Ok I'm going to be straightforward

Ok I'm going to be straightforward.

When I was 19 I raped an ex gf who was 17 at the time. Went to prison. Did my time. Got out. Time has passed. I'm nearly 28 now.

Not too long ago I made a facebook and was adding people I knew and it wasn't surprising that I came across hers. Shes married. Has two kids. But on her banner picture she has a pic of her two kids. A girl and a boy. The girl being the oldest. And... after getting several unbiased opinions I've come to suspect.... that theres a slim chance that the little girl might possibly be.... mine. I know I'm a pos for what I did. Nor do I ever want to have to deal with the victim.... of what I did.

But I'm here asking if anyone knows how I should go about this. People have told me I could go to the courts and request a dna sample but that I would have to provide some sort of probable cause I guess is what you would call it. Does anyone know how this would work if I choose to do this?

Also ask me anything.

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Avoid the child support.

I realize that if I did pursue this, that it would lead to that. Right now that's not the issue. Theres just a part of me that would want to know. That I'm the bio father.

Any Idea how old the girl is?

Just let it die out. Don't kick the dust off your fucking rape case just to permanently damage some little girl's view of the world.
Just because your parents fucked up enoug that you turned out to be a rapist, doesn't mean you have to, or have the right to, fuck up another girl's life because one just wasn't enough.


From the date of when I committed my crime against her mom to when she was born puts it in close proximity to being possible. The only thing is is that maybe a month after said crime, she got with her husband.

Rapists don't deserve any happiness in life. Period. Full stop. Re-read that again and again.

You don't have the right to interfere with that woman or her childrens' life. That's not your child. It's hers. If you are biologically connected, the only thing you did was force your sperm into her unwillingly. That's your only contribution to this.

I hope that child IS yours and that you try to make a connection with her, so that the mother can tell her what a monster her father is and how he raped her and will probably rape the child too if given the chance to be alone with her.

I hope you fall off a cliff while hiking and die a slow painful death. Go back to the level of hell you cockroached your way out of.

I'm more than likely going to follow your advice.

Already there

Don’t contact them unless they contact you. Thats the best thing. No need in the kid knowing she’s a rape baby if it is true. Just move on and try to get some redemption.

I was going in that direction.

But can there even be redemption?

Fuck you.

OP, we all make mistakes. Maybe you could just add her first on Facebook to see how she reacts and if you know where she lives, you could send her flowers with your name.

Don’t know never raped anyone. I’d start with volunteering at your local soup kitchen or food pantry. Make someone elses life better for the one you fucked up. Read some philosophy when you have time. Maybe that’ll help. Just remember don’t contact unless she comes to you.


Rape isn't "a mistake". A mistake is something you have little control over, or something small scale that you can regret and make amends for.

Rape is a conscious choice. OP consciously decided that he was going to commit one of the most traumatic and violent crimes one can commit on a person. There really isn't anything that you can do to make amends for that.

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Are you a girl? If you're a guy, you should know how it's sometimes hard to control your urges. I've never went as far as raping a girl, but I can understand OP.

I don't want to plant your face in the mud given you said you've served and seem to recognize you fucked up, but leave it at that, you know?
Imagine you're just lovin your time with your new girl, life's rolling, and her fucking rapist comes into your life demanding a goddam-- of all things a fucking RAPIST can demand-- a goddam DNA test.

Just... you know, leave it alone. Leave her life. Be gone about it, and don't open the wound for her. If you can do anything for her, burying that part of your life for both of you is probably the nicest.

Again, I don't really mean to razz you SUPER hard, here, but you gotta consider the angle. SHE wants her life back on track... what you're suggesting could literally put her through one of the nastiest divorces her family will ever see.

You wish you could fuck me, needle dick. Stop enabling OP. If the woman's husband or boyfriend had half a brain, he'd hire a hitman or a couple of buddies to grab OP and slit his throat from ear to ear for daring to show his mother fucking face around me and my family.

You NEED to stop while you're ONLY this far behind. Every time you produce coherent thoughts, you make yourself look infinitely worse.

I'm pretty sure this is bait, but in case there is anyone who actually believes what you just typed there

>you should know how it's sometimes hard to control your urges
By this same logic, you could excuse murderers and violent criminals because "everyone knows it's really hard sometimes to control your anger".

