Hey guys. Wondering if any femanons have had an abortion before and how they handled the after math. My story is this: I've been at the beach for the past few weeks with some college friends. We partied a few times but it was mostly chilling. Anywho, I stated freaking out because my period was late. I took a pregnancy test and lo and behold it was positive. Took a few more to be sure and all came back that way. I cut my vacation short and rushed back to my college town to go see my doctor. Turns out I was a few weeks pregnant. I knew I didn't know who the dad was. Not a clue. Am I am in no position to raise a child alone. I stayed in my apartment for a day trying to understand what was happening. I didn't tell anyone what was going on. Eventually I decided I had to have an abortion. I went the next day to a Planned Parenthood and make an appointment for a day later that week. It was done and for a minute I was relieved. Now I feel like shit. I have for over a week now. How can I recover? Will this feeling ever go away? I know this is Jow Forums but I know some girls come here. Please, and thank you

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I was just trying to enjoy myself after a rough year at college. I didn't ask for this

>Now I feel like shit. I have for over a week now. How can I recover? Will this feeling ever go away?
No, you killed a human being, have you never heard that "when you cross that line you can never go back"?

Hello there, indifferent shitposter here. I suspect its a hormonal thing where your body was preparing to carry to term, but with the process interrupted its taking some time for things to get back to normal. Philosophically speaking, maybe its a wake up call that taking lots of random dick can have dark morbid shameful consequences and you should consider stopping.

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I mean, it wasn't really a person but yeah. I killed something for sure and it sucks

Listen man, we all go through shit but you need to have some fucking self control or else shit like this happens. Either way, ethics are questionable when it comes to abortion but it’s only going to get more accepted so if you feel bad because of other people I wouldn’t worry. If you feel bad that you killed a living human being who would become a fully grown person with opinions and emotions and hopes and dreams then that’s just a matter of coming to terms with yourself. Therapy may help or just join some heath group.

Disgusting bitch.

Depression is common after an abortion or miscarriage. When I was 19 my gf got pregnant. We had been using condoms and I would usually pull put anyway but I guess sometimes it happens. We live in canada so there wasnt any real trouble getting to a clinic, but I remember there was a religious protest group that made her feel like shit for even going. She was very depressed after the whole thing. Not just hormonally, but doctors told her that having even one abortion can sometimes impact a womans reproductive system so she was dwelling on shit like that, as well as the obvious morals and ethics of the situation.

I would say the most important thing to take away from all this is the consequence of such a laissez-faire attitude to casual sex. The fact that you dont have any idea who the father could have been is a little alarming. Were you using protection? Do you let guys cum inside of you often? Now you know what you have to go through, and I encourage you to educate yourself about the damage it can cause, both to you and yo any future children you might decide to have. Try and err more on the cautious side and vet your partners more thoroughly. What's done is done, so try and hakuna matata it but dont forget the lesson you've learned from all this

I'm not a femanon, but I have a lot of friends who are.

Yes, it goes away.

It's like any experience where large swaths of society tells you you're a piece of shit for doing it and you feel judged negatively for it.

It's just a really unique niche of that phenomenon, but the coping mechanisms are the same:

It's your body.

Repeat that about a thousand times into a mirror, and it might still not help, but it's something that's true, and inviolable, and the kind of truth you have to dig really deep into with cleats in order to justify yourself to those who would question it.

But when you think about it, it's unquestionable.

Was the fetus born? No. Is a requirement for human live being born? Yes. Can you be a living human being if you haven't even been born yet? Not in anything but the most academic of senses.

So, it's an academic question, and it has been settled. You own the body in which this potential future human being is gestating, and you're not a fucking fortuneteller. You know you're not ready to be responsible for raising another human life, though, and we haven't really managed to create a society where you can just bring a random baby into the world and drop it off on the hospital doorstep knowing that it's gonna have a great life, so like... it's mathematical.

The pangs of wonder and regret might always happen, but they become more and more distant of an echo as you think about the realities of what raising a child would have been, and you remind yourself that you made the right decision.

That's what I could glean from my conversations, at least.

Hope it helps.

So you think people should be able to have abortions up till the day of birth? Yikes

Do you know how many women have died during complications from childbirth?

Neither do I, but it's a lot. Like, if you want to look it up I'm pretty sure you'll have to admit it's a lot, historically.

