How do I deal with the fact I'm short?

How do I deal with the fact I'm short?

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Wear platform shoes like Prince. Just don't jump around in em.

moon shoes are the solution

just be yourself

Height means nothing.
I mean just because a drug addict can get more pussy than a well groomed, decent short man doesn't mean anything at all.
Or the fact that a tall guy at night is gonna have girls walking up to him and going "Hi I'm X" and without fail they'll mention "Ohh, you're so tall" within 5 minutes means nothing.

Just shower and b urself.

no matter what you do will be seen as compensation, men will treat you like trash and women will see you less of an option for romance

make sure to prove them all wrong. lift weights, read books, command respect and dont give a shit about what people say. be chill and never overreact.

Stop caring and become based as fuck because of that fact.

Literally just posted this in another thread

The honest no bullshit answer is do flirt with short women my friend.
My ex was mega short and she said she would date a short man, cause he'd still be like her height or taller.

>hurr lemme cherrypick to make up for my insecurity and laziness

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in my experience short women are the worst of the bunch about going after tall guys

It would help if you were tall, but it's not the be-all-end-all. You wouldn't want a girl that was only interested in your height, in the way that you wouldn't want a girl that's only interested in your bank account. My boyfriend isn't tall, but he's taller than me and that's tall enough for me. is right, you have to be okay with being who you are and improve where you can.
t. Real girl with a 5'9" boyfriend

How do you read shit like this and hate your self?

Are you seriously jealous of a 6'5 Druggie because he's 6'5?

Do you seriously want a woman so retarded that she'd try to fuck a druggie JUST because he's 6'5?

C'mon man. You're better than that. Find a way to be more confident in yourself or be condemned to be a faggot for eternity
t. 5'5 fuck face who owns it.

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>in my experience short women are the worst of the bunch about going after tall guys

but they can't get them or keep them. And you really only have to be taller than them.

You can be 5'5 and snag a 5'0 to 5'4 and bitch will think she got a prize.

>Real girl with a 5'9" boyfriend

5'9 to 5'10 is really ideal. Anything taller than that and you start running into needing special clothes, maybe lacking humility about it, etc. Anything above 5'10 is a genetic defect and they are going to have a hard time when society collapses. It becomes a huge pain to build even muscle mass, eat enough calories etc, around 6 foot. Our ancestors were around 5 to 5'5 for the reason. Without modern medicine, 6 foot tall guys die.

5'9 is like nothing, he won't make a big deal out of it, and you can still look up into his eyes and wear hills and shit.

I don't think of stuff like how evolution plays into it, especially because of modern medicine. We should change our expectations to fit with the times. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if he were taller, but he's fine as is. He's not insecure about his height, and he laughs whenever I call him tall.

Not every woman is obsessed with getting the tallest guy, OP. Men get so fixated on this but as long as you aren't shorter than us, a lot of us don't care. I'm 5'1" and my boyfriend was 5'4" with a bad slouch so he was basically my height and I did not ever think about it.

>Be 6'2"
>Good looking face, dark blonde hair and green eyes
Girls have always been the ones to strike up conversations with me, and those staring type glances, still do at 27, but I'm a total autist when it comes to socializing.

unlike penis size, men are obsessed with height for a reason. height discrimination exists, and women care a lot about how tall guys are

I don't know any of these feels.
I might still be a virgin, but when I do get a hug from a girl it's great when her head has to nestle on my chest.

>tfw 5'5 manlet
>tfw in college had a 5'10 girl who could hang
>DDD-G cups
>she ran in and hugged me like it was one of my Japanese animes while creepy ex was behind me
>tiddies in my face
Feels good to have YOUR head nestle into HER chest. Im a gentleman and a boxer though, so most of the time I would slip the tiddies to be less of a dickbrain.

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Kek, tall and funny, he's the complete package

>Our ancestors were around 5 to 5'5 for the reason.
Human men were mostly above 6' during the Paleolithic, then shrunk down to 5'2 when agriculture came along.

height is linked pretty closely to diet, from what I understand.

I know that following WWII, the JSDF didn't like the Shermans that the US gave them because they were too short to use them comfortably.
Now the average Japanese male is 5'7.

North vs South Koreans are a huge difference in height too. North Koreans are tiny.

I'm a tall underemployed ex drug user who married a woman like in OPs post and I'll tell you life hits hard eventually. You can coast on looks during your 20s and find a girl... but then you are two unreliable superficial people who need to keep children alive and your looks are fading, but you're stuck now

Otoh I have short friends who own homes, built good careers, and have happy steady family lives.

Yeah I think lack of protein in the womb and early childhood is the big culprit. There's other info above the average height in China which I bet is still increasing. For this reason I think if your mom is vegetarian or was trying to watch her weight during pregnancy you might be able to blame her

Link related is pretty cool, you can add countries to it