Thanks for what it's worth. I'm trying to do just that.

Surely it would've come up in the case

I agree.

OP, did you ever apologize to that woman?

It's also hard to control wanting to smack your bitch face, but somehow I manage.

Being a member of the scum of the earth. You sir are a scumbag.

I hear you. And yes I recognize what I did.

Lol good wording by the way.

>maybe a month after said crime, she got with her husband.
If that kid is yours, there is a slight possibility that your ex's husband doesn't know, and that she she told him that it's his daughter. So if you barged in you would not only open old wounds for her, but possibly ruin their marriage, which would negatively affect the child is many ways. If you want to ever check if that kid is yours or not, I think you're better off waiting for the kid to turn 18 or maybe even 21.

Theres no enabling me.

I'm guessing you're a femanon?

I really wish that could happen to me. Trust me. I really do.

>I hope you fall off a cliff while hiking and die a slow painful death.
I agree with you 100% and I have a philosophical question for you.
Suppose a rapist commits suicide.
Does his mother have the right to mourn his death?


>send her flowers with your name.

It didnt. Idk what the prosecution thought they didnt have.

But I remember seeing that when they did the rape kit I saw the paper work. They found two profiles. Not just mine. But they never pursued the other

>Does his mother have the right to mourn his death?
Yes. You're a shitty human, OP, but you're still human.

No. But every day I wish I could. But I know I'll never be able to.

Good point and good idea. I thought of just waiting till shes older.

I've actually tries to bring that into reality. Ive failed twice. No cigar yet but I'll get back to you when I'm successful.

I'm sorry. But I dont feel like I'm human. Anymore. Just some conscious turd passing time.

>all these moralfags, roasties, and white knights ITT
Fucking disgusting, kill yourselves and try sympathizing for once.

Also OP I don't think it's worth the trouble at the moment. You have more important things to worry about (like getting your life together after 7 years of prison, establishing a career, etc). Maybe try and reach out when you have your shit together.

Leave them be.

She is happy now, and her doughter doesn't deserve to have her life ruined for your doubt.

If you truly understood what you did in the past and feel even just a bit sorry, the least you can do is leave that woman alone.

Always. But not necessarily (almost certainly not) with her.

This. This. This.

>it's my dick's fault! NOT MINE!

Every. Fucking. Time.

Men will never aknowledge their responsibility.

here. I would say yes. The mother probably didn't have anything to do with or know about the choices her son actively made to rape the person they did. I would think the mother has every right to mourn him. Mourn the loss of her son. Mourn the choices he made in life. Mourn the harm he caused to others. Mourn the lack of parenting they apparently did to not teach him better. Mourn the loss of family. He ended up being a failure to himself and everyone around him, but it was still her son that she carried in her womb for 9 months, breastfed, changed diapers, spent ungodly amounts of money and time with money for school supplies, clothes, doctor visits, food, rent, utility bills on. Offspring are an investment of many parts of yourself.

Think this thread is a larp but if you're genuinely remorseful then don't kill yourself and try to learn to forgive yourself. Hating yourself over what you did won't unrape her or undo all the truama you've caused. You served the punish given to you which is alot more than most rapists get now just try to move on with your life.

Don’t just don’t. This exact situation is what happened to my mom, she was 17 and the man I consider my dad was with her starting two months of being pregnant with me. Even if there’s that possibility even when older just fucking drop it. My sperm donor did the same thing contacted me at 18 with his fucking pity party & seriously fucked me up for a bit and caused major strife between me and my parents. And all so he could feel better about himself, he didn’t care about the effects or ruining our lives which he 100% did.

>ill never be able to
So your literally lying to yourself now.

whats the cause of suspicion that the girl is yours. And is she of the right age. She would have to be about 9/10 now.

OP. Somethings are best left as they were meant to be.

"Curiosity is the lust of the mind" ~Thomas Hobbes

Your curiosity might ruin a wholesome families for life. Even if it is your child it's not like your gonna fight in court for her, just let it be

So, to you, the ideal outcome at this point is that the rapist dies and his mother mourns his death?

You surrendered all rights to the child when you raped her. Don't get a DNA test. Don't contact her. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars. Literally rot in hell.
If you have literally learned ANYTHING from your time it's that you should fuck off and be a god damn monk now. Don't even fucking consider it. Jesus.

