Is it okay to have sex with a drunk woman?

I invited a woman I've been seeing to my house to spend some time together. All was well and good, we had dinner, we were having fun and all that. It was getting late and she asked if I had some alcohol. I did so we busted out the drinks. She got carried away and got absolutely shit faced, she could barely stand up. It was at this time that she got super sexual with me. She wanted me to take her to the bedroom and fuck her brains out. She was touching me all over and saying all the good things guys want to hear. As tempting as this was, she was obscenely drunk. I'm somewhat drunk at this time, but I'm sober enough where my sense of reason is still intact. It didn't feel right to have sex with her like that, we had never had sex before, so I decided to take her home. I called my friend and asked him if he could help me take her home since I'm too drunk to drive and he said yes. So that's what we did, took her home. She was really disappointed in me in her drunk state and said she didn't want to go home, but I did it anyway. She couldn't even walk to her apartment so I had to help her, it wasn't the most graceful night for her.

Speaking to her the next day, she was kind of upset that I didn't sleep with her. Now she's a bit mad at me. I do like her and I did want to have sex with her but she never gave me explicit permission to do anything until she was plastered. I don't know if I could have trusted her word in that state.

Was I wrong? Should I have just had sex with her?

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You did the right thing. Just invite her over again and make sure no one gets plastered, then take her to pound town.

>she's mad
>here's your reply: "I've been alive long enough and seen enough MeToo shit to know how absolutely fucking atrocious an idea it is to even suggest sex without explicit, direct, unmistakeable consent."

Shit dude, don't throw your life away over a boner and don't put your dick in crazy
Find a chick who doesn't throw fits over being shitfaced and blue-balled

>girl comes to your place
>asks for booze
>gets you drunk and literally tries to fuck you
>you reject her cuz MUH HONOR

literally kys you fucking cuck

Yea i would have fucked her if I could. Don't worry about girls being drunk. Nut first, worry later.

You did the right thing. Better than being #MeToo'd.

.... She sounds like a moron. If she really wanted to have sex, why would she insist on getting shitfaced first and put you in a situation like that? Any particular reason she can't have sex when sober?

No, you were the perfect gentleman OP. She should have told you ahead of time if sex was okay when shes drunk.

Why would she ask for booze, get shitfaced and try to have sex if she didnt want to have sex? Its misogynistic to deny women their agency

I don't know faggot, the same reasons chicks wait 20 years to mention they were raped
Don't be gambling your bones on fucking woman logic, you know better

>these are the people giving you advice on this board

Because a lot of women are idiots and have no self-control. She puts herself in a situation where she can be taken advantage of then cries when she gets taken advantage of. That's what a lot of women do.

>this is the moron who comes to an advice forum to be a condescending keyboard warrior cunt and not offer any advice of her own

A lot of women use alcohol as a way to loosen up and let go of those inhibitions.

Not saying OP is wrong though. In the olden times before we got MeToo'd, it was perfectly acceptable to have sex with women like this. Because even though they technically couldn't consent, there was an implied consent. A woman your dating is not going to get fucking plastered with you at night then start insisting you bang her if that wasn't her intention all along. It just doesn't happen that way.

However that doesn't matter anymore because women and she needs to be 100% sober before any coitus happens, at least that's what women think should happen.

look at these mgtow cuckbois

>you reject her cuz MUH HONOR
It has nothing to do with honor and more to do that it is literally rape. You can argue if you think its not rape all day but as far as the law is concerned, if OP had sex with her then he is a rapist and he could have gone to jail. So it wasn't even chivalrous of him to not take that risk, he was just being smart. It just has the side effect of him looking like a good guy.

>that it is literally rape
>as far as the law is concerned, if OP had sex with her then he is a rapist and he could have gone to jail.
what country are we talking about here??

The USA and everywhere else in the developed world

Imagine being this retarded.

There is no modern country where an intoxicated person can legally give consent

OP should have downed a few more shots, fucked, and then preemptively filed charges against the girl dor date rape

>think about all those dudes who got “raped” because they were drunk and said k
Yet their is no law where a man can claim rape “muh developed country”

Avoiding putting yourself in a bad situation is retarded? No sir, you are retarded.

That has nothing to do with OP's situation. The law is the law whether you agree with it or not. Nobody is here is championing these laws, they're just saying they exist and you should be cautious of them. Pretending like they don't exist because you don't like them is only going to get you in trouble.

If you're happy going to jail for rape, power to you. Others who don't should take heed.

Dickless men have to stop cucking out about frivolous rape accusations. Clearly. there are some ladies that think so

MY point being it’s a double standard a women can claim rape while a man cannot

Yeah, definitely. Having sex with your own girlfriend is surely gonna put you in a bad situation! So yeah, stay sheltered for the rest of your life and never risk a single fucking thing, ever. Not even if a woman wants to fuck you. Better yet, never leave house! Lock yourself in an underground bunker and eat noodles for the rest of your life because if you go out, something bad might happen to you.

