It's impossible for me to find a girlfriend. It's not fair

I walk around town and see chads with gfs, basedbois with gfs, niggas with gfs, snackbars with gfs.
I try to be the best me but all roads lead to inceldom.
>inb4 "how many girls have you asked out?"
It doesn't work like that. Only a certain kinda guy can ask out random girls. Nowadays a lot of girls will hit on guys if they're thirsty enough. And most people just mutually start dating.

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>It doesn't work like that.
It fucking does you pussy, what do you think is going to happen? That God almighty himself will reach down from the heavens to personally give you a gf? Don't talk about shit being unfair when you're too chicken shit to cease your opportunities.

Posting that cunt, get the fuck out of here user.

Yeaaah, no. It doesn't work like that. You think all of these guys just asked out random girls? Most people want to be left the fuck alone and not hit on by some random guy. It takes serious game and good-looks to pull that off.

>it's impossible for me to get a girlfriend
>I actively do everything possible to avoid getting a girlfriend

Why is it impossible for you to get a girlfriend? Are you gay? Because otherwise you'd literally be the only man in history for which it would be impossible.

>You think all of these guys just asked out random girls?
I do, because I did. Admittedly while slightly drunk, but it was university whatever.

>Why is it impossible for you to get a girlfriend?
Good question. It's probably because I have a weird body shape. It doesn't matter what kind of person you are, women don't want to date an abnormal.

> I have a weird body shape
By choice I imagine, why haven't you gotten in shape? How can you expect girls to care about you, when you don't?

I do workout but it can't change my bone structure dude

Do you actually have a medical condition with your bone structure?


Well that would have been useful information, wouldn't it?

Well, now you know...

Well then it's an entirely different issue, it is hard for people with structural conditions

Yes I'm aware of that. It's agony watching all these "normal" guys get the girl while I have to wallow in loneliness all my life. I should probably just end it all.

Isn't going for abnormal girls just a little bit better than killing yourself?

That's not an option

Why not?

I don't know if they would be attracted to me, and I don't know if I would be attracted to them.

>you'd literally be the only man in history for which it would be impossible.
That sounds like bullshit and you know it, otherwise cite your source faggot

Right so it's not an option because everything is an unknown, and killing yourself is less of a stab in the dark? Don't talk stupid user.

Some people with deformities don't like to date people with deformities as it reminds them of their condition.

>I don't know
>Some people
These aren't certainties though my man, you can't use them as an excuse to not try.

And what if I'm not attracted to deformed girls?

Then you need to wake up to the reality that is liking girls for their personalities. If you're going to look down on girls that have deformities then you're a hypocrite.

Elaborate? What kind of condition? Do you literally look like Quasimodo?

So it's ok for normal girls to look down on me? And I don't "look down" on girls with deformities, I'm just not sexually attracted to them

Sorry I don't want people googling me like some freakshow

pic you? if is not that bad looking shouldn't be to hard if you just get some confidence

Elliott Rodger wasn't even that bad looking. He couldn't get laid because he was a misanthropic sperg. If someone had managed to talk some sense into that sociopathic turd he could have been pulling women and led a decent life. Fix your attitude and stop being a fuckwit.

Even gays have girlfriends and wives sometimes

I guarantee that the problem is more that you're the sort of person to post elliot rodger and complain about your body type

Go to small towns, women there want variety.

Then I'm going to call you a liar. I can guarantee I know people uglier than you who have girlfriends. All you are doing is coming up with excuses for not trying. You admitted to never asking a girl out and actively avoiding getting a girlfriend. So I'm guessing you just don't want one?

> I'm just not sexually attracted to them
So what is your beef with girls who do the same to you, surely you agree with them?

I do want one but no one is attracted to me. It must be because my body is abnormal. No woman wants to date a freak

I don't really have a "beef" it's just depressing that everyone else gets the girl but me

>The girl
So basically you're pissed off you'll never get a supermodel?

If you wanted one you would do what everyone else is doing to get a girlfriend. But you're not, so it's obvious you don't want one.

Imagine you're a woman.
You have a huge pool of eligible bachelors to choose from.
Why would you pick the freak?

Nope I'll take a moderately cute girl if we get on well. It's a total pipedream though

So you’re looking for advice on how to get a moderately cute girl?

It would be nice but unless I win the lottery girls are not attracted to guys like me with weird, deformed bodies

Right, but you have the same attitude to women with "weird, deformed bodies". Why are you so special?

I can't help what I'm sexually attracted to

And neither can the girls you're butthurt about.

Then it's hopeless

Did you come here hoping for advice at all?

Which ones are these now? This site is getting more and more retarded by the minute.

Basically the same as chads, literally anyone who is capable of speaking to women.

Yes. But the advice has been to settle for girls I'm not attracted to, assuming they were even attracted to me. Great job

I typed "onions boi"s but it autocorrected

Ugh again.... S-O-Y

The advice has to be seeking girls in your league and to like their personality, if you want to cry about the popular girls not sucking your cock without you even asking, then Jow Forums is your board.

I'm not talking about popular girls. I'm talking about all kinds of women, they date all kinds of guys except me. I don't even have a league.

