I need help. Please

My friend is a Schizophrenic. I don’t know how to break her out. Is there anything I can do to help her? I’m her only friend other than her imaginary ones. In the pic is a photo she took of her “Friend”. She’s gonna outline it soon. Will update.

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Waiting for that outline, OP

Here’s what she looks like. Now she’s saying she’s fading away from the pic.

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Help along her journey.

Tell her that you also see the friends.

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She needs a psychiatrist, not you.

Maybe asking Jow Forums Was the wrong idea. I’m sorry for wasting all of your time.

tell her to stop associating with midgets

Also, whoever said she needs a psychiatrist. I know she does, I’m trying to help her get one. But thank you for the honest answer.

I don't know who is worse. OP or the schizo. The fact that OP is so ignorant and selfish makes him worse than the schizo imo.

The mere act of being on Jow Forums is a waste of time.

Entertain her delusions while trying to embody what sense of reason you can in yourself as an example to her. Make yourself respectable to her, so she wont just see you as another one of those people who just "doesn't understand". To her, you'll look like the crazy one if you try and forcefully denounce her delusions. Slip in little reasonable statements where you can casually in conversation, but first and foremost be her friend and always be there for her. Don't lie, but tell her you still love and care about her no matter what state she's in, whether or not you understand what that is like. Don't blatantly confirm or deny her delusions, and try your best to help her understand your side of things. After that, if you ever break down and express deep fear and concern for her, it might be enough to move her to try and change. My friends and ex-therapist agree that I'm at high risk of developing schizophrenia, and I've been imagining what I would be like if I ever made the full dive. If I ever did, I think this is how I'd want people to treat me. Show her that you take her seriously, even if you don't "understand" her side of things. Don't make your friendship feel any different than before she developed her condition. She is herself before she is her disorder

Develop Schizophrenia yourself so you both can party out with your etheral feriends

It's her (future) therapists job to help her condition, not yours. Your job is to be her friend, and possibly help convince her to get such a therapist

You see OP saying a sarcastic comment like that to her would probably just make her think you're not taking her seriously. Try not to make a habit of it

Whatever she sees is real to her. Maybe other people just can't see it. We can't say with 100% certainty that what she sees, doesn't exist.

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