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I've tried weed and want to try LSD now, but friends won't. Is it safe to do alone in a park

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my best trip was solo at a park
group tripping can get very confusing

LSD is very mild. You will be fine.

Can't answer this question without knowing you and the dose. You coast haven't read up on set and setting so get your ass in gear and read 10+ write ups on it, then go read the trainwreck experience reports for lsd on erowid. Then read the positive experiences. 1 dose of LSD really is mild and way easier to handle than shrooms usually are, but some people still can have trouble especially if they get the dose wrong

Also, where are you going to piss while tripping on public for 6 hours? Things you must plan for.. Remember if you are under 25 your brain isn't fully grown and you will be permanently changing it

It is not mild. It messed me up.

Is weed milder than LSD? I feel like acid is hard enough to end your brain forever.

There are a lot of people like myself who can easily handle LSD, shrooms, etc but get massive anxiety from weed. But for a lot of people weed is easier. Best to start small and hyper focused on set and setting

Probably better at home first, its pretty intense the first time because you have no idea what to expect
Being around strangers can be very unpleasant depending on where your head goes during the trip
Study it, there's youtube channels that tell you about safe usage and tips, some bald guy in particular can't remember his name
>consider set, setting, and safety before tripping
Is your mindset ok lately? Do you have a safe familiar place to trip at? Do you have emotion issues, mental illnesses in the family, particularly schizophrenia and anxiety? Did you use a testing kit for your LSD to make sure it isn't a more dangerous substance? Are you prepared to hydrate properly in case of intense sweating?
All stuff to consider
Its my favorite activity yet somehow I only trip once or twice a year
Dont fight the trip, things will get weird or maybe even intense, overwhelming, or creepy, bur you'll be fine, just let it happen
You won't die, even if it feels like you are during a panic, very hard to OD unless ur dum dum, start small, maybe 50ug to 100ug tab
Suggest starting with half of whatever tab you get so you can ease into it if you get comeup anxiety for other stuff
Physically its not particularly harmful, unless you get injured under the influence or dehydrate too much, but it could be harmful psychologically if you have history of mental issues, whether ypurself or family
>1 dose of LSD really is mild and way easier to handle than shrooms usually are
I think its because LSD feels a bit more happy, euphoric at times, makes it easier to have a good trip, shrooms more neutral in that regard. Also shrooms hurt your stomach sometimes which could make the start unpleasant
Weed can be pretty hard if you have a lot of it, but the average smoke up doesn't feel even half as intense to me as the average trip

I'm pretty sure lsd will fuck your shit if weed messes you up. I literally lose my mind over almost anything but craziness runs in my family. I'm srs man. And the stigma is fucked. People don't know the kinda shit some people have to face.

Everyone saying this OMG BRO shit already has severe brain damage or mental illness. People crash cars doesn’t mean you stop driving. LSD is as mild as green tea, and is just about as useless. All you will do is start experiencing the placebo effect. Drug enlightenment is a lie ,and all hallucingens do is give you a second “Disney period” where you think you are going to live happily ever after because magic is real / unicorn dildos etc.

it depends on how much LSD you took

NEVER, EVER, DO LSD ALONE. Your first time, even! Absolutely stupid thing to do. You need to be with someone you trust, and in a pleasant place.

Honestly I wouldn't advice home for LSD, you often need open space to not feel claustrophobic or to mess up your home. Who knows if you'll write on wall, or break windows, or whatever.

Weed gets some people. I have generalized anxiety disorder, which I didn't realize when I was young. Weed always made me paranoid and very anxious even in small doses unless I mixed it with downers.
I have done lots of LSD, shrooms, cactus, salvia, etc. I am more relaxed on shrooms and LSD than I am sober. I don't understand the chemical mechanism but that's how it is. In public on shrooms I feel at ease like I never do day to day. These are all moderate doses though so if you did a 10 strip of LSD I have no idea how it would affect me

>In public on shrooms I feel at ease like I never do day to day

Like, at ease, or you don't give a fuck about them? The only time I had shrooms, we went gathering them in the woods, maybe left them a couple days drying - they started kicking in while I was at the bus stop, I became totally retarded, I kept on rubbing my ears because they were cold, I kept laughing to myself, I think someone tried to offer me his seat because they probably though I was mentally disabled.

And the thought that people probably considered mentally retarded made me laugh even more.

So, it's not like I was really "at ease" with people, I was just laughing

At ease physically and mentally. Specifically walking in public I didn't feel tense like I usually do. Posture and gait instantly improved. Mentally just calm and enjoying the feeling of relaxed muscles and happy to be around people. I have some sensory problems where noise and visual clutter cause anxiety, though it's not social anxiety most large social gatherings dick me up because I can't filter the voices, noises, smells and sights. The psychs seem to clear it up temporarily, weed just heightens it

Differnt strokes
I'm a bit of an anxious person so being outside with strangers too much overwhelms me a bit
Easier for me to do/watch stuff at home or in my backyard

>I think its because LSD feels a bit more happy, euphoric at times, makes it easier to have a good trip, shrooms more neutral in that regard. Also shrooms hurt your stomach sometimes which could make the start unpleasant
Spot on. For nauseating stuff like shrooms or cactus I plan on not moving from laying in the couch for an entire hour waiting for it to pass. Acid feels like electricity running through my limbs and gives a moderate energy boost

no dumbass, do it in your room or else youre going to trip. key to lsd is to feel super safe and calm before hand.

Ive done LSD over 30 times, but weed just makes me super anxious and paranoid.

This is me.

user, if you want to trip for the first time, i would advise you to stay in doors or atleast somewhere where there wont be a lot of people. Ideally you should have someone to tripsit you, if not atleast have someone that you can call if anything goes south.

Set and setting are extremely important for newbies, but the number one thing is to not resist the experience. The first couple of times i tripped I was scared of letting go during the peak. Its a cliche but you just gotta let go, go with the flow, surrender yourself.

Head to the airport. Now sit outside the tsa area where all of the people come off of the planes. Then drop a few hits of acid and wait for the magic to happen.

There's no such thing as a "mild" or "hard" drug, everything depends on dose and drug habits