>I don't even have a league.
Well you clearly do, if there are girls you aren't willing to "settle" with.

You're just a cunt OP.

Easy for you to say. You're not the one being told to date spastics

You are a spastic though you fucking fag.

What's your point?

You need to get over yourself. No one is entitled to a Disney love story, everyone settles. If it wasn't the truth, then humanity would die out because not everyone looks like Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie. For you to think this is the world against yourself, while also considering yourself superior to others, makes you a complete cunt.
get over yourself, you can put a stop to all this, just get over yourself and you will spare your own life. Just get over yourself.

You want to be alone because then you can keep the depression that defines your life. You don’t know what love actually is, otherwise all these excuses why you’re alone would sound weak to you. Weird deformity or not if you continue to identify with murderers and sex offenders calling themselves incels.

> No one is entitled to a Disney love story, everyone settles.

Not OP, but I refuse this out of the fucking principle. I don't care if I end up dying alone, I still want to find love on my own terms. Standards I have for myself (and potential future partner) are not the same I have for the rest of the people. If you settled and abandoned your dreams and ideals then so be it, but to me that seems so pathetic that I just can't comprehend it. Of course, humans are inherently contradictory beings and will always rationalize things to their advantage, so what do I know.

>I don't care if I end up dying alone
Good for you.

Ok genius, tell me what I'm supposed to do when every woman thinks I'm a freak?

What are the girls to do when you think they're a freak? You sound like an entitled prick.

I'm only treating them how I'm treated

By girls out of your league you twat.

Imagine you're a man.
You have a huge pool of eligible girls to choose from.
Why would you pick the freak?

The advice has been for you to do something. Talk to girls and use dating sites. But you don't want advice, you only make excuses. You are scared to death of doing something that might result in you getting a girlfriend.

I don't know if I could date a girl with my condition. It's hard to explain but whenever I'd see her I'd be reminded of how I look.

Talk to girls? Like randomly approach girls? That's fucking creepy and desperate unless you got game and super hawt.
Dating apps are a meat market for women. It's all based on appearances and I don't stand a chance in that department.

I don’t mean to pry but are you that physically bad? Is this condition severe?

You're just proving the point. You are actively avoiding doing anything that has even the smallest chance to get you a girlfriend.

You don't want a girlfriend. Prove me wrong.

Holy shit wtf is wrong with this board, and people say is where all the incels are

This board really is in a terrible state

How are you going to get game without practicing?


What's your deformity?

Incels shouldn't be on Jow Forums to begin with. But Jow Forums is leaking to Jow Forums, and reddit is leaking to Jow Forums. What should we do?

I have a big nose. That's enough to make any girls be repulsed by me.

I've tried dating sites. I didn't get a single bite even when I messaged girls. And no, I didn't only go for supermodels. I'm not even that picky.

Jow Forums was made by and for incels. Learn your place, tourist.

It was made by a weeb for weebs

That newfag buzzword didn't exist back then.

I mean, I'm pretty unfuckable and autistic, and I still ask girls out.
I get some dates too, but it doesn't ever go past the first one. I don't think most girls are ready for a guy like me.

Neither are incels. You incels are invading underaged cancer from reddit. Jow Forums was literally created before you were born.

Incels only started using that word about themselves 3-4 years ago. They used it to form an evil death cult that recruit young, desperate, low intelligence men.

Just get a jewish gf

Not that, I mean the W word.

Just date a trap

Eww. Not a chance

I got rejected hundreds of times and slept with 50+ women. Met most through friends which I met from going out, work or at my mma gym. I don't want a relationship, maybe those are harder to get by I can't tell. You can't win if you don't try. And if you haven't tried a 1000 + times you're not trying hard enough.

I could tryout for the NBA 1000 times. It doesn't mean I have any chance of succeeding

Just fucking post a pic of yourself if you are an abomination then fine you will never get a gf, if you look normal fuck off

You're right, you might as well shoot yourself. You have 0 percent chance of success right? Why not just kill yourself and get it over with?
Just stop whining here if you're not looking for help.

He is too much of a coward to do that. He already made up his mind before he even made the thread. No matter what we genuinely think about his looks he will somehow spin it into us lying or some shit like that. Anything so that he doesn't have to make an effort, or you know, be responsible for his own misfortunes.

You don't understand. Normies don't try to get into relationships, these things happen organically. It's only the PUAs and chads who are good at cold-approaching women, which requires strong social skills and/or good looks.

This guy is evidence that the stereotypes that women have about incels are nonexistent. He was young, handsome, and still was an incel who hated women. If women chose better dating partners and stopped classing incels as shit, the world would be a better place. Incels have a point, and we're just trying to warn women about it.

What's a snackbar

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Excuses excuses. Again, why not kill yourself? I am unironically asking here.
Why make this thread? Just to vent? If so go away, this board is for seeking advice. So far all you have done is make more and more excuses for why it is impossible, how about you stop whining and actually TRY? Not just with women, how about your life in general? Are you taking care of yourself? How is your diet? Are you talking to someone about your mental health?