Hahahahahahahahahaha be a troll. Please. Even this board can't be that retarded. Sending her flowers should get you another 10 years.

This. You will never get a girl if you are constantly afraid of rejection

I don't know why people care more about rapes than murders.

a. he probably would've had a longer sentence if e murdered someone
b. what a pointlessly stupid response to the topic of this thread

why the fuck did you do it?
what was going through your head?

Rape is worse than murder in many cases. Rapists should be tortured to death as a deterrent

I mean , this isn’t an endorsement of criminal minds but who the fuck cares that you raped some dumb useless cunt? The damage she does to society by being a useless parasite and bringing more burdens to the world is worse than five seconds of her ego being uncomfortable. You are a fucking moron if you actually think you should feel guilty or that there is some magical karma force. It’s everyone for themselves here. In the wild , animals do the exact same shit. The difference with humans is one group stays at the top raping murdering and stealing and the rest sit around like little bitches.

Thank you for bringing a smile to my face. I’m glad somebody as dumb as you suffered and the fact that she instantly moved on proves that cunts just bitch about rape for an easy way to dominate people and get attention. I am very thankful for all the retarded schizos in Muslim who murder and rape retarded cunts. All women need to suffer until they kill themselves and permanently fuck off. This is my universe.

- Seth Rogan

Not really. Billions of people are financially enslaved and experience pain 10000x worse than rape so some lazy kike like you gets to work an “IT” or “consulting” job. Animals do the same shit. Women are not allowed to choose who fucks them, they choose based on their survival needs and that’s why ugly kikes who print money like you get pussy. You just say that shit about JuStIce because you expect that some magic fairy will reward you and you are attempting social engineering methods to lower people down a few levels so your parasite kike existence is easier

- Alexandria Occasio Cortez, US Politician and serial rapist

Victim of a murder after the fact is just the family. Victim of a rape (or similarly an agregious assault) is the actual person themselves. Who has to deal with it for their entire lives.
Analogous to: who had it worse? Those died in the Vietnam war or the PTSD veterans? I know who I'd rather be.

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All terrible advice aside though OP I get a very VAGUE sense that you're sorry (barely). But legitimately the way your post is written is strongly seems to suggest someone who is very emotionally distant from the file they commited still. And that's understandable - it was horrible and there is an incredible amount of shame to bear there. Possibly an overwhelming amount.
However if you felt it you would not even CONSIDER what you're suggesting. What you're suggesting is completely self serving and therefore neglects entirely the desired of the victim (and their innocent children). What that suggests to me is that you, and I do sympathise with you here and am genuinely sorry to say it to you, but it suggests someone who is completely deviating from the norm mentally. You need professional help. You might not even be capable of understanding why you do - but trust me - you do. Seek it out however you can. Hopefully they can help you man. I sincerely wish you the best in that. But absolutely leave the girl alone. Forever.

Because even the most kind-hearted, non-violent person can imagine a scenario where killing might be necessary, to defend yourself or others from another violent person. And all of us have probably been angry enough at someone, at some point, to understand how violence can be an enticing thought. And though we may think it's horrible, we can understand the cold logic in killing someone over money. Most of us will never be in those situations or follow through on those impulses, but we understand it, it makes sense to us.

Rape is different because the motive is just so selfish, petty, and pointless. There is no scenario where you have to rape someone for self-defense. The rapist doesn't even gain anything from it, except a few minutes of sexual pleasure. And the mental consequences for the victim last a lifetime. So even though the impact of the crime is usually less severe than murder, it is so pointless in its cruelty that we hate the rapist more than most murderers. We can't make any excuses or justifications for someone that knowingly commits rape, there aren't any.

>Rapists don't deserve any happiness in life. Period

Im not a rapist but stfu

Waaaaaaah that Rapist ruined my life with words waaaaaaaaaaaaah

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I love how people could scientifically explain why their almighty opinion is the correct one but they just throw in a bunch of emotional bullshit. They never take anything into consideration and throw all this shit at anyone who they magically decide is wrong. Never any due process. Not surprising that low iq bots do this but annoying as fuck nonetheless. These people literally made me love rapists and murderers more than jUsTice. Imagine being that awful at persuasion.

Nice buzzwords faggot

>Period. Full stop. Re-read that again and again.
oh shut up

Wow, quality bait this will rustle jimmies

I hope you get raped