Should I tell someone?

This is complicated.
Recently, my father beat me and I don’t know what to do. He’s done this before with my brother and has anger issues. I have a therapist for my depression that can tell something’s wrong but if I tell them CPS would be called. I’ve been told by my family not to tell anyone as it would put me in foster care and destroy our family, but I really need to tell someone. What should I do?

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Getting CPS called is the same thing as foster care they move you to a different house

>it would put me in foster care and destroy our family

That might be bad if you didn't have a father that beats you. Get the fuck out ASAP.

He’s only done it once, and I have no idea how many times he’s done it to my brother. He was already pissed off, but usually doesn’t do anything like that.

He’s usually nice, I guess. He follows my mother, who’s a complete sociopath though.

Tell someone, user. It's gonna happen again. Trust me on this. If your family is trying to cover it up, something needs to happen.

Can your family afford a broken leg/knee? If so, bust his knee. If he doesnt agree with you he "fell down" you can go have a discussion with CPS because he isnt gonna catch anyone and beat them again.

fuck man, a busted knee is a lifetime of pain
that's a death sentence at least for you

I;ve been beat since I was too young to remember asshole just take it

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user you need to get away from your family as soon as possible. If it isn't a regular occurence maybe you could wait it out until you are 18 and try to get the fuck away from them. But seriously make it your goal to leave them behind, maybe even cut them out of your life as hard as it might be it would probably be best for you but it is your call if you want to cut contact completely or not.

So your mom beats u too

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Stop disappointing your father, you worthless piece of shit.

You guys are fucked up ,,,,hey kid does your mom hit you

>lmao just leave your whole family bro
Why are reddit morons like you always so emotionally stunted ?

does your dad drink? if my son was such a melt I'd drink like crazy

Holy shit! I went to bed and woke up to this. My plan’s been to ghost everyone as soon as I turn 18. My mother doesn’t hit me, but she’s emotionally abusive. My parents drink regularly and excessively. Pretty sure hurting my parents would end me in juvie and I’m nowhere near strong enough to hurt my overweight father. Thanks for your ideas!

Reported for underage. You have to be 18 to post on this site.

Remember rule number 3 user
Sometimes even your family can be you burden. Get out of there asap.

How old are you?

Old enough to know the weight of what would happen if I reported it

I'm asking because you said you wanted to wait until you're 18 to leave, if you're 17 that could be a good option, but any younger than that would put you at risk

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Soooo... are you single? Haha because I am. Socials?

Taken. What do you mean by socials?

How would I be put at risk?

Ok maybe you need to consider something else than waiting until you're 18, 4 years is a looong time. Still, now i understand why living alone and away would be hard for you

user, if telling someone really isn't an option for you, take up some sport like karate or judo or a self defence class.
Learn how to defend yourself if he ever tries to hit you again.

Aren't you afraid that things get worst?

I did it. I mean I still contact them but at some point you have to accept if your family just makes your life worse and then move on. Also you don't have to do it but seriously consider it. For some people it is the most helpful thing to do.

I hope you burn in hell.


Okay that is good user. Just hang onto that and don't let them get to you. You are your own person and you can be free of them eventually.

No it's not, your father has no rights to senselessly beat the shit out of you while on a drunken anger

This. Don't let that bullshit get to you. It is your parents fault not yours.

I had a friend whose household was a pain to live in. At 14 he basically was the sole financial provider of the family,his parents couldnt work anymore because of health issues. Both of them also suffer from mental issues and abused him emotionnaly despite loving him. He had enough. He left at 17, lived at my place for a couple of months. Now he has a small flat for students. It's possible under french laws, i'm guessing you live in the US so I dont know what your exit could be, still , as you can see it's possible for you to leave on your own, but it's going to be hard and you're still abit young for that. How bad is foster care really?
Also; he still had some contact with his family and still provided for them, but his condition greatly improved.

Ok the fact that he wasnt drunk is even more threatening. Your mom seems to also be a problem, what about her?

Ok i see now. Maybe try cooling down a little bit and keep a low profile for a while? However you shouldnt be a victim of abuse and your parents have no rights to beat you that way, this advice is just for you to try to improve things a little, they're still in the wrong here