I dont feel safe here anymore

i dont feel safe here anymore in japan
it used to be safe but lately i've seen a huge amount of creepy sexpats sexually harassing girls on the streets and weirdos using drugs and uploading it to youtube for everyone to see
im disgusted by the behavior of those foreigners here and i dont feel safe anymore, what should i do?
move out of tokyo or what?

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What country are these foreigners from? I thought Japan hated foreigners.

i dont know but there are a lot of white foreigners sexually harassing girls on the streets
if i had to guess i would say usa

Lol you sound really naive.

Also why are you posting here in English instead of 2ch in moonspeak?

Isn't drugs a huge thing in Japan? How are they not getting in trouble?

I thought you got deported with the drop of a hat for pulling shit like that in Japan. Also i gathered Japanese men are no angels with regards to sexual harassment.

you do get deported for sexually harassing in japan but i dont know how those foreigners are not getting deported or punished

Isn't japan the land of "sexual harassment isn't illegal/Prorape"?
What are you whining about?

Well I would imagine Tokyo is one of the safest major cities in the world for this kind of stuff. It’s only going to be worse outside Japan.

Maybe move to some shithole city where foreigners aren’t bothered moving to in Japan.

You'd rather completely uproot yourself than just get some protective mace or something?

>tfw this is only a 2 year old article
>and these weirdos are hosting the 2020 olympics

i dont know im just really disgusted by their behavior and how they treat our culture and people

So if i go on holidays to Japan i can raep all the QT big tiddy nips i can find and get away with it?

Have somewhere where they don’t live if you don’t like them then. And vote anti-immigrants parties.

The world is globalised now. No getting around it.

tokyo is safe but lately i've seen a huge amount of disgusting foreigners here

supposedly safe

you're obviously immensely sheltered and afraid of what you don't understand.

in most of the world, cat-calling and people openly doing drugs is a fact of life. Just don't pay attention to it, don't get involved, and you'll be fine. If someone cat calls you, don't say anything and just keep walking. You never have to respond to anyone that you don't want to.

Japan is still one of the safest countries in the world and absolutely nothing bad is going to happen to you. The 'bad people' you're talking about are probably just drunk lads on holiday and wouldn't actually get involved in any violent crime.

>No crime
Alight lads remember if you can't remember it never happens

>t. massive faggot weebadoo LARPer

the Lads that are going to do stuff like that are going to Thailand/Cambodia etc.

It's a result of all of the stupid PUA shit in the last decade or so telling incels it is super easy to get laid in Japan so they go there and do their stupid autistic stuff while reminding us at home why no one likes them. Please encourage your community to give them a more harsh reality check.

first stay out of roppongi, akiba, and asakusa
second move away from tokyo
third be fluent in Japanese if you plan to stay

>t. amerifat sexpat

Yes. I raped six young women when I was there in 2015 and no one ever took issue. Two of the girls parents (father and mother in one case and just the father in the other) actually apologized to me for any disturbance their daughters made while I filled them up with my splooge. Very rude girls. I was happy to put them in their place.

Any other advice?

I knew akiba and roppongi were bad but asakusa aswel?

Instead of abandoning your country, do something about it. Get involved with your local communities, to help curb these kinds of attacks. If that doesn't work write to your politicians make them take a harsher stance against it.

Start teaching your women self defense

Is this a larp, dude? I've been looking for bumps in crime rate in Japan and I don't see anything on youtube, google, or anywhere.

I found an article talking about an increase in lone attackers and knife stabbings but these are all done by the Japanese themselves. Mostly ugly autismos who can't get laid.

Make your own smaller Japan that's even more exclusive.

Welcome in the real world, where those things are normal random facts happening daily.
You don't feel safe ? Then stay where you are, because elsewhere worse. You're just a tiny snowflake awakening in the light of reality.
Hello, women were sold for sexual material in your country only 70 years ago. Grow up.

you are wrong
koreans were

Is this some kinda weird Jow Forums propaganda thread?

" To this day, the Japanese government refuses to acknowledge the criminal activity of human trafficking during and after World War II. "


Japanese culture for silence - 70 or so years go. Good and bad silence. Blaming it on foreigners when it's rooted in your cowntry ? Still in denial ? Oh well...

Do you want to do something about it? Then start by advocating against Japanese porn, because it promotes rape. I'm 100% sure that all of these men who grope women are influenced by Japanese porn videos.

It's even worse everywhere else though.

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Oh boy. You have no fucking IDEA how much worse it is outside of Japan. Come just visit NYC. You'll never complain again.

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Yeah cuz she'd end up dead or enslaved

If I saw a Japanese swine I'll avenge my people who died in Nanking, motherfucker.

these are anecdotes, they don't represent the situation accurately. look the actual statistics: nationmaster.com/country-info/compare/Japan/United-States/Crime