Man can they just dont

Nothing dickless about it when its literally legislation. Talk is cheap, I don't see women campaigning to get these laws removed from the books. Until that day comes, you should always assume that something bad might happen. Why? Because trusting the wrong person will literally ruin your life. That's not even hyperbole, that is literally what happens and the wrong woman is all it takes.

And thank the gods for that.

t. law degree of Jow Forums university

MY point being that your point is irrelevant to this discussion.

It does considering the number of men who get raped while drunk

Apparently, millions of Brits and I are serial rapists. Wew.

>Having sex with your own girlfriend is surely gonna put you in a bad situation!
Yes? There's always a chance that it can. That is irrefutable, its just common sense. OP said they never had sex before, having your first time being when she can't even stand properly is a risky fucking game. If you want to play that game then good for you, just know that's not a fair game and its heavily stacked in her favor.

But you're talking to a bunch of men who have never had to face down actual adversity and who instead spend their time being keyboard warriors.

You're not talking to logical men.

It doesn't because this isn't Jow Forums or a Jow Forums, its Jow Forums and it has nothing to do with what he is asking.

how did you meet her?

I can see this guy finally finding some poor lost soul willing to have sex with him and then whipping out a 82 page long document titled "Terms and Conditions of Consensual Intercourse" with his mom in the room as a witness.

The problem is, drunk is such a wild term to throw around. In the US, they always refer this to the limit for driving. I get that you shouldn't be driving because your reaction time is a bit off, but that has nothing to do with you consenting to sex or not.
A more reasonable way to look at this would be to assume women have the same control as a man. A man can make a decision to have sex or not up to blackout drunk. At this point, you are way past the legal driving limit and nobody around you is unsure whether this is a good idea. Same goes for unconscious people. You know not to do that.
But let's just assume the person had a blood alcohol of 2-3. They can easily say no to someone whipping their dick out.

>it doesn’t because i believe women are not equal to men
You exposed yourself feminist

Uh, no? There's such a thing as context. Yeah I'm not going to fuck some bitch I barely know who's wasted and can't even walk 2 feet without toppling over. If you would then you're fucking stupid and you deserve everything that's coming to you. But in a regular circumstance where she's sober or just not nearly as drunk, there is no issue here.

This is such a simple piece of logic that I'm wondering if you're intentionally ignoring it or just dumb.

I had a girl call me to pick her up because she was too drunk, then when we got to my house she started sucking my thumb like it was a dick, so I got up and got her a pillow and blanket and left her on the couch. I'm not sure why you had to taxi her home, she is probably just embarrassed. Better move would be putting her on the couch and coming her breakfast, maybe she would have hung out and been ready again in the afternoon

Im just shitposting now. Yeah youre technically right, but I like to believe its very few women who would maliciously take you to court for fucking while tipsy/drunk. To fuck an incapacitated women who cant even form the word "stop" is a whole other story, and prevention of this i think is the orginal spirit of those types of laws.

I think based on OPs stated facts, the girl enthusiastically unquestionably wanted sex, and while a psychotic opportunistic "feminist" might have technically been able to start a rape case, its would not have been a true moral transgression for OP to surrender the D. In my experience, normal well adjusted women are in agreement with this sentiment. Only OP knows the character of the lady in question.

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It honestly doesn't matter how many women it is, whether 1% or 50%, the fact that its even possible is enough of a reason not to do it. I'm not saying you should never trust women but context matters. Sounds like OP hasn't been dating her for very long since they haven't fucked, so it really comes down to do you think you really know someone just from going on some dates with them? I think everyone would agree that of course not, unless they're just young and naive.

Morally, I couldn't care less. There's too much subjectivity in morality, its pointless to talk about. I'm talking from an objective "Should he have fucked this intoxicated woman?" and it's clearly no, he shouldn't have.

It's not about morality, fuck morality, morality is what fags wave around when they have no logical substance to their argument
OP doesn't know this chick super well, they didn't have a super sexual history and this climate is a fucking godawful one to be caught up shit creek by a woman. He made the right choice-- and already made it, which makes this thread just a circlejerk but I digress-- and he made it smartly and her response was to get bitchy about it, that sounds exactly like the kinna bitch who will pull you out in front of a court when you stop providing in a way she wants. Very r/nicegirls here

You gotta pick and choose your risks, and if pussy is worth that much to you then go for it but I'd rather google some porn and whack it to internet tiddy than fuck a drunk girl I'm not, like, deep into a relationship with

Some failures are like 'wellp, you gouged your leg, that sucks, but some bedrest and good livin' will make it a scar in no time'
Other failures are like 'the next twenty years of your life will be lived under the shadow of this happenstance, all because you made a choice you could have easily swerved on'
Like deciding to walk home drunk vs drive home drunk, you know? OP decided to walk home drunk knowing full well he could end up banged up from tripping over his drunk ass
But at least he gets to live.
OP gave up pussy and probably future prospects with this bitch, but given she already flew at him for not taking her clearly-in-demand pussy? Maybe our boi dodged a fuckin bullet and y'all on this goddam board need to stop being on horny brain 24/7

Let me remind the posters in this thread, the woman in question could barely stand...

hows your sexlife

forgot pic

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Eh, it's a gray area. Obviously a drunk chick you just met at a party is a no-go, but if someone comes over to your place on a date and gets just a bit drunk it's totally a green light because some people need a bit of alcohol to get over their inhibitions, and I can't see a reason why someone would come to someone's place during a date and get drunk if it wasn't for sex.

