Weekly Cat Thread #1

So I think it's time to start this series of threads again.

Post your friendly cat pics of the day, let's cheer someone up with that. Or maybe you've got some story to tell and you want the world to hear it? It's the right time and thread to do it desu, your cattos are here to hear from you.

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This cat catches flies and wasps. So far 3 wasp stings. She eats any kind of bug too.

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She's so cute. How old is she?

that's rad, my cate only hunts moths aand spiders

here with dog

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she has a lot off tangled hair, especially on the belly, I try to cut it from time to time but she doesn't like it and as far brushing goes she only likes it around her head and back
I'd ask for advice but there's probably not much I can do just make her get used to it

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Maine Coons are my favorite kind of cat.

That's typical for Maine Coons as far as my experience goes. My friend had one but that cat died recently. He always had tangled hair too, no matter how much they cut his hair or brushed it (which he hated and basically 3 people had to hold him in order to achieve it)

im having hard times with my gf, send me some cats please

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thanks, yeah I'm in a pretty similar situation

sorry for his loss

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4 months and full of love :D !

Mraww, they both look so yummy, how come they don't fight ?
I forgot to mention the spiders, the sticks, random bugs ...

"Take my paw pls, trust me"

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She’s so fluffy I’d like to keep her, but she has her human already.

I’d like to have some fuzzy animal. Sometimes I feel so lonely, I need someone to comfort me. Although I’m too squeamish to keep them and also I’m too concerned with fur all around on my clothes and in my food. Ugh, I’m so lonely. Sometimes my relatives press on me so bad, how can I trust them

Ok this thread is fucking awesome...

Heres my baby, catches more mice/rats/birds than any cat I've ever had by far.

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Once you have them, you'll forget about the problems.

I could be your fuzzy animal.

>move to a new city
>mostly miss the cats
>have to call home for cat news

"Mewllow, Mrs mom, where are you ? Pliss send caresses... Purrr."


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>Post your friendly cat pics of the day, let's cheer someone up with that.
Sure. I'll post my favorite cat ever. She's dead now, but I loved her my whole life and she died peacefully in her sleep.

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It's endlessly amusing to me how many cats look like this.

I loved her so much. She was beautiful

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