knowing her you can probably make an educated guess how she feels about prostitution/Johns, but a LOT of women are deeply deeply turned off by the thought of their lover paying for sex and there really is no surefire way to know how she will feel until you share the info. Combined with you not mentioning that she's outright asking for the story, and it not really being her right to know, I would not volunteer this information.

My bf first time was with a hooker and he was really embarrassed about it. If she’s right for you she shouldn’t make you feel bad about it.

Most people are very much interested in dating. Exceptions exist but are on par with not giving a fuck about music or being absolutely indifferent about food. It is rare enough to baffle people and as a result, if you are obviously in the opportunity to date and still don't, chances are many people will wonder what the reason is. Are you not out of the closet yet? Did someone abuse you? Are you asexual? Are you madly in love with someone taken, or having a secret relationship?

I mean I was planning on doing that if not meeting up with her later today, I just have no idea what to say or do. Truly I am a god amongst men.

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Why do newfags insist on changing the opening image of these traditional threads? It completely ruins the thread because everyone assumes it's just a shitposting thread. I know there was always shitposting in the GIOYC and ATOG threads but still.

They will probably wonder why you don't want to date, like if there is something wrong with you or if you were hurt in the past shit like that. I think to a normal person that's like saying you don't like beer or football.

Girls: If a guy said something really dumb to you when he was very very drunk, would you hold it against him or give him the opportunity to talk to you about it sober?

thanks that sounds like a good idea

Some girls might find it a turn off and some might not. If you learn how to work it and do research there shouldn’t be a problem.
A girl shouldn’t be weirded out by your past relationship length unless you constantly dwell on how much history you had with your ex.
Everyone has a type and as long as you aren’t making her super aware that she looks like your ex it should be weird.

>Did someone abuse you?
Yes, horribly

They would hold it against them and some might confront you when you’re sober. People are very honest when they’re drunk so she’s probably taking it like a real insult.

>Ofc I'm not a khv but my whole experience is limited to one girl.
You don't learn how to fuck by sleeping with people once or a handful of times for that matter. What you need in terms of relationship building life experience is communication and problem solving skills, learning how to adapt your own sexual preferences/moves to meet another person's sensitivities and preferences, how to keep the spark of romance alive over time and so on. Basically, a long term relationship is the very best base for a new relationship.

If a girl has a good head on her shoulders she will realize that and realize that happily being with one and the same woman for ten years shows dedication, perseverance, that you are not a restless guy, that you are somewhat realistic about love.

>Are women weirded out by the fact I dated someone for so long?
See above, the only "but" being that yes, it can be superintimidating to become "the new girlfriend" for someone who has loved another person for this long. Especially if she hasn't been with anyone for anywhere close to that time frame, she will probably feel intimidated by your history, and like everything you do together will be fleeting by comparison. This doesn't have to be the case but it's a possibility. Then again there's doom scenarios for every kind of experiences. A lot of flings can make a girl think you're unreliable/only in for the chase. A lack of relationships can look bad. Basically it is what it is and you don't have a bad starting position compared to other.
>Should I actively avoid mentioning that?
NO. You cannot hide a 10-year relationship and if you do and she figures it out, good luck explaining that you had no shady motive for erasing a DECADE of your life.

>I'm pretty limited in what I find attractive and unfortunately my ex fit the bill nicely.
Coincidence, or did she influence your taste? The latter is much more likely. People can grow to develop a taste for new things.

I'm a 30 y.o. man, kinda autistic (mostly because of a long time of isolation and lack of social interaction, autistic mom and no father). I'm very emotional when it comes to women and can become a fucking drama king sometimes. I usually try putting myself in the foot of other people, but I just can't do that with women I'm interested in, I simply become numb and usually idealize them very fast.
how do I learn to control my emotions?

also, I'm sincere, transparent and *VERY* honest with people. this sometimes means I'll explode and people will misinterpret what I tell them, and they will always take things personally. I usually expect them to be as honest with me as I am with them, but that just won't work. also, I've been told being brutally honest hurts people. how do I stop being an asshole, and ALSO stop giving too much of a shit about people?

how come there isn't a psychology thread in this board?