Completely plastered like this, though, I think you did the right thing by sending her home, both morally and legally. Generally the good idea is: Initiate something sexual around beer #0 or #1 to display intent and let her display her sober intent, and then you can feel free to get wasted and enjoy yourselves guilt-free.

Only if you are as drunk or drunker than her.

Don't be a fucking idiot OP. Don't listen to these idiots. All you need to do is get consent from her while she is sober, which is now, that she is ok with having sex while drunk. That's all, there's nothing she can use in court against you if you have it.

You have an EXTREMELY high opinion of yourself, you’re a fart sniffing faggot. What is she going to do? Sue you for your record label?


>What is she going to do?
Send him to jail for rape. You don't need a high opinion of yourself to see that you moron.

OP has a high opinion of himself because he doesn't want to be accused of rape? You serious you dumbass nigga?

you did good. If shes tipsy its fine, but if shes so drunk she cant walk then its just not right

All posters pls post bodycount and relationship status so we can clearly see who is advocating for what
>inb4 everyones an incel

would merely cuddling have been acceptable?

Imagine falling for the premarital sex meme.
You did good user.

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Don't fall for the trap, she could have been faking it to rob you or claim rape. Get explicit consent in a textual form.

i dunno if it would be acceptable or not but if my mate was cuddling with some girl drunk out of her mind Id think he was pathetic

You wouldnt see him cause theyd be at his place

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If you’re in a relationship with said person. Drunk pounding is the best.

>I'm too drunk to drive
>It didn't feel right to have sex with her like that

kek, implying you can somehow get a boner whilst being "too drunk to drive"

nice fake post OP

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Being too drunk to drive is literally anything but sober. So even if he was tipsy, that's still too much. Clearly you've never had sex before too.

The problem is that even an accusation of rape can ruin your life. Media just waits for a chance to yell rapist as someone.
And she faces on down side for this accusation. The problem is that if the OP doesn't know her for a long time, he doesn't know if she's a person to do it. Sadly, you (males) have to be careful in these situations. Also it tends to be awkward to engage with people that are too drunk, for me it's a huge turn off if i'm not drunk too.

why doesn't this happen to me brahs...
how did you meet her?

Having sex with a drunk girl is OK to a certain extend of drunkness. Obviously it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where you cross the line but i think it's obvious when you see it.

So yes, you can fuck a girl who is moderately drunk. But if she's absolutely shitfaced to the point where she can barely walk or she's barely conscious then no you shouldn't fuck her.

Shes just mad she can't charge you with rape now.
You did the right thing but for the wrong reason. She genuinely wanted to fuck but if you did it you would've been way open to a rape charge that would've ruined your life.
Keep yourself safe first, bitches last

yea nobody gives a shit if it happens to a man, it essentially isn't rape

But men are better at dealing with tough shit because that's all we get

No, close enough for a meetoo shot

Even though you seem to have refused to have sex with the drunk bitch out of being a moralfag, you still did the right thing. Putting your faggotry aside, you couldve been accused and charged with rape by now had you banged her. Though, you can still be accused anyways... So, the only real mistake that you made was not recording the entire night to cover your ass just in case. Video or audio, both work, but I prefer audio.

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Welcome to the insane world we live in. Most women I've known in my life love to get drunk before they fuck. But as a man in the modern day, we are literally risking imprisonment if they decide to turn around and cry wolf about you fucked while they were drunk. They hold absolute legal power over us and now they're wondering why we won't touch them.

Fuck women.
Fuck the legal system.
and fuck today's culture.

Actually that's is something to think about. When i used to be ymy friends roommate, i have witnessed his sister actively inviting different guys over to hang out with her and drink. Then when she gets drunk she'll want to be fucked by the guy she invited. I get not taking advantage and all, but sometimes I feel like women are responsible for stuff like that since it obvious that will happen with her. She even tried to throw herself on me more than once but i didn't risk it since i rented out the living room, and bro code. Shits mad stupid with double standards when there are instances where women set themselves up to want to be fucked by men. She uses alcohol to give her that confidence she needs to fill her horny needs. But still. Think with your head, not your dick.

Women ruined sex
Women ruined marriage
Women ruined tertiary education
Women ruined the job market
Women ruined politics
Women even ruined the internet

I used to be feminist but the older I get, the more I realize that our ancestors were actually right about oppressing women.