Do really smart girls ever date someone who appears nowhere near their level?

Do really smart girls ever date someone who appears nowhere near their level?
I am fairly smart, but I am somewhat of a lazy genius - not that I'm a genius - and I generally present myself as being less smart. I've recently met this girl, and I just found out that she is ridiculously smart - e.g. topping basically every class she takes.
I really like her, and want to ask her out, but is there any point? I feel like girls never go for someone who's dumber than them.
Also - I know it's an autistic question, but - how should I ask her out? She doesn't seem to do much aside from study, and I can't tell if she's really interested in much.

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>smart girls
No such thing.

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People like who they like; and that often means that both men and women will date across intelligence and education levels. So yes, this is doable; I'd recommend taking some time to talk to her and become a bit of friends first, this will allow you to learn more about her and what kind of dates/relationships she'd be interested in, and also let her know that you're interested in her.

One important thing to remember; she may not be interested in dating, make sure you'll be okay with her saying no if you ask her out.

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Topping classes has more to do with obedience than intelligence. Unless you're in a doctorate program you seem to have a naive understanding of how smart she actually might be. You make her sound like a top tier student and part of being one is not dating (much) so good luck.

>topping basically every class she takes.
That doesn't necessarily mean that she's very intelligent. And yes, there are intelligent women who will date men less intelligent than they are, although they generally prefer dating men of equal or higher intelligence.

Your much bigger problem is that she's apparently a hard-working person dedicated to studying, and you describe yourself as lazy. Women who are high-achievers almost exclusively prefer men who are also high-achievers, that is much higher on their priority list than pure intelligence itself, as even low-achieving women are drawn to high-achieving men.

I know a lot of highly successful women and they expect success from their male partners. A woman who works/studies a lot and has ambitious academic/professional goals will have a hard time having a successful relationship with a dude who just goes through life and does the bare required minimum. They want to find a hardworking man who shares their habits and priorities.

If you want to increase your chances with her, you'd best start working harder and show that you have ambitions and goals in life and that you're ready to work hard for them. Maybe I'm exaggerating your laziness, but it's the vibe I got from your post and the fact that you're on Jow Forums to begin with.

If you're too worried to ask her out now, start slower. Initiate contact more often, see how she reacts. You'll quickly know if she'd be interested in going out, but if you're insecure and worried, remember it doesn't have to be some daunting thing. The point isn't to overcome your fears and be a man, it's to get along with someone and get closer. So keep cool and don't worry so much.

As to intelligence, don't sell yourself short. She may be a good performing student but very highly individuals don't always have good performance. What matters isn't your goddam stats, my brother, it's whether you get along or not. If she feels like she isn't alone anymore in the universe because you are with her, that's all she'll need to know.

Talk to her. Smile, just be normal. And if you ask her "out", do so casually, without pressure, don't make it horribly obvious that you want her as your girlfriend. That would add unnecessary pressure for you both.

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>If you want to increase your chances with her, you'd best start working harder
Working harder to impress a girl is the worst thing you can start. Actually give a fuck about your life, my dude, actually give a fuck. You will get the people you deserve if you take the necessary steps, but take them for the right reasons. Don't be that moron who wants to learn how to play guitar just to impress women.

My boyfriend is a dumdum to put it nicely
I study law,he's a plumber.That wouldn't be decisive in determining his intelligence,but he actually can't comprehend some of the articles I send him.Hates philosophy.

But hey I feel loved and he has his good parts.He may not be smart when it comes to school stuff,but he's creative and fun.

Anyone who's topping the class in a (non-retard) uni course is intelligent. She might not be a genius, but she is definitely very smart.

>Your much bigger problem is that she's apparently a hard-working person dedicated to studying, and you describe yourself as lazy.
This is more so the problem I was eluding to in the initial question. I'm aware I might be smarter than her, but I have nothing to show for it. I do work quite hard with regards to fitness and exercise, but I've been able to coast in school and get very good grades. My ambitions are all fitness related and they don't really translate to apparent success.

Also, funnily enough, since I met her, I've actually started studying more and working harder - and doing it for myself, not just to impress her.


I don't see any problem in asking her out.

Girls usually think to be smarter than men anyway.

>Girls usually think to be smarter than men anyway.
I thought it was the other way around. Do girls pretend they're not as smart as they are or something?

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One of my best friends from high school is a college professor. She's divorced but still very attractive.
She mentioned she was dating a plumber and I jokingly asked "do you have long conversations about Politics?"
She said: That's not what he's for

"Smart women" are uglly. Also women are dumb,

Man, these plumbers are living the life.

street smarts =/= academic smarts


I'm academically smart but not street smart, and I know plenty of other people who are the same.

You're not "smart." No one is.

Nah, simply most men seem to be more suitable to pragmatism, while most women tend to think a lot more than men.

Don't know about the others, but in my country girls usually get higher grades than boys.
And here is common sense that girls are smarter.

But as said, grades are not everything that matters.

That makes a lot of sense, actually. This girl seems to be very quiet and thoughtful. Is there a good way to get her to open up, so we can start having interesting conversations?

Street smarts =/= smarts.

What I call "stupidity" isn't a simple lack of intelligence, it's the gap between how smart you think you are and how smart you actually are.

A lot of people are passively not-smart without ever attaining to genuine stupidity.

Genuine stupidity is much more common among well-educated people than among the uneducated.

An astounding number are even stupid enough to think that the $250,000 their parents spent to send them to an Ivy League university actually bought them an intellect.

I've come across the type you're referring to, and have become pretty good at distinguishing them. This girl doesn't come across as one, because she doesn't try to come across as smart; she's just a high achiever. Also, if she wanted to be at an Ivy League university, then I can almost assure you, she would not need to pay.

The smartest girl I know once literally told me

"I never dated someone smarter than me"

To be clear, this sentence implied two things

1)She was saying I am smarter than her
2)She'll never date me.

If you’re smart lazy like my bf (won’t do anything about his wage slave job because he doesn’t want to get another job and sits at home and plays video games all day) expect her to not be interested. Someone who’s smart is only interesting if they aren’t a NEET loser.