Be me

>be me
>24 and fresh out of school
>secured my first job as a financial analyst after self improving from being a NEET thanks to Jow Forums
>moved out of parents house to a new apartment in a far away city
>starting day was yesterday
>super excited
>worked out like a maniac the day before so I can show off my extra ripped body at my first job
>mfw I was so exhausted I overslept and didn't wake up until 2pm
>boss calls my phone and says that I was unreliable and disappointing that I didn't show up and to not bother calling the company or him anymore

>mfw I'm stuck on a lease, have only $2000 to my name, jobless, and fucked myself over and parents won't let me back.

Was I destined to just not make it? How the fuck did I oversleep after a solid 8 hours? Is this a sign of a health problem or self-sabotage? I can't do this anymore. Just go on without me guys. I'll never make it.

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you're retarded

Shit dude did you sleep through your alarm? Fuck man.
You got up off from rock bottom once, this time you've only been knocked down a single peg. You got this bro, don't let this defeat you after how far you've came.

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Calm, just have to find another job. depending on where you live it won't be difficult

Where in the story does the Jow Forums part come in???

he worked out didn't you read the greentext

>missing the first day of work
You zoomers are not gonna make it.

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>How the fuck did I oversleep after a solid 8 hours? Is this a sign of a health problem or self-sabotage?
You got problems in your head boi

t. 30yo NEET

24 year olds are millennials not zoomers

he asked if it's a health problem.

sorry OP. sleeping through an alarm for work is sad but it's what a wagecuck like us have to do.

Im not a zoomer im 24 im a boomer now

How the fuck do you miss your first day of work in a professional environment? You had one thing to do, show up. Did you sleep through an alarm? Did you even set an alarm? Do you know what a job is?

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I mean, you got unlucky with the alarm clock, it's nothing. It hasn't taken anything away from your job history, educationor physique.

Now you have to be somewhat enterprising and hustle up some interviews for similar/related jobs in your new city. It's a bit of an adventure.
Get hustling!

Stfu and stop derailing with the zoomer vs millennial cutoff debate

I set my alarm to 90% volume. It went off for sure. I put it pretty far from my reach so I don't know what happened.

I worked at my college campus and was always early to my part-time job there. I have a sleep rhythm: 10:30pm-5:30am that I stick to almost every single day. I went to sleep at 9:30 the night before to get an extra hour but I still overslept.

I knew some latino guy younger than me who sleeps 4.5 hours a night and he's always energetic and early to his work. And I couldn't even get up after a full night's rest.

My body was exhausted from my extra hard workout but I fucked up. I'm done for. I give up. fuck me. i'm a loser.

My cousin got a job out of MIT as a mechanical engineer. She overslept the first day and her boyfriend cheated on her. She killed herself that day because the job called and basically told her they didn't want her anymore since she didn't show up to work on her first day.

benefit is one less fempig corrupting the world/workplace and I didn't like her but the point is, lots of people oversleep. I set 2 alarms every day to make sure because I've overslept and been almost late a few times.

set 2 alarms from now on.

I kind of understand how miserable u feel rn, but u can't go back. U fucked up badly, now u hace to look forward and try to find a job asap. GL.

Did you miss any of your classes in college because you overslept?

What the fuck are you talking about. OP posted some sap ass story about oversleeping 8 hours and then ended it with:
>Was I destined to just not make it?
>I'll never make it.

damn right he wont. Holy shit. The first day? You litterally had one fucking job. show up to work.

Im a 24 year old working a mcjob for the past 7 years and I've never slept through an alarm. You stupid?


This, I'm 23 and have never missed a day, I have only been "late" when the old women at my job would fuck up the schedule so I would yell at their old asses for being dumb fucks and no more problems.
Like OP I don't get it, going to work and making money is literally the most unironically important part to life, it's basically a religion in itself, it's how you avoid becoming a homeless bum.

Stop consuming caffeine, stay hydrated and open a window to clear out CO2.

What type of a workout did you do?

Want to make sure I don’t do one before a big meeting.

Underrated post

Wow everyone cares!