Get your head out of your asshole Tumblr

>Guy 5'11 starts working at my store
>Lots of girls work here too
>Guy is working with me, and keeps making autistic jokes about area 51
>Total retard, but he has a good build and your typical dbag hair and face jawline beard etc.
>Girls who have never before spoken to me start coming up to me during work and asking if I've seen new employee
>I tell them where he is and they immediately go locate him
>they start flirting with him while he makes dumb fucking jokes to them now about minecraft. Not even kidding
>They clearly think hes just hot so they listen to all the BS he says. Hes not even getting his job done, and managers are wondering why.
>Managers have to correct him for goofing off regularly, and yet he still does, and girls love him for it
>he finally says to the hottest girl there, whose been eating lunch with him along with every other girl every day, if she wants to go out to eat lunch.
>She says yes, and they leave and end up fucking.
>now this guy fucks this girl everyday and the other girls all talk about it like it's their business. You'd think they'd move on

So don't tell me "its about personality not about looks"
Don't tell me "You have to be clear with a girl about your intentions or she won't understand" this nigga literally asked if she wanted to go get lunch somewhere
Don't tell me "you just have to talk to girls" I've talked to these girls for months, and they've never shown interest in me like they did this guy after one week.

You guys act like its our fault no girl likes us, but then there is this shit.

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Would you rather be him or yourself user? If him, then get fit af and fuck many girls you pussy.

>constantly judging a dude you barely know
>smashing on humour because it's Minecraft themed
>basically a Boomer in a Zoomer's skin, wondering why nobody likes him
BIG o u c h. That's a yikes from me, Chief.

You're clearly just insecure. It's not that he's hot af and women care about looks. It's that you're insecure and probably an incel.

Ask him to set you up with someone. I know you don’t like him but swallow your pride, it’s the only way

Women are trash.

It's ok to be ugly, OP.
Unless it's because you are also an unkempt basement dweller, then it is all your fault. Some people just shouldn't breed anyway. Picket fence dreams are becoming too expensive.

Ur ugly inside

Everyone has some bad in them. Don't be naive.

>Some people just shouldn't breed anyway
Why do some people have a hard time accepting this? It seems so obvious.

It clearly worked for him even though how lowly you thought of him.

Bad is perfection good.

Chad wins again. Swoops and and rails the female pack leader. HA fucking comedy desu. The kid probably doesnt have a deep thought in his mind.


Because the parents of boomers started the whole white picket fence trend and the other generations after the boomers were hoping to get the same economic climate... Dreams of that caliber need to die.

Just rape women.

If the dream of a white picket fence , a dog, and two loving adults is what people want to do then why shit on it. Seems to produce a hell of a lot more stable people then poly tans relationships. That is undeniable.

Repeal the 19th.

I can bench 2x my body weight 160lbs for 5 reps
I do lift a lot and run in between lift days, so it's not the shape im in.

I'm just ugly and short

>it's your fault women literally start dripping for a guy who fucks other women during lunch break and don't even try to speak to you

You are speaking to retards on here.

I actually asked if I could hang out with him and his friends next time they go to the beach and he said yeah.

Hopefully his friends have pussies and they like me. I really don't have many opportunities to meet girls, and these girls obviously have 0 interest in me when they can drool over this fucboi

Yeah, I mean Im not a basement dweller. Just ugly in the shape of my face. Even after becoming as healthy as possible and lowing my bf to 15% I still look so disgusting my chin is literally non existent

low IQ post

People want to breed you dumbass, they're never going to accept something that denies them a behavior that promoted by hormones naturally produced in their bodies. They are hardwired to try and fuck.

nothing "worked" for him, he just happens to have looks. He can tell these girls he wants to rape dogs, and they'd still talk to him like hes king

the kid told me his GPA at his uni is 2.5 he asked if I could give him tips...

Idfk, don't be retarded maybe.

I guess when the manager fires him, I will have all the ladies to myself. and they can ignore me again

>So don't tell me "its about personality not about looks"
of course looks matter, but it's not everything, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's at least tolerable to normal folks, because you just sound shockingly salty, so I doubt he's just a minecraft autist in the body of a manly adonis.
>Don't tell me "You have to be clear with a girl about your intentions or she won't understand" this nigga literally asked if she wanted to go get lunch somewhere
see, for normal people, when someone asks someone of the opposite sex to get food with them 1 on 1, it's because it's a date, neither of them had any doubts on the matter, he's perfectly clear with his intentions to take her out, it not being clear to you gives off autistic vibes.
I also doubt he got in her pants by not communicating a desire to bone her, she didn't accidentally slip on his dick with her pants off.
>Don't tell me "you just have to talk to girls" I've talked to these girls for months, and they've never shown interest in me like they did this guy after one week.
because he is more attractive, and not all talking is equal.
you would be shocked to find out people react differently to different words, playful flirtiness and barely small talk between awkward silences give different results.
>You guys act like its our fault no girl likes us, but then there is this shit.
than who's fault is it that they don't find you attractive? is it them not giving a supreme gentlemen like yourself a shot? is it the Jews secretly puppeting the stacys not to like you? is it your parent's fault for not doing ???
No, it's your fault, no one else can be held accountable for your failures but yourself.