But you don't have to think historically in order to see the logic of the argument.

Your beloved spouse is told that unless they terminate pregnancy, she will die.

Who do you you choose, hotshot?

That's right - you don't.

Because it's up to her whether or not she wants to carry it to term, because... wait for it... oh, yeah, you guessed it: IT'S HER FUCKING BODY.

And yes... being born is basically the defining moment of human life.

Anything could happen - haven't you seen the Director's Cut of "The Butterfly Effect" (you really should - it's such a better ending)?

So, if it doesn't happen, then you're not alive in any sense but an ethereal concept of possibilities.

Hell, even if it does you're that, but like you also have an actual body that is bound by limitations in terms of what those possibilities actually are, so like, it gets really complicated really quick, but I think it's still safe to say that you have to be born (even if it's from a test-tube or some experimental condition) in order to be human, and if you want to probe much deeper into what "life" means beyond that distinction, then I have a lot of insects who must have a lot of questions about why you were so willing to kill them.

I mean, not literally. That would be terrifying.

But the question still hangs.

>the absolute state of roasties

>the absolute state of male privilege

don't get me wrong, men who fuck around are just as despicable, but this thread is not about men
then again, I'm an idiot for even talking to someone using male privilege unironically

>When a virgin queen flies to a site where thousands of male honey bees may be waiting, she mates with several males in flight. A male drone will mount the queen and insert his endophallus, ejaculating semen. After ejaculation, a male honey bee pulls away from the queen, though his endophallus is ripped from his body, remaining attached to the newly fertilized queen.

>The next male honey bee to mate with the queen will remove the previous endophallus and eventually lose his own after ejaculation. Male honey bees are only able to mate seven to 10 times during a mating flight, and after mating, a drone dies quickly, as his abdomen rips open when his endophallus is removed. Even drones that survive the mating flight are ejected from their nests, as they have served their sole purpose by mating.


>male privilege unironically

I also use "female privilege" unironically.

Because both exist.

Sure, it's fucking obvious that when it comes to heterosexual interaction, there are statistically far greater suitors for any given female than there are the other way around.

This is not a question of culture, however, but one of physics.

There are people who want to put their dick in another person, and people who want other's dicks put in them.

Theoretically, it all works out real nice as a 50/50 split between those with dicks and those who don't have them, but it turns out things aren't so simple.

There's people with dicks who want to put them in people who also have dicks, and people without dicks who don't like dicks at all and prefer to have nothing to do with them, and pretty soon you have this massive imbalance.

People without dicks are inviolably in control of whose dicks they let get put in them, though, in any rational universe I can imagine.

So, like, y'all do the math, bitches.

Yes, it was. Don't lie to yourself. Just accept it.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever read. I will reply later when I'm not on my IPad, but seriously, abortion is killing. Just accept it.

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>People without dicks are inviolably in control of whose dicks they let get put in them, though, in any rational universe I can imagine.

Also people with dicks. Like people in general can choose what someone else is allowed to do with their body.

Like, the entire act of vaginal penetrative sex is sort of like one person saying "yeah, you can rut your dick inside me until you spew, and I support this because it's something I want," and the other saying "hellz to the yeah," but like it still seems like something that's so inherently imbalanced in terms of the potential consequences of those actions that you'd have to be a complete moron not to realize that cis-het women are taking far greater risks in fucking guys than they are, because like even if you cum in her, there's a chance that someone(s) else might also have recently enough that if she's pregnant, she'd have to go through the process of getting a paternity test, which is some Maury Povitch shit, and like does she even have enough insurance to do that?

I dunno. I've been told I tend to overthink things.

You killed a human being and now that kid will forever be stuck in purgatory unable to understand why it's life was cut so short. It might come back to haunt you in your dreams as a small black being with black eyes.
Heard that women who had abortions go to hell where they transform in a wolf like being and are forced to eat dead fetuses for eternity.

>when I'm not on my IPad

I mean what was the point of mentioning this, lol?

>seriously, abortion is killing. Just accept it.

I never said it wasn't. "Termination of life" is a euphemism for "killing."

I ain't dumb.

