I'm a deeply devoted christian who's on a path which is leading towards becoming a pastor

i'm a deeply devoted christian who's on a path which is leading towards becoming a pastor
there's this girl i want to ask out but she's wearing a ring on her ring finger. i can't pursue her as long as she's wearing that ring. even asking if she's married doesn't feel right. she's shown a lot of interest in me and she seems like wife material. how do i handle this situation?

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Mhm okay bait. I’m sure Jow Forums is teeming with deeply religious people as this is a holy place.

If she's married, you stay away. Finding a wife is unnecessary and insignificant in the great scheme of things. There's other women too.

>le Jow Forums is an edgy secret club for black-souled deviants like me meme
It's literally a blue board, retard, and there's nothing sinister or underground about Jow Forums, it's not too different from Reddit. And what do you think deeply religious people do all day? Solemnly sit in silence?

There is nothing wrong with asking if shes married as long as you don't do it in a provocative way, you could simply be asking out of harmless curiosity as a friend

it doesn't look like a wedding ring. she might be wearing a fake ring because she works in customer service and doesn't want to get hit on all the time.

Embrace Celibacy,my christian friend.
it will aid you spiritually and improve your health and brain.

This. Just ask her if she's got a significant other that can join her to church someday so that you can meet everyone in your extended church family.

The ring could have been a gift from her family, right? Maybe she got it at a tourist trap during her last vacation. You're jumping the shark, oh holy one.

Also, why are you on Jow Forums? This place is far from christian friendly.

Pop quiz for the future priest:

Where do dinosaurs fit into the bible and in cannon christian history?

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why would she be wearing a ring on her ring finger if she's single? help me understand women logic

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why would it mean that she isn't single? Aren't your knees tired from jumping to all these conclusions? Maybe you're right. Christian, pastor life goal aside, you're kind of a major limp noodle, my dude. You've got the backbone of a slug. Let's just go ahead and keep assuming she's married or engaged and leave it at that. You're not man enough for her anyway. Apparently you're only fit to be loved by jesus.

i don't know if i want her

she's obviously not christian and i don't know what to do

Isn't this the part where you're supposed to "put your faith in God"? You're supposed to be all super religious and shit, but you're kinda not practicing what you preach. If this chick was meant to be your waifu, your magic invisible sky daddy will make it happen. If not, then oh well. Other plans.

Right??? Isn't that what it's supposed to be all about? You got some studying to you. A sinner like me outdoes you on your own career path. Stay in sunday school. Also, answer the question that asked you, you big fucking troll.

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He said pastor, not priest. And dinosaurs aren't relevant to Christianity.

But they are relevant to REALITY. As in, we have proof that they existed once. We have ZERO proof that Jesus did. It doesn't matter what his title is, if he can't answer this question then he doesn't deserve it. So answer, OP.

Christianity doesn't deny dinosaurs, retard, and historical consensus is that Jesus did exist.

Backed into a corner, eh? Can't give an answer? That's alright. This thread is boring and stale anyway. Good luck with jesus camp!

>dude, what about dinosaurs?
>backed into a corner, eh?
Why are Americans so retarded?

“I believe in imaginary friends. Help me continue my ways”. No. Seek help you fucking psychopath.

How dare you call yourself 'deeply devoted christian' and pose such a question.

>not too different from Reddit
you take that back right now!