Not even close to reality, you’ll come to realize the same when you grow above teenage years

Falling in love is different from that instant "yeah, I'd fuck her" response, it has the power to make you see things differently and make you realize you have sides you never knew about yourself.

Having said that, if you do end up dating a girl who resembles your ex, it depends I guess. It's not uncommon to fall for people similar to your past lovers (or even family members), it's familiar on a deep level even apart from visual preferences. But especially if a girl is worried that you aren't over your ex, resembling her a lot can feed into the idea that you have not truly moved on.

It also depends on how specific your type is. If you love short women with curly hair who like nerdy things - whatever. If your type is so specific that the women you like could be siblings in terms of facial structure, hair and eye color etc, that's something else entirely.

I would probably both hold it against him and give him the opportunity to talk about it. It also depends a lot on the comment. A crass sexually charged comment when drinking, well, whatever. Might be uncomfortable but it kind of comes with the territory and it will depend on the rest of our dynamic/history how much I care.

If a guy who is usually understanding and kind to me suddenly voices vile, cruel things about my life/personality/women in general/whatever when drunk, that would absolutely make me pause and consider I've seen a glimpse of a side I don't know about him.

I'm sorry user. I hope I answered your question at least. You don't owe anyone an explanation, let alone an honest one, but imo most will be guessing internally.

I told her I wanted to practice kissing her after we made out. I think she thought that meant that I was using her, but what I really meant was I hadn't kissed anyone in a long time and wanted to get better at kissing her. Anyways, it was a really fucking stupid thing to say.

Which online dating platform should I go for as a 23 y/o guy looking for a serious relationship?
I'm admittedly inexperienced and the only girls I was ever interested in were either ones I went to school with or ones that were friends of friends that went to school with me, and where I am now I haven't met anyone that really catches my eye.
Is OKcupid any good? what about bumble? everyone and their mother uses tinder and swears up and down that it's not just for hookups anymore, but it still feels too hookup-y for me.

Any thoughts on online dating for someone who's never used it are welcome.

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It really wasn't. Just because there's a miscommunication doesn't mean you did something wrong. This is just a classic thing where probably her insecurity/vulnerability made her hear the worst possible interpretation. Yeah it can sound bad but if you're secure (and sober) you can also hear the tone of voice, see how someone looks at you, and there's a lot of difference in that regard between "I want to use you as my practice girl" and "hmm I want to get better at doing this with you".

It's unfortunate but don't beat yourself up unnecessarily, just focus on trying to clear things up.

Do guys generally mind it if a girl masturbates? I've talked about it with a friend and I wanna know if that's a common opinion or just his.

I can't imagine any guy minding it if a girl masturbates, unless they're one of those religious fundamentalists that monitor their kids to make sure they're sleeping with their hands above the covers.

Almost no one cares. It’s actually a red flag if you don’t. No one wants a boring low sex drive person

No mentally stable guy would care if you masturbate or not. It's a normal thing to do if you're not a really crazy religious person.

Thanks for the responses. I'm a little bit insecure about it in general since I she was a little bit above my league and maybe I'm afraid I'll never find someone else. Honestly the thought of putting myself out there and risking being hurt again is really scary but I can't stay in the shell forever.

>But especially if a girl is worried that you aren't over your ex, resembling her a lot can feed into the idea that you have not truly moved on.
Of course after that many years together with somebody is really hard to let them go but I made peace with the fact. If I didn't I wouldn't risk hurting other people. I do love her and probably always will but in the end she wasn't right - if she were she wouldn't have left.