The problem is that you want to pretend that killing humans who haven't been born is the same thing as humans who have been born, and that would mean that you'd have to logically trace human life to the point of conception, which we haven't really been able to do, because we can't predict which fertilizations of ova will be brought to term and which won't unless it's a highly-restrictive lab environment, and even then it's hard to pinpoint at exactly what point it can be ensured that there is a zygote present.

Yet, we cheer for the termination of life for a serial killer, or a child molester, or a rapist, not ever considering that the very same cry we make at bringing some random stranger into the world under whatever conditions they might meet being abandoned in a hospital dumpster would produce such a menace that we later ask for the disposal of.

So stop pretending you care about the living. The monster who might murder you in your sleep is living.

What you care about is those who value life.

And let me tell you - from all those I've known who have had to go through an abortion, all of them valued life more than anything.

They valued their own.

And how dare you suggest that they shouldn't.

>i-it wasn't a person
Lmao the amount of mental gymnastics roasties go through is amazing

I think you made the right decision. I feel like the youngest generation of people are in for one fucked up future.

You squished a tadpole, no loss there.

Must get awkward real fast when you meet your aborted kid in the afterlife and have to explain why it was crushed to death in it's mother's womb.

Ipad? Oh you fancy now huh nigga.

More like you paid someone to squish your baby inside of you and vacuum it like it was a piece of trash lmao

There is no afterlife.

1) Do you have to have been born in order to be a person? (Yes/No)
2) If a person was not born, do they know what it's like to be a person? (Yes/No)
3) If there is a consciousness that does not know the experience of being born, is it human? (Yes/No)
4) If a person does not have to have been born in order to be a person, then how do they interact with other people? (Constructed Response)
5) If a person hasn't been born, then how do they have a body? (Constructed Response)

Anyone who wants to turn this into a Google Form is welcome; I'm too lazy.

Exactly. Like a turd sucked out of a gutter with a shop vacuum.

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Thank you for your soi input. Le epic science man.

I win.

>when you meet your aborted kid in the afterlife

This is where the idea of reincarnation can actually be useful.

Like, maybe that "kid" was a probability that just didn't work out.

So, it was born as someone else.

You'd be a blip on it's radar, at best - some alternate universe that just never found enough steam to make a cup of tea.

What would it care about your reasons?

It's alive and going about its thing, this "aborted kid" that you literally can only imagine because it just never got born, and it has about as much to do with you as any other imaginary kid you thought about when you pondered what it might be like to have one.

But like what about the beforelife tho

People always forget about that.

How disgusted are you by the idea that someone crushed your baby to death inside your womb and then ripped it off and threw it in the garbage bin like it was a piece of trash?

>more mental gymnastics
Lmao you're right, fetuses are just clumps of cells you can squish them till they pop, vacuum it and throw the pieces in the toilet and flush it

>Mommy, why was my body torn to bits and thrown in the garbage ?
How do you respond, roastie ?

You ended a human life as a result of a careless mistake you made. That has consequences for your soul, the fact that you're guilty means you have a functioning conscience. You had hard decisions to make either way and you can't undo them so I won't beat you up over having an abortion or sleeping around. But it is bad that you can't even remember the face of the father from three weeks ago. It is bad that you terminated a human life. You feel in your bones that these are bad things even if you and others try to rationalize them away.
You can feel better by making the endeavor to be more careful about having sex. By living a life such that you won't need to risk having an abortion. Sex has natural consequences like making new human beings. Don't sleep with people except those you would raise a child with, and who would raise a child with you. This is if nothing else a chance for you to learn the virtue of chastity. You made mistakes and you can learn from them and become a better person.

Lol that ''kid'' is stuck in purgatory forever feeling fear sadness and pain as the last things it felt in this world were the cold pieces of steel as it was ripped from the safety of it's mother's womb.
It will haunt the roastie forever as it's a hateful being, it experienced no love in this life so it doesn't show any.

you did ask for this by not using protection of any kind. this is some basic shit and you couldn't even be bothered doing it.
>fucked so many guys bareback you don't even know who the daddy is

This thread needs more attention. Why didn't you reply roastie, did you kill yourself already out of guilt ?

> be such a massive slut you get knocked up and have no clue who the daddy is
> kill a living human being, your own child
> "why do I feel bad?"

You are so fucking stupid that I hope you fucking remove your dumb ass from the gene pool. You are a disgusting human, a real piece of shit, and you deserve to be in the fucking garbage can next to your dead child.