What you're doing is projecting onto this guy, and it's first and foremost poison to you yourself, stop it, all the self improvement in the world is worthless if you keep projecting these things on romantic competitors and see women as both an enemy and a prize, instead of humans with wants and desires, like you

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university GPA doesn't mean shit compared to high school GPA. Cs get degrees, and plenty of people put in just enough effort to pass.

>of course looks matter, but it's not everything
It's only like 90%.

It's not even half of it.
I've seen people who border on disgusting get together with people of at least a reasonable appearance.
Lazy eye, a pizza face, that cavity some people have in their chest, I can think back on any physical imperfection with the exception of downright elephantiasis-tier disfigurement and come up with a person with that condition with a mate.
You're thinking of women as this uniform blob of "hurr why won't they fuck me I hold the door for them and everything, I even started showering", when in truth each woman is as unique as each man, and a relationship isn't an achievement you get once you reach a certain milestone, instead it is a deep friendship where you also happen to fuck one another.
And just as you have people you do and don't get along with due to no fault of either of you, the same is true with a relationship of the opposite sex.
It could be you could become an incredible version of yourself and they still won't flock to you like in anime because you don't click on a personality level, and that's ok, somewhere there ARE people with who you click, of both sexes.
Your view of relationships and the opposite sex is fundamentally flawed, you bought into the regurgitation of faggots on the internet who deflect the blame on anyone but themselves.

Let's try this; what actual steps are you taking in order to get with a woman?
Could it be your not actually putting in an effort and still expecting pussy to fall on you from the sky?

just b urself dude :^)


Fake news. You seem mad at the truth.


You are so jealous it’s sad.

It's not about jealousy. It's about the bullshit that people here and everywhere are feeding to guys like OP.

At this point, as a short, ugly and socially awkward guy I've just accepted my sexless life as a fact of nature; at the moment I just live my life and wait for some mentally diseased girl to like me (that's how I lost my virginity).

Okay idk where you live, but I actually don't see any ugly guys with girls.

I do see some short guys with girls, but they are jacked, and have a perfect chad face.
And even then they are only ever dating fat girls.

Hell, There are kids I know that are 6'2 and yoked af and they date the fat ugly bitches.

Never have I seen a hot girl, or even avg girl that's skinny with an avg or ugly dude

I will say that I've seen avg guys with below avg girls, but that is it. So your situation is rare nigga

Low inhibition is a signal for confidence, and from the sound of it this guy has low inhibition and is highly confident in himself and is above average in height (assuming you're in the US) and has good looks on top of that. Many women especially under the age of 25 don't see much else in what they're attracted to. He has natural advantages but that doesn't mean you can't win too.

Cuz ur a loser, bitch ass nigga, go fuckin to one pussy

Where is the desire to actually change, here, though? Where is anything but the 'please fuck me, girls, I swear I have merits and qualities you just can't see them'?

Where is anything convincing them to do any of the fucking of you? Where is the anything you have going on besides them? Where is anything at all?
Why is your first move to judge someone for getting pussy? What's attractive about that level of spite and bitterness?

I can go on for such a long fuckin' time, I could fill three posts just like this, but what's the point when you're just going to bat it away with some casual deflection and excuse, as always??

Didn't read all the replies, but understand that like attracts like. If a woman is a moron who is only interested in superficial qualities then she will be interested in similar men, and vice versa.

I used to get upset like OP is until I realized I was simply jealous that I wasn't getting any of those women. Then I realized those women were low quality -- just like that man is. Develop your sense of self and what you want in a partner and you won't be so upset when incompatible people don't want you.

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>more stable
>like the divorce rate of boomers we're improving upon because boomers suck
>why shit on general indoctrination?
Because it's copy pasta and more often people are not the same or hivemind.
There is still stability if the single polycule individual can survive and learn from experiences. Meanwhile, half of women that are murdered have been by spouses.

>Meanwhile, half of women that are murdered have been by spouses.
I'd be willing to bet the wife cheated in the majority of cases. Sorry, but it's the truth.

>Meanwhile, half of women that are murdered have been by spouses.
And a lot of children who are murdered get murdered by their own mothers. What's your point, namecunt?

he is jealous and it is sad and thats lief

it's a social thing. they all want him because the other ones want him too.

It’s you and the OP who are low quality because no women want you

meaningless sentence

I was replying to
>now this guy fucks this girl everyday and the other girls all talk about it like it's their business
they all follow one each other

Yeah let's not gloss over the fact that these a low level employees at a "store" - OP is a butt blasted hapa cashier

bump because I need to say that I need more stories like this. I've always been an autistic dumbass, yet apparently I'm also hot. just recently realized that I also have enough status and a good wage to become a good target for women. but I'm insecure. stories like this help me a lot.

>Some people just shouldn't breed anyway.
like fat pigs who post on Jow Forums with tripcodes?