Clubbing is a scam?

Is anyone actually able to pull any girls in the fucking clubs? It seems like a scam to me.
>Girls get in for free,
>men pay to get access to those women and pay drinks.
>Club profits.
>men waste time and money and get zero pussy

Is it a scam or I do something wrong?

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clubbing IS a scam if youre coming for pussy.

Aha, cause I was under the impression that clubbing was a way to meet new people and possible partners fucking retard

Depends on the club and you. Most generic clubs are places for second generation immigrants to stand around in expensive clothes LARPing like they're rich. Good clubs are disgusting and have drugs and alcoholics and you can literally get your dick sucked in a toilet stall if you're hot or have drugs

it's not a good place to meet people, but it can be a good place to bring people to

yeah its a complete scam, im at university and gave up on trying to get a girl in clubs a long time ago. The trick is go there to do drugs and get drunk with your friends. Sometimes you will randomly get lucky and a girl will want to fuck you. Or if your black you can go to a rnb club and just grind on a girl until one lets you fuck. Overall tho there is no way to increase your odds besides blind luck so dont go to get laid you will destroy your soul from all the rejection.

This board is literally a bunch of undiagnosed autists holy fuck

I dont think it was always like this

Maybe but OP is 100% right here, theres no argument to this one

No he's not, I've pulled girls in clubs multiple times. You just have to be slightly above average attractiveness and know what you're doing.

Now here's a tip for you

>Get a few good hours of sleep until 2-3 am
>Go to club
>Girls are sloshed
>Betas have done the job of getting them drunk for you
>Pull the first girl you like out of the club
>(Optional)Visit 2-3 more places with her to build trust
>Pull her home

A prerequisite would be to know some game beforehand.

Not sure how well this would work cos girls get really protective of their drunk friends, have been cockblocked a few times like this.
It's generally easier with girls that are slightly tipsy but still sober enough to tell their friends to fuck off.

Clubbing is a place where people go to enjoy drinks and music with friends, not your fucking real life dating platform.

i don't get the appeal of clubs the "music" is mostly just some generic beats and is too loud, the drinks are 4-5 times more expensive than at the store and everybody just sits around bobbing their legs to the "music" and trying to act cool and interesting

this man speaks the truth

first time I went to a club while in uni I managrd to pull, everytime after that I've gotten jack shit unless I went to the club for islanders. Pull there because I'm Niuean but it's boring after a while

IMO clubbing is dumb, but I'm just a straight-edge that hates fun and loud music.

Definitely don't go if you're just looking to get laid. Your money would be better spent on prostitutes.

Definitely definitely don't go if you're looking for a long term relationship, no one you meet there is a good fit for that, and even if they were, the music is so loud you'd never be able to talk to them.

You don't go clubbing for pussy you dumb ugly fuck, why do you think girls get in for free? Are you getting the big picture yet?

Clubbing is only fun if you're attractive and/or have money to burn and you like dancing. If you frequent a spot you increase the likelihood of getting laid but I stay away become I'm poor self-conscious and average looking.

>know what you're doing.
Which is?

>Are you getting the big picture yet?

Listen, as somebody who has been going to clubs, raves, warehouse parties, and events otherwise for like eight years; you do not pull girls in clubs. Traditional nightclubs, the ones that most turbo autists on this website think of as nightclubs, are houses of misery and disappointment. You will only pull the kind of absolute slut that goes looking for men in those places, if you have too much money for your own good, or you know everybody important in the building.
Either go because you enjoy it, and can have a good time with your friends, or look for women elsewhere. As always, you will find a hookup better by being introduced to women by friends/friends of friends, than you will by grinding on some drunk chick in a club.

>warehouse parties

Being good at talking to girls is like playing a sport, I can give you instructions but they won't mean shit.
You have to learn through practice, which means losing a bunch of times until you win.

shut the fuck up faggot

How is clubbing enjoyable in of itself?

The fuck? Clubbing works fine. Just don't go to a place that is *only* loud music and epileptic lighting.

>Clubbing works fine. Just don't go to a club.

if you have to ask then yes
the women are pretty trash anyway