I've been browsing Jow Forums for 9 years now and not once have I asked for any advice. Here's the dilemma I'm in...

I've been browsing Jow Forums for 9 years now and not once have I asked for any advice. Here's the dilemma I'm in, I need you fine gentlemen to give me your advice/knowledge on the matter:

To put it simply, my left hand's 4th digit knuckle is all kinds of fucked (see circled area in hand example). The reason I come to you today is because my local area is shit and the doctors are all minorities who genuinely don't care about you or your health.

The pain has been lasting about 8 weeks. Im 27, in great shape, no bone/arthritis issues of any kind. It came about suddenly, albeit was a "dull pain" for the first two weeks. the next 5 weeks after that I would describe it a a "discomforting pain". This last week or so has been pretty bad; I cant grab onto anything or hold my wife's hand for example. The doctor got all my results for my xray and ultra sound and they showed I was "perfectly fine, no breaks or fractured and everything is in good order, atleast for bones. no cancer or things that shouldn't be there.

I'm really at a loss here. Anyone have any ideas of what it could potentially be? how will i know if its athritis? How will i know if its not? could i have fucked up my tendon somehow? I cant even close my hand or fully open it as of last week... I really am stuck and need advice from you collective.

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I mean...that MP joint looks pretty fine to me.
Look, I know it's hard to hear that one can't find a physical cause for pain. But pain does not necessarily come from ohysical causes exclusively, they dont teach us this enough in med school. There is an emerging speciality of so called main doctors. I recommend looking into those if no issues seem to be detected by your doctors.
One quick question though, if you touch the left and right side of that finger, does it feel different? there are two nervs on each side,the ulnar and the radial,If they feel different I'd start thinking about neurological issues, although your doctors should have detected that by now.
Anyway best of luck to you

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*pain doctors not main doctors
you will have to excuse my typing, on phone currently

take HIGH doses of omega 3s you fucking idiot

also vitamin D

If it were arthritic youd probably be having joint pain in more prominent areas like knees/hips. Doesnt sound broken or the pain wouldnt have scaled like that. Possibly bone bruise or overuse injury?
Any discoloration there? And yeah fuck the doctors esp the way you described, at best they may toss you an anti inflammatory or some bs to mask the issue

It could be an attack of gout, it could be the beginning of rheumatoid arthritis. It could be an occult fracture that can't be seen in the X ray projection that you posted, but would require another X ray from a different angle to see. Did you hit your hand somewhere or had any injuries? Any swelling or redness? You'd need to do standard blood work, check uric acid levels, maybe even do an MRI or CT, and check for some common autoantibodies related to autoimmune diseases.

You'd need to find a non-shitty doctor. An orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist and/or a physiatrist should be able to handle something like this. No serious MD would try diagnosing someone online.

Oh, and healing crystals too. Only an idiot would take HIGH doses of Omega 3s and not combine it with the healing power of crystals.

Hi OP this sounds all to familiar with me it’s the brain disease guy and I have pain all over my body triggered by high temperatures since last July, it is known as nerve damage causing neurological pain, I don’t take any medications for it because it’s just not healthy, but there is research on drugs being used for neurological pain like antidepressants or gabapentin, you many need to learn to deal with this if it is neurological it will stay forever, I had some weird pains too and they have improved to the point that it is now bearable

>it’s the brain disease guy

Nerve damage in the left arm or hand?
Careful could be permanent if it is nerve damage

The doctors admitted they don’t even know

>I'm really at a loss here. Anyone have any ideas of what it could potentially be?
it's inflammation caused by a high fat diet, sorta like gout.
Cut down on your fat intake significantly.
I used to have very painful knuckles and hands in general. Ever since I stopped eating fat I've had no problems with my knuckles/hands.
I don't know why but reducing fat intake cuts inflammation in the body. try it.

sugar directly causes inflammation. not fat. you probably just cut out garbage foods in general and reduced sugar intake as a result. human diet used to literally just be protein and fat, carbs were never as available as they are today and many people suffer health problems as a result of refined sugars.

>sugar directly causes inflammation. not fat. you probably just cut out garbage foods in general and reduced sugar intake as a result
my diet is like 90% starch so I'm eating lots of glucose. you are stupid and wrong and btw go away keto idiot.

High cholesterol levels can negatively affect joint cartilages. Carbs are a vital food group for civilised people.

90% starch diet is also dumb. Are you just eating bread and pasta all day?

People mistakenly believe that adding ultra high fat sludge, like cheese, to their meals, makes them 'balanced.' Take any meal and remove the fat and that's what I eat.

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Seriously look into taking high doses of Omega 3.


Also take vitamin D 10000 UI daily.

I was diagnosed with irreversible brain damage from aphasia to dysautonomia,

my family wants to see me in pain and they are very aggressive and cruel to me for being sick I have no choice but euthanasia and my psychiatrist prescribed me a lethal dose.

Go at it with a wire brush. Maybe somthing stuck in there. Not that I necessarily think so, but there's a possibility of some organic shit or glass that xray can't see too well. That and if it hurts you, hurt it back. You will either improve it or make it more obviously fucked up so retarded doctors can fix it.

We're cool but idk if I like you being "the brain disease guy." Ive had four brain surgeries and have mentioned my experience to others with similar troubles. You have to represent us all if you want to be "the" guy. I guess, you are doing alright. Stay cool. Ha! I said "cool" more than once. You like it cool, right?

Am i going to have to take back the nice stuff that I said? Dont be a pussy.

dude seriously look up cerebrolysin injections and peptides

this is 3.75 mg of triazolam 7 mg is lethal it can be potentiated with other drugs like alcohol.

I have the strength to recover to live for a few more months but my family has been very aggressive and cruel to me making my life not worth it, they want me gone ASAP on the streets with hobos

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I took one of those benzos with vodka and almost died, I sweated a lot for a long time afterward
it was weird
not worth it, I hate my family

My family knows I plan to kill myself with these drugs but they don’t care they all want me dead so badly

Calm down, you have brain damage, it's your brain talking.

The best way to get back on your family is cut all ties and be happy. We don't know literally nothing about you but you just have something, probably a health insurance too.

I wanted to move out but I was hoping my family could help with my illness since it has now been diagnosed. I was mistaken, I am not welcome in my family for some odd reason it has nothing to do with being in pain or my illness they are just prejudiced against me for reasons me and my support groups cant understand. The doctor tried to call the police on my family but they didn't explicitly break any laws...

I could move out with my SSDI my mother stole everything that I have been getting for the last 2 years so I will be starting with nothing.

just go on welfare somehow