I’m 22 my sister is 32

> I’m 22 my sister is 32
> Sisters dope selling boyfriend broke her phone
> “Can I use yours I’m going out tonight?”
> No
> Sister acts like 12 year old when she doesn’t get what she wants.
> Mom says to avoid argument to give her my phone
> *Three days pass*
> Where is she with my phone?
> *Calls phone*
> “Hi, we found your phone on this bench outside. We’ve been trying to call you but no one picked up. Where do you want us to leave it.”
> Rage.jpeg
> Mom acts like she never knew where she was
> Sister acts like she never knew it was lost
> Job writes me up for inability to reach me to come in when asked
> Sick of everyone’s bullshit
> How’s the military looking these days?

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Honestly just move out dude
And anytime your family talks to you just say "well wait for a stranger to ring you up from some random-ass park bench, it worked for me"

I would love to but I don’t have the funds as of yet. Feeling stuck

I feel your pain man

Looking better than your situation. Go to the enlistment general thread on

>sister is 32
>acts like 12 year old when she doesn’t get what she wants.
JFC that must be HELL

do you not have friends, a gf, or anyone that could help you? what do you do?

Nope, nothing. I’ve grown up around these type of women and I find it hard to communicate with them in general now. Every time I try to speak they start an argument or try to get physical. I’m trying to minimize as much drama in my life as possible.

Because I get verbally and physically abused for the longest for even having an opposing viewpoint of women in my family. I was never the aggressive type I don’t like controversy so they use to and still take full advantage. I’m starting to get tired of it. I know what the law would due to me if I retaliate so I just take it but I’d rather relocate then to become something I’m not.

It’s not that hard to say no. You tell the mom and sister “no you can’t have my phone or any of my possessions how about you stop being a little bitch and get a new phone” they can’t force you to just obey call them out for their shit too and confront them

get a job and get ur own place lmao

You would swear me saying no is the equivalent to I murdered the family dog. It turns into what I did for you when you were younger, what I was going to do for you in the future and I would never do that to you. Screaming, tantrums, throwing things, you get the picture

I do have a job and they wrote me up read man

what's your job?

>You would swear me saying no is the equivalent to I murdered the family dog.
I know that fucking feel too well. fuck man, some women are really fucked in the head.

I’m a patient transport. I go to the gym to make sure I’m able to keep up with the requirements. It also makes my job easier. I’m considering either the military or going back to school for better credentials.

>I’m a patient transport
you mean ambulance driver?
and you also deal with all that shit at home? fucking hell...

i think patient transports wheel patients in hospitals. you tell me if im wrong though OP

>patient transport
honestly, why the fuck would you choose a career in or near healthcare? from what I've see, healthcare people have to work lots of hours to make money, and even then, it's not really a lot. you sometimes have to take care of ungrateful, hateful people. why the fuck would you expose yourself to all of that?

Yep that’s it. No time time to relax once your on call and someone gets off that bus you runout and get them. Doesn’t matter what you were doing before or are doing

Honestly I want to give you an answer but I don’t know myself. My mother told me it was a good move but I’m regretting it. I never had a passion for anything like something I couldn’t live without doing. I wish I did though. I usually just did what I was told.

Why are you so spineless OP?

I wrote this some hours ago: you should not give a shit about what your mother thinks. she's obviously too dumb to understand reality. I'm glad I followed my own path after all of that drama and suffering.

seriously man, if you don't have the means to move out and call your mom on Sundays so she doesn't kill herself, then you'll have to learn how to get a frame
it saved my sanity and probably my life
I've been in your position, my father didn't want to deal with bullshit so he was pretty avoidant, and I think lots of people here come from a similar place
do you have a father?

he's got the same distance from my house to the gym. stupid

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what the fuck are you doing? move out.

>Mom says to avoid argument to give her my phone
Your mother has been worn down by the screechy stressful noises your sister makes to get her way. This is a common trick for narcissists. Set boundaries between you and her, or she will use you up. No, you can't use my time/stuff/money/felt-tipped pens.

Set them boundaries, then put distance between you and her, if she's old enough to have a drug dealing boyfriend she won't change, ever.

most people lack direction and that's how society organizes itself. Self-directed people are actually corrosive to social groups. Passive people get shoved into whatever is needed of them and they are paid enought o keep doing it. They wonder quietly if life is meant to be this drab and that's normal.

You are a fucking moron and a pussy. There’s a reason based schizo Muslims rape and murder women.