>If your type is so specific that the women you like could be siblings in terms of facial structure, hair and eye color etc, that's something else entirely.
It's not like that - just that the features I find attractive are all on her but quite possibly my current tastes were influenced by her. It's just a combination of characteristics that are very "womanly" in general, namely thin waist, wide hips, dark hair, petite etc.

sorry for the meta post, but what's with religious people in Jow Forums?
this place, on itself, is immoral cancer, and I'd guess it could be considered degenerate or some shit. why the fuck would religious people come here?

So i like this girl.
After i flirt and hints at her a lot.

she's not giving me much positive signal.
only simple things like laughing at my stupid jokes.
Sometimes have inside jokes with me from our conversations.
And very very rarely, like once in a blue moon, sent me messages first sharing news/updates about something she know i'm interested in.

she's not giving me much negative signal either.
Except that when i asks if she wanted to find a bf, she said she's ok with either having one or not at all.
And she always says that she's ok with just living by herself in the future and have a few dogs.
Also not replying my messages at all sometimes, completely ignored it leaving it at "seen" status.
Also that she's refusing to let me treat her for a meal.

What does this mean?
Is she interested in being a good friend with me, but not interested enough to be in relationship?
Where do i go from here?
Do i continue to flirt with her first? Or do i just confess and asks her to escalate our relationships, like going out for dates or have relationships?

Well that's reassuring. I don't think he's religious to my knowledge, he just thinks it's improper or something.

My girlfriend's birthday is tomorrow. What would be a good thing to surprise her with? We both work at the same place, but i am off so i was thinking of going in and leavimg her a card and maybe something sweet for her before she gets there in the morning. We've only been dating for a couple of weeks so I don't want to go overboard. She's going out with her family for dinner tomorrow (plus I have to be at my other job), so we won't really be able to do anything special together. She told me she doesn't want a gift but wants us to do something like horse-riding soon and that would be my gift to her.

Jow Forums is counter counter above all else. If most young people like one thing, Jow Forums has to hate that thing. Right now, it's popular to question religion among young people, so of course Jow Forums has to embrace it.

To preach the word of our Lord, the Almighty. It is our religious mandate to save the souls of the non-believers and convert them.

He sounds like those guys that fell for the "girls don't enjoy sex" meme, several years ago for a lot of guys finding out a girl (!) has sexual urges (!!) like the rest of us (!!!) would be shocking, luckily with the internet it's now common knowledge that girls also have bodily functions and urges.
He's not the sharpest tool in the box.

Holy shit same

Earlier in the night we had talked about just being friends with benefits for the moment since both of us are dealing with shit right now and aren't trying to get anything serious. Then later I told her I cared about her and that I would be thinking about her after I left. I think I'm accidentally giving mixed messages, but I really like this girl and I think I'm going to try to have a sober discussion with her soon and see if she wants to be with me and just take things real slow and give each other space.

>Do guys generally mind it if a girl masturbates?
>I've talked about it with a friend
I'd expect pretty much everyone masturbates, i would generally consider it improper to talk about it.

If he has a problem with you shilking, you can just use my dick and tongue to pleasure yourself with. It wouldn't be cheating as he is the one who took issue with your self-pleasuring in the first place.

She sounds like she’s busy. I knew guys who would do this but I was so busy with school and life I felt better off alone. She might like you but sounds like she might be weighing if it’s a good idea or not. Also she might think you’re just being friendly. Ask her on a date to really see if she’s romantically interested. She might be clueless like I am to hinting or might feel like she’s reading things wrong and doesn’t want to embarrass herself by getting too involved.

I think that sounds perfect. A sweet card and candy is subtle but pleasant for new relationships.

Maybe it's that. Up until now I considered him pretty open minded, seems like a weird thing to be stuck up about.

>i would generally consider it improper to talk about it.
I guess that's fair.

My dude he's not my boyfriend and also no thanks.

Do I even have a chance with women being 5'6 (167 cms) ?

>t. 165 guy with 160 gf

Probably depends what country you're from. I'm 6 cm below the average height here and it's hell.

Why does she not allow me to live life. Not have any friends anymore, no more parties, acts like a princess and talks to me like trash