How do i get revenge on someone who beat the shit out of me?

how do i get revenge on someone who beat the shit out of me?

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You've already posted this thread. You're a piece of shit, and you deserved to get beat up.

why the fuck am i piece of shit when he is the one who wronged me first?

He didn't wrong you. He went for your ex which has nothing to do with you. Kill yourself, faggot.

he was doing it right in front of me and we only broke up 2 weeks ago. actually this guy has a history of fucking shitting on me and i have reason to believe she was cheating on me with him

any suggestions??

Learn boxing for 6 months then pummel his face into the dirt brah

that sounds good. i am scrawny as fuck though

Training will build muscle and it will make you be more confident in your ability to smash plebs who wronged you I wish you all the best warrior HUZZAH

Do you know any goons or people who live in a shady part of town?? Pay them to roll up on him at the dead of night and just fuck him up. They'd use an unmarked car obviously.

They’d pocket his money.

He'd have to know them well enough. Maybe he knows them through work or something.

>random faggot who posts on the chans has gangster frienss


just don't bother with him and her anymore
or buy a gun and kill him (then get executed afterwards)

do you want the path of self-destruction or the one where you move on?

Reported this thread to the police. Fucking psychopath. Why would I help a pussy break laws?

The best revenge is living well.

no it's not, those happy assholes live a lie

I grew up in the slums so, it's not that unlikely.

pussy, I grew up in the burbs and I'm harder, richer and smarter than you
go flex elsewere

I wasn't trying to flex. get your insecurities in check, dude. There people from all walks of life here. You don't necessarily have to know gangsters either, just shady individuals and those are everywhere.

no they're not
I lied, I may be from the burbs but im soft :( and dumb
but not poor
I know som strong people and some smart people and some scum just like you ;)

fuck you, pussy. i fuck my own sister

This is some weak ass trolling. Do something better with your time. Like playing in traffic and stop fucking your sister.

You should fuck his grandma.

Get some buddies and rough him up with them

there is a gun store nearby the gas-station

you will need gas right ?

reassert your dominance by beating the guy

its your only option at this point