Fuck. You.

This is nothing but selfishness with a veneer of righteousness. It's also desperately wrong.

Don't worry her dead kid will haunt her forever lmao

Femanon here, but I have little to no mercy to people like you, who kill a human being to "have fun riding dicks".
Even if I'm against abortions, I can understand such a choice under certain condition. Not your case tho. You've been irresponsible, acting like a whore, and now you choose to not take responsibility over what you did.

> I am in no position to raise a child alone.
Bullshit excuse. Adoption is a thing, you know?
>Now I feel like shit.
As it should be. You had the right to do so, but you should also be aware that you killed someone out of egoism. Keep that in mind.
>Will this feeling ever go away?
I hope not.

She wasn't pitied as she wanted.

You just decided to kill your kid because you were too much of a slut to take care of it. You did an evil thing here.
So many people are struggling to get pregnant or struggling to get their kids to survive once it is born and you make a mockery out of it all.

>femanon here
Post flaps

Impressively wrong

Hi. It’s going to be alright.
A lot of people have been in your position, so you aren’t alone.
It’s natural to feel bad about abortion. I feel like I hear a lot of rhetoric about fetuses being like a “parasite” and how abortions are “just a procedure” like going to the eye doctor or something.
I think a lot of people tell themselves things like that because it’s the only way they can cope with/bury the feelings they have.

It’s natural to think of what could have been. The potential that the fetus could have had to develop into a baby and have a life. My advice to you is to process the reality of it instead of deluding yourself like I see other doing.

It’s a sad thing. You had to make a hard choice. It’s a burden you’ll carry for the rest of your life for a mistake you made as a young person.
But what you did is not a crime. You are not a murderer. You aren’t a “bad person”.

If I were you I would try to learn from this. Be a little more careful. Think things through a little more. Make that fetus’ existence count for something by having a positive impact on you.

>feyyyyyyymales in the west literay believe fetuses are parasites inside them

>Lmao you're right, cockroaches are just clumps of cells you can squish until they pop, vacuum it and throw the pieces in the toilet and flush it.

Come on, user. You can't pretend that all life is precious without addressing what life is.

Well, first of all, you have no idea what "I" or "you" are to call me "mommy. Because you don't even understand what you are outside of what I am, if you're calling me "mommy."

You haven't actually been born yet, so the limits of your body extend no further than literally mine.

What's wrong?

Great. Impressively how?

All human life is precious you mentally ill roastie, especially innocent human life
>compares human fetuses to cockroaches
I'm weak my fucking sides

I’m not one of them but yes, whenever I see that analogy I cringe.
Calling a fetus a parasite is just biologically incorrect in so many ways.

> I knew I didn't know who the dad was.

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Well some other nutjob here compared them to cockroaches, so these are the people you share a gender with kek. Can we euthanize all pro abortion women as the murderers that they are already ?

Nope. Your conscience began once enough cells had divided.

Eat shit, you little life sucking leach.

People will deluded themselves into all sorts of crazy shit to not have to face the consequences of their actions.
It’s a shame.

The ONLY pro-choice argument that I think has any merit is that it’s best for the economy.
Having a large number of unwanted children or single mothers forced into parenthood would be a terrible drain. That’s the only reason I think it’s even legal- the govt knows it’s “better for society” and it’s not like fetuses can defend themselves.

This is your mind on two X chromosomes lol.

>mental marathon: the post
That's your child that you just squashed to death like it was a bug or something. It's still a child even if it's dependent on your body to survive, you ripped it from the safety of your womb and threw it into the garbage can. Is that all you have to say roastie ?

You really think you're going to bluster by this argument without having to qualify the difference between different forms of consciousness and how you know what they are and how you feel qualified to be able to choose which is more valuable, don't you?

You're not weak in your sides. You're weak in your ability to do so.

>Calling a fetus a parasite is just biologically incorrect in so many ways.

Cool, so you'd be totally okay finding out one day that an unplanned growth was going to use your resources to develop into a large enough being to eventually tunnel out of your birth canal in an excruciatingly painful and possibly life-threatening manner.

I assume birthing humans from your body is old had to you, being such a pro.

