Be friends with girl who had bf

>be friends with girl who had bf
>she cheats on him with me and breaks up with him
>fuck her and sleep together for a month
>fall in love with her(close friends and the hottest girl I ever fucked how could I not?)
>sorry user I actually still love my old bf
>the cuck takes her back
>see them on Instagram taking pictures at the beach saying the love of each others lives

Should I be salty she broke it off with me? I feel kind of bad for the dude he is posting these pics on Instagram and everyone knows she is a cheating whore.

But then again I was also in love with the cheating whore...

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No you had your fun. Move on.

lol why you following her insta

It's fun watching you try to cope with being used and thrown away. You are the one who acted like a whore and in the end you have nothing while they are happy lol.

you're a cocksucker, i'm glad you're in pain
he's also a cuck though

Both guys in this story are kind of dumb falling so hard for a loose slut.

yeah for sure but at least OP hasn't taken her back after she cheated and fucked another guy for a month. the bf is pathetic

Yes obviously I am salty about being used. That shit hurts your feelings. Beyond fucking her I was close with this girl and she dropped me like trash

What did I do wrong? The girl told me countless times she was done with him. Word for word "I would rather kill myself than marry and spend the rest of my life with him" which is what she was expecting. So we fucked and she breaks up with him. All I did was actually care about her, which was my only mistake. She also fucked like 6 or 7 other guys in the span of a couple weeks cause he did not take her back right away on the count of the cheating. Now they are posting pics together on social media...

That's the biggest red flag there is, retard. If she uses you to cheat, don't expect more than her being a fuckbuddy

>What did I do wrong
>she cheated

You're a cocksucker

look OP at least you aren't that fool bf. Think about it, he took her back to stop her from fucking the whole goddamn town. She ain't no prize for sure.

you are trash if you have a friend around just hoping she will see your feelings and then letting her cheat on her bf with you. you aren't a friend, you wanted her and you lost and you are jealous, so you insult her and her bf. that's life, take responsibility and move on.

Obv you should fuck the bf to make her jealous

I became friends with her only a few weeks before we fucked. The first night I met her she was flirting with me.

What are the odds she cheats on him again?

You seem to not understand the situation. Since you were inside her after him, you indirectly rubbed your penis with his. Now he is rubbing yours. His love for her is indirect love for you. Even though you both don't realize you are both tied in a bind.

>close friends
>Only knew her for a few weeks
Whew, are you autistic? In all seriousness, you're not losing much. If she cheated on her BF to get with you, she'd probably have cheated on you.

You got to bang a babe and cuck some douche and now have no long term commitment. You won at life through autism. Be grateful for the poon and move on.

>are you autistic

Not really but I have very few friends

It's understandable to be salty about this; but you will move on, given time. I do feel you made a mistake by helping her cheat on her BF, it's a mistake I made once myself; your feelings are mostly because you had good times with her, but the two of you would not have a good match. With that in mind, getting out the other side of this is going to be easiest if you take time to focus on pampering yourself and doing things you enjoy. Choose one thing every day as a treat for yourself, for the next two weeks, and check back in with us then.

Also, stop following her on Instagram. That shit ain't gonna help.

I was in a similar situation two years ago OP.

Don't contact either of them. Just disappear. Women like that are not worth anything. She is probably retarded and can't make up her mind and loves the idea of being indecisive and able to keep and fuck two dudes at once.

In my situation we only fell in love with each other because she was spending more time with me than her bf. She was just happy that I was giving her the extra attention. When she went back to her bf she kept contacting me and telling me she was going to break up with him again for me.

Cut that hoe off and move on. If she tries to reach out to you just ignore it or respond with really short and disinterested messages. They're crazy bitches who often have nothing going for them in life aside from trying to craft some stupid love triangle drama for their own entertainment. The only people she hurt are you and the other dude. She's having the time of her life rn.

I dont want her back at all. I'm just still extremely salty. It seemed like she genuinely cared about me. I know this sounds pathetic but she was the closest person I have ever been to in my life. I'm very, very lonely. Always have been. I knew she was crazy and had emotional problems, like she literally got jealous of me fucking another girl when she was still with her boyfriend. The fact that the first person who I ever formed a genuine connection with manipulatided and used me cut me deep. Especially because it actually seemed good between us. I don't talk to her one night and she decides to text her ex...

>Should I be salty she broke it off with me?
Lol no. Girls like this always end up cheating in the new guy anyways. You got laid and dodged a bullet.. The only person to feel bad for is the other guy