How to eat pussy well?

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focus on the clit

Clit and gspot. Suck it.

fucking dumb bitch tell me how you suck a gspot

Ignore that. The g-spot myth hasn't been a thing for almost 20 years now.

No really tell me how you do it
The gspot is on the inside
the previous post was literally written by my girlfriend

Lick/kiss/suck till its wet
Tongue the hole while rubbing clit with finger
Don't stop for nothing

Google "oral sex tips"

Everytime I use 4chann I realize I could just Google it.

But it's so dumb why do I bother human interaction.

Goodbye 4chann good post tho

Don't directly touch the clit, it is way too sensitive for that. Instead focus on working slowly around it and only lick it after a warmup. It's not about direct pleasure, but the tension and release. Also suck around it some, even some warm breath on it is enough to make her aroused.

Start with kissing all over her body and up and down each leg. The whole idea is that you're teasing her. Then, once shes ready, (ie shoving your head into her pussy, and i mean this literally) give her a couple big, wide-tongued licks up her entire puss up to her clit. Do this a couple times then zero in on the clit. Around now I'd also start fingering in a come-hither motion. Basically try and tickle the top of her vagina (The G spot). So far as the clit, anything is probably good, as long as its rhythmic and steady. I think different women prefer different things but, circling around it is pretty good bet. Also if you can, suck it while doing this, as it creates a lil vacuum. If you do all this she'll definitely cum. Then you decimate her

This might help:
>inb4 Vice
Yeah, I know...

Only good advice in this thread so far.

I always came within seconds when my boyfriend would flick my clit quickly up and down with his tongue. Pretty simple stuff. Don't be afraid to just ask her what she wants OP.

who of you are actually woman and know what they are talking about?

You've come to the right place.

Two fingers in hole, spell alphabet on the bump. More advanced: other hole. Super advanced: don't go down at all and be really rough, they'll like you even more!

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Suck the proto penis

I got more Deep Web stuff if you want it.

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Here idfc if you don't want it

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