Anyone cursed with being talked to by girls like a child?

I talk to girls
I see girls on the regular
but when I do they always just give me a little smile and wave

They will talk to me and a k how Ive been, but they talk to me like I am a little 9 year old.

It's humiliating, its worse than being friendzoned, or not even talking to girls at all. They see me as a cute little child, and they talk to me like I am stupid and innocent.

Here are 3 examples

1.) Girl complained about having to go to an event alone, and I told her not to worry I would be there. Her friends all said "awwww" like I was a little kid or something

2.) Another time a girl said she was going to dress up as some slutty Halloween character (I didn't know at the time), and I asked who it was and another girl goes "aww you're too innocent"?

3.) We had a dress up thing at uni, I dressed up as a texas ranger, I don't typically participate, but this time I did. Some girl goes "aww" and says my costume is "adorable"

they always say "aww" it makes my blood boil

FUCK ME I'm approaching my best physical shape for a natty, I have large muscles, but I do a lot of cardio aswell and I even have facial hair coming in, but I am 5'5 and have large brown eyes so girls see me as a cute child. Not a man

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You aren't too good with social cues, are you?

Tattoos, boots, cursing.

why what doea it mean

What do you mean social cues, and this is not OP btw?

Sometimes girls see me and just give me pic related face, and wave. Like its embarrassing to have to acknowledge me

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Awwww, what a cute thread! Don't worry about it, OP, you're a big boy!


cute comment, how long did it take that walnut sized brain of yours to shit that one out?

So if I get tatted up, wear some clop pity clop boots and cuss more people will think I am a big boy.

Why is our society so shallow?

It’s because you have awwwtism

I'd recommend heavy drinking.


I did drink a lot, but I guess that is still something little kids do

so no real advice for someone like me?

Awww what a smarty comeback, just be yourself op

They see you like a bed-shitting retard and feel bad for you.

Truth is a comeback like that actually hurt your ego a bit. You don't even know who I am and yet I still got to you.

That is the reason you took the time to reply. Lmao
Thanks for the bump shithead

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Maybe, I don't shit the bed, but I do get swamp ass quite often.

lol based off OPs replies itt he sounds like an uptight butthurt little bitch. Women treat you like a child because you are overly emotional like one. Lighten up and grow up, faggot.

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