What are normie hobbies? I'm tired of videogames and fapping all the time

What are normie hobbies? I'm tired of videogames and fapping all the time...

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All my coworkers are turbonormalfags and all they talk about is parties and smoking weed so that's a place to start.

Hiking, reading, movies, collecting things, stalking people, cooking, making stuff, going to the pub for a round with the boys, cars.

wait a second

Try reading user.
As well as those in pic related I recommend Bartleby the scrivener, Hunger by Knut Hamsun (Lyngstrad translation, here you go b-ok.cc/book/4970352/0ca7c4 you can skip the introduction), and the short stories of Nikolai Gogol (revised Garnett translation).

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Check or for inspiration

also try the /lit/ wiki if you have something in mind 4chanlit.fandom.com/wiki/Recommended_Reading/sub

>implying faping and vidja aren't normie
Transcend normality. Read Aristotle.


Nerd shit, I said normie

>I said normie
Going to clubs getting white girl wasted and making bad choices.
You don't get much more Normie than that as a hobby

try skateboarding you'll meet alot of cool people and weed

Videogames ARE a normie hobbie. Either way the most true answer is that normies do not have hobbies. They just consume entertainment.
Maybe some go fishing or wine tasting but that's not really a huge step from videogames.

Why on earth would you want to be a normie if that involves disregarding literature and the pursuit of truth? If you think being educated is "nerd shit" you are already the definition of a normie. Enjoy your life of mediocrity.

Try gardening.

Why don't you go to Jow Forums and bang out a few until you've decided to chill.

> >normie
I mean, kinda, but not really IMO

Building and repairing is normie. Personality-wise they're a bunch of tards like the rest of Jow Forums. They're also a bunch of dick farmers

>Building and repairing is normie
where? since when? most people are retarded and can't even fix their lives if they had to, much less some woody shit

>They're also a bunch of dick farmers
being a farmer is not normie in 2019.

Clearly you've don't frequent /diy/
Theres quite a few /diy/nasaurs that make phallus shaped objects in bulk

Also: repairing shit is easier than repairing lives

Pick up an instrument, user


anyone else hates this concept of having to be a normie to be social?

Same here user, but we will survive... hopefully

Go gym

that's not a hobby, that's hard work

You don't have to be a normie to be social

hunting, trapping, and taxidermy

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but what do i talk about then

not a normie hobby

Hiking is actually amazing if you live near really beautiful natural areas with lots of trails.

Traveling, vanity, social media, drinking, partying, clubbing, going to the gym, jogging, watching whatever show is popular, going to the movies, listening to the Top 40 and/or hip hop