Where do I go to meet men who want to actually get married, have children, and not be a loser...

Where do I go to meet men who want to actually get married, have children, and not be a loser? Dating sites obviously don’t work because the last tinder relationship went south. Where do I go to find committed and responsible men?

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Jow Forums has many available and eligible bachelors who will get you pregnant yearly and beat you daily, if that's what you're into

Churches and charities, sweetheart.

I think Jow Forums should remain incel

Silly user, there are no black people on Jow Forums

My house

If I dated anyone from Jow Forums my neck would get split like that egirl

onions or roast?

Don’t know what either of those mean unless you’re actually talking about food

>and beat you daily
well maybe a light slap on the cheek if she's being unreasonable

I see Argentinian flags all the time

In all seriousness probably this. But your stansards cant be too high ready to bounce if he fucks up, spouses have to nurture and support eachother for marriage to work

I plan on nurturing but I have some standards. I tried being with a guy who was a bum and he didn’t want to change. I don’t want to waste my time on someone with no goals or ambition of any kind.

You need a 22 y.o. virgin boy who you can mold in to the husband you want

You find men where they work. A resposible man doesn't date below himself either, so you are going to want a good job. Try going to medical school. Nursing school might be faster, but you will do all the work, while the doctor gets the credit and pay. You could also get an engineering degree, but you are going to want an older man. Young guys are full of themselves. The circus generally has lifers. if you want someone regular, then probably an illegal immigrant or whatever the new name is, but no drinkers. Generally alchohol is a life ruiner worse than any other drugs. Heroin might be a killer, but those guys still work their asses off.

>illegal immigrant


you find them by not being a single mother and not being fat or ugly

I know this delusional crybaby marine who acts like the most badass dude of all time when he had to stop working and hide in his room playing call of duty because he watched some dude get blown up. What a fucking faggot pussy! Maybe the Whiney cunt op should find him and marry him? I heard he’s like “super smart, like more smarter than everyone, and he’s gonna be big one day.”

well if you posted contact details... if you want to meet a guy like that you have to search, probably online is the best bet

Mad because you’re incel? Not my problem

I couldn't think of a worse place than Jow Forums to find the person you want to marry

Oooooohh bro that was the most badass response of all time holy cuck I’m shaking Xd !! 38474 upvotes.

i'm married actually
but seriously, how old are you, where are you looking for partners, how fat/skinny and how pretty you are?
also what age range you are looking for?
we can't help you unless you give us something to start with
>inb4 obvious bait
i don't care, this could raise some interesting arguments

Dating apps because I don’t know how to actually meet people irl
Medium body type not model skinny but don’t have extra weight
I think I’m reasonable
I can’t meet people at bars or any 21+ places so my options of meeting people offline are slim

>uses shit like tinder
>why can't I find a committed and responsible man?

I’ve tried other places didn’t feel like listing everything

yet you're on this site? do you hate yourself that much? i've met some cool people from this site

no you haven't
everyone on this site is psycho or plain trash

I am looking for exactly this but you must be white and believe whites have a right to exist in their own countries.

it's because you're on Jow Forums, i can't think of a worse place to find the person to marry

but which one are you OP? Every consider that the guy you're after might be entitled to someone better than yourself?

once I tried to elope with a girl from my high school, she was beautiful

and why would you want to get married at 19, and being american?
are you muslim or poor?

anyways, your best bet is getting into an activity that requires getting out
this is going to be cringy, but i think it's a good example
please don't ban me

i downloaded pokemon go some months ago out of boredom and curiosity, and just let it there after making my character and catching a fucking squirtle
long story short, i noticed some guy at work was playing and i asked him what was the deal, and he proceeded to explain to me how the whole fucking thing works
he added me to a whatsapp group where they get organized to go to lvl 4-5 raids and post news and tips
and they are kinda cool ngl
most of them are around my age (25), lots of engineers for some reason
and there's a lot of women as well as teenagers and kids
there are events with a shit ton of people, competitions, and some couples there actually met their partner by playing pokemon go
i didn't as i was already married, but i started to like it and became lvl35 in a fucking month jesus christ
and i'm that kind of guy who used to only go out when absolutely necessary

so if you want to meet a nice guy, delete tinder and don't go to bars or parties, just get a hobby or an interest, like nice people do
there are lots of options out there, there are even free classes of whatever subject you may like
just try out things until you find something you enjoy and getting changes of meeting people will come as a by-product

I’m asking for basic partnership

which one are you then if everyone on here is somehow trash? wouldn't that make you trash too? you came here to ask for advice from trash people? i see why you can't 'find' a partner, they'll detect that attitude you have fast.

yeah but if you're a "psycho or plain trash" then a marriage-minded man really is above you.

I’m thinking of the future I don’t have plans for all of that right now but I want a relationship that will lead to that. The hobby thing is a good idea actually I’m just shy so things like game tournaments make me nervous. Thanks for the actual advice.

I'm here because it's too hard to leave, also some threads are good sometimes

Every guy on this app has declared that they hate anything that is black. I’m half black so yes dating anyone on this app will probably not end well.

>this app
post discarded!

>on this app
what the fuck

You rejected all those guys in your youth most likely, and now they’re all either married or too busy to date anyone.
It’s funny, these dating sites don’t really do anything but give single people a place to talk. It’s good when you’re young and need experience but for something long term it’s a gamble.

No doubt you’ll be called a rostie by a gang of angry virgin incels. who would probably let you dominate them sexually because they don’t know how actually fuck right. Mainly because porn is made for the camera shot not the woman’s pleasure.

Im used to saying app
App website could care less stop spazzing out

I’ve never rejected anyone but ok

When death comes too close for comfort in your life, you’ll look back at your words and want to slap yourself.
It doesn’t matter you don’t care, what goes around comes around son.

I'm glad to hear you could care less because these distinctions are important.

shit nigger did you just download Omnichan from the google play store?

do teens even know what a fucking computer is nowadays? like, with a mouse, a keyboard and a not-touch screen?

It’s a website, sorry
But me saying app has not affected the world at all/ question has been answered/ thread is dead

Okay, then just date a younger guy. Maybe he’ll still have hope in his mind for a traditional relationship with kids and marriage. The older men get the less trustful we are of people in general.

That seems kinda pedo

ay mami. are you lightskin? i don't hate black girls at all but i'm white so i don't know if they like me

do you have a nice ass?
wife's been a bitch recently and i don't mind a brown asshole as long as it's clean
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The man knew the girl from family

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