How are you supposed to feel sexy and confident with small breasts when everyday there are references to the fact that...

How are you supposed to feel sexy and confident with small breasts when everyday there are references to the fact that men love medium/big breast?

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You have better staying power. Thats better in the big scheme of it.

you can grow your boobs with some antidepressants, it is a side effect of increased prolactin levels.

When will the chestlets learn, fellas?

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Do you have an ass? Men love that too.

Nobody's perfect. If your breasts were larger, I'm sure you'd be insecure about something else. All of us have something we wish we could change.

one time I knew a flat woman who I still thought was really hot and after I met her she started doing squats all the time and I could hear her talking about increasing leg diameter with exercises.
over the next few months her ass got really hot and she was even hotter than woman with big boobs she was only an A or B cup but her legs got really hot from squats.

just do bubble butt exercises ;)

good luck with Brazilian booty exercises

Fuck that shit. If you have small tits, you have longevity, like a Honda Accord. When they're sagging and corpulent, you can have class and poise that turns the heads of men who are worth a shit. Take what you've got and make it work however you can, until you die.

Maybe you have a nice ass and great legs.

Simply find one of us guys who are turned on by small breasts and cute petite butts.

Also make it known that you're of age, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who's afraid to approach petite girls due to their young appearance.

I have a lanky blonde female friend with small tits and ass i feel shes super cute and breedable. Shes super i secure about her body and is considering plastic surgery to look more "thicc" and its absolutely tragic.
We certainly live in a society ill tell you hwat

You're not going to find a lot of breast guys and those that prefer smaller. But were out there

just tell her your opinion if she's receptive, if you guys talk about that stuff

just say "you would look better without the surgery"

Have a nice ass, pair of hips, legs, abs, etc
Just dont be fucking fat

Learn to dress for your body type ffs

I don’t really care. As long as you can spread your ass and beg for cock it’s all good.

Well, supposedly women aren't attracted to tall and muscular men so I think it's safe to say men aren't attracted to big breasted women

There's literally someone out there with a taste for everything. Some people are attracted to anorexics, some attracted to morbidly obese, and everything in between.

I'm an odd one that I'm attracted to men/women who just don't give a shit about their appearance. To me, looks don't mean shit... it's getting the mentality and the sexual interests that count in a relationship. If you're on the same mental and sexual wavelength, things are going to get epic in the bedroom regardless of what you look like.

I like small boobs... quite a few men don’t care.

Screams the virgin.

Small tits are way sexier than big tits. Dont be insecure

i feel you op, standing petite with an a cup here.

i was once in a relationship with a guy who i was trying to be intimate with in the morning before work, but he wasn’t really giving me attention.. he was on his phone and i ended up seeing he was on instagram looking at momokun and something else(maybe cheating?) only after i saw him hiding that did he try to be closer with me that morning. i didn’t want it then. it really shattered my body image.

How are you supposed to feel sexy and confident being short when everyday there are references to the fact that women love tall guys?
by just being confident bro, i'm 5'6 and a lot of girls told me that i'm just too short but that didn't ruin my confidence so stop bitching

there are guys who like flat, I'm ugly as fuck and retarded, but I'm pretty sure there are some girls out there into that, and that's what keeps me going

> some girls must be into ugly retards
> only thing keeping me from offing myself

I have some bad news buddy...

Small breasts are fine. Big breasts are gross imo. You will forever be sag free.

nah in all seriousness you just have to do squats with a bar in your shoulders like thrice a week to get a great ass
no tits + good ass > no ass + good tits

I and many others prefer small and pert

I have small boobs too but like a lot of men now my boyfriend is an ass man, plus he loves playing with my boobs all the time anyway.

As long as the rest of you looks good, small boobs even look better desu, clothes look better on you and even without clothes on smaller boobs are perkier than big ones

How small are we talking? Is the size the issue or are you also self conscious about other things about your boobs?

I used to be kind of self conscious about my boobs since they’re not large (34C) but I realized that the shape of them is so much prettier compared to large breasts, especially after I saw other girls naked.
I don’t think large nipples or saggy breasts are pretty, so I wouldn’t trade mine ever.

Plus, no back pain, I don’t get over-sexualized as often, it’s easier to find clothes, etc.
Plus if you ever want a night out where you feel like you have big boobs you can just get a bombshell bra

cute boobs for cute girls
please don’t ever change you sweet things


I just looked her up. She's fucking revolting, your ex has shit taste.

More than a mouthful is wasted

Does it matter? Mainstream fashion is favoring small breasts. Can't buy a dress these days without trying it on, and 90% of the time putting it back because it's too tight around the chest.

You sound retarded and/or like a random occurrence. Your opinion is safely disregarded

My ex had small boobs and I loved her nonetheless.

Flat women have their sex appeal as well :-)

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Only if they're short and have braces imo

>literally a guy out there with a taste for everything.

If you're good looking, someone will fuck you to heavens.
If you're pleasant and interesting, someone will love you to death.
Your boobs are not in the equation, exept for virgins faggots.
As a personnal preferance I really like slim women with little breasts, but that is purely personnal and purely a preference

I don't like big boobs. I don't like fat asses. Plenty of guys out here like me.

What do you mean by this user? Better staying power?
Pls respond


NGL I am an AA cup and my sad small breasts are an erogenous zone for me but my Exs never touched them and I was too ashamed to ask. I'm single and stopped wearing push up bras though because I feel like I'm so flat chested that it's dishonest to pretend that I have anything going on.
I'm tall too so I worry I give trans vibes. I don't see how men would find my body attractive

There are tons of guys who love small breasts (don’t believe me, check out random /b/ threads)

Also don’t forget you’re watching stuff on tv and ads. You think I’m mad I don’t have an 8 inch dick like in porn? No, cause I’ve never disappointed with my 6 inch dick.

have a nice ass.

my ex was a 5'7 flat chested thick girl.

(we broke up cuz of the army, i loved her and her body with all my heart)

The sooner you realize that men will fuck any girl as long as she's not fat and has a nice personality, the happier you'll be.

Even then, there are some men who will fuck a fat bitch and there are some men who will fuck an insufferable bitch. If you're not fat and you're nice to be around, I can guarantee that 95% of men will fuck you and even want to be in a relationship with you. How big your tits are is low priority most of the time.

Tfw no sad big boobies gf

I am a guy and i love smaller breasts. Also don't take psychical appearance to seriously , someone will love you for you not for your breast size.

Fuck don't tell me this man I'm trying to get my smol boobie gf off ssris

a guy that likes you will love you no matter the size of your tits.

Men aren't that obsessed with looks as women are

This is probably true, people can overlook things if they really feel you.

That bigger ones rapidly go past their shelf life. Guys definitely consider that when shopping for a daily driver.