Would you feel embarrassed going out with a girl looking like this?

I need a honest opinion. Is that embarrassing to go out with a girl dressed up in super cutesy style with fluffy skirt and bear ears? I mean specifically some really fancy alt style, not basic feminine/cute stuff. I know some guys might feel uncomfortable, although they won’t say directly.

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That would strongly depend on where you are going.

Also, how are you dressed?
Complimentary, or does she look like your young asian hooker?

Yes. Next question.

Agree with this completely, it depends on where you are and what you are dressed like yourself.

To places where there is a dresscode yes. Everywhere else no.

Unless we're going to a Halloween party, yes I'd be embarassed. That outfit is cringeworthy outside of kinky roleplay stuff or dress-up party. Anyone who says otherwise is probably a mentally ill weeb who doesn't go outside anyway.

No. I genuinely don't give a fuck 99% of the time and go shopping in old shorts and a t-shirt without bothering to shower or anything even though I'm a 24 year old guy. I'm also married with a kid though. I wouldn't really give a shit about what someone I'm going out with on a date looks like.

>Complimentary, or does she look like your young asian hooker?
Probably complimentary, but really extra, like kitty ears on 30 y.o.

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No but i would worry that others would think i have some sort of pedo fetishes.

If you like her, then you hang out. If people feel like judging, that's on them, not on you.

if I was actually interested in the girl, I wouldn't care what she was wearing.

If dating someone who’s like 10 years older, it’s legit concern. Plus I’m really worried that I might make them look like they’re dating a womanchild

It's fun because even if people give you weird looks everyone knows I go back and fuck her brains out in it anyway

Well, if I did have a gf that liked dressing up, then I would do something complementary too, like a tux or something.

There's a male version of the style though.

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No. Having worked in the fashion industry all my life, I love out there styles. I'd be happy with this kind of gf.
>t. gf is actually a lolita

but yes if you're an ageplayer


This question is not for lolitas but rather for a normie guys.

Yeah, this style would look retarded in most settings. So if she’s wearing this outside cosplay/photo shoots, I’m out.

A little bit, yes. Basically, everyone would look at me like I'm sort of pedo for going after a girl dressed up like little girl's doll. I don't really care about what some randoms in public think, but it'd be hard to enjoy each others company with the entire coffeeshop staring at us silently.

In a relatively private situation or if it were an event (a con, a meetup, whatever), then it's no problem at all. There's definitely an appeal to treating the girl you're with like a princess.

Basically, dresses are to women as muscles are to men. Far more attractive to the person who owns it than to the person they own it for, but I personally wouldn't mind playing along if I cared about the other person.

100% you're going to need to ease your partner into this very very slowly if it's your thing. Don't blindside them by showing up to a date in an all pink frilly nonsense thing. Unless you're in an Asian country, in which case all this advice goes out the window because anything goes over there, go nuts, and if you're a foreigner then everyone is staring no matter what, so might as well give them a show.

user u should shower

Yes, honestly it's embarrassing. It's all very childish and I want a partner who's at least my equal mentally and physically. There's a time and place for everything within the privacy of your own home but if my date wore this it would be the last time we go out together, period. Try to dress your age if you intend to go on a date, this might be acceptable as a teenager but it doesn't come across as fancy whatsoever, it's very immature and you won't attract any decent man with it.

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I've been in this situation, and yes it was embarrassing. We went to IKEA to look for drapes for her apartment and here she is dressed as a doll

Not really. People look at me all the time because of the way I dress (piercings, designer/tailored clothing) so much so that my girlfriend gets irritated when other women stare

If anything it would be a welcome change for somebody else to be getting all the attention

Maybe the bear ears and the teddybear is a little too much, otherwise it's cute and fancy

Her dressed up like this or me dressed up like this?

Yeah I definitely would be embarrassed as fuck to be seen with someone that dresses like that in public. She looks like she's stuck in her child years, and everyone would definitely think it's a sex thing. Sorry /cgl/

That being said I wish society werent like that and anyone can wear whatever but it isn't like that for a reason.

Hell yeah dude I’d tell her to knock that shit off and get actual clothes on