Humanity still can't agree on what consciousness is and you over here are trying to differentiate between forms of it. Makes sense, right ? Do you even realize how stupid you sound right now and how hard you're trying to make a valid argument to justify murdering babies ? My god, this thread was fun, but it's really sad when the majority of women actually think like you. What the heck is wrong with your gender ?

>I committed murder
>Why do I feel like shit
Idk babykiller why do you think

I cried myself to sleep shortly after posting. I am reading all the replies and feel worse than I did last night

>she actually thinks of fetuses as parasites not as children that have to be nurtured since they're human and are alive
Hello insectoid. How's life treating ya ?

>That's your child

Is it? It is my child? Sure seems to me like most pregnancies occur from having two partners, but only one of them has to actually physically bear any suffering from it.

But yeah, I guess it is. So then how do you say out of one mouth that it's mine and then tell me what to do with it?

Sounds like a hypocritical move.

And nobody likes the term "roastie." It's stupid and puerile and sounds like either some term for a dead chicken or someone who's about to get made fun of by all their friends, and neither of those are particularly female, which is how you seem to use the term.

Basically, you just sound dumb. Stop doing that.

It's coming back to haunt you bitch, mark my word.

You forgot the lart where you made a conscious decision to put that baby inside you and now you’re trying to rationalize why it’s ok for you to murder even though you chose to conceive this life in the first place.

Well, that’s what birth is. Literally every species of animal gets pregnant and gives birth. It’s a normal part of the circle of life, where as parasitism is not.

A parasite, on the other hand, is usually an invasive member of another species. Unlike a pregnancy, it doesn't result in the formation of a baby of the host species. Some parasites leech off of their host indefinitely, some do it until their host dies, some move to a new host after a period.

Basically anyone who has taken an into high school level biology class should be able to tell how the two are increasingly different.

Pregnancy also isn’t something you “catch” like a disease. There are very specific actions and choices that go into creating a fetus. Even with the proper precautions, vaginal sex can result in a fetus. That is a risk you assume every time you have vaginal sex.

Oh no, women drew the short stick when it comes to birthing, boo whoo time to kill my child !
Pop his little brain and squish him like a bug ! It's ok, it's just a parasite wasting your resources lmao !

Too many responses to reply individually. I posted here to avoid politics but it seems that didn't work. Just want you guys to know I do feel like shit and I know I was retarded. I didn't deserve to take the vacation. I didn't deserve to mess around un-protected. I do deserve this guilt I think. I don't know what to do moving forward other than just bury this deep away and never mention it. I'm never going to any party or fucking anyone again

What did you fucking expect? Jow Forums is filled with literal neo-nazis. Maybe don't come to a place that will 100% call you a degenerate murderer for having an abortion? No one on this board has any idea what they're talking about. Talk to your real life friends or a therapist, Jesus Christ.

You should kill yourself. After all, that's what you did to a baby

>1) Do you have to have been born in order to be a person? (Yes/No)
Life begins at fertilization, don't use this bullshit with me

>2) If a person was not born, do they know what it's like to be a person? (Yes/No)
This question doesn't matter since someone can be born wihout a brain and they're still a person until they die

>3) If there is a consciousness that does not know the experience of being born, is it human? (Yes/No)
Now you're just following up erroneous assumptions

>4) If a person does not have to have been born in order to be a person, then how do they interact with other people? (Constructed Response)
Non sequitur, otherwise Jow Forums autists and basement dwellers wouldn't be people

>5) If a person hasn't been born, then how do they have a body? (Constructed Response)
Do you know what cells are?

>What the heck is wrong with your gender ?

I don't know. I'm a cis-het male. Not being able to agree on what consciousness is no more justifies us from trying to save human fetuses than it does fucking butterfly cocoons, though.

Babies have been born. That's what makes them fucking babies. Fetuses haven't, so like... they're not.

If I were so stupid, it would seem that you'd be able to counter this argument, but... well, you can't.

And if the majority of women thought like me, it would be a very different world indeed, but they actually don't, because they've been taught by men that it's some sacred duty of theirs to carry whatever birth-turd you pump into them to term even if it kills them, and that's not really "fun" for anyone, so like face up to what you're actually talking about if you're going to open your proverbial mouth.

Oh and also, just because it's yours as in you're the mother you don't get to kill it, that makes you a murderer. It's actually baffling that I have to explain this to you, but I guess you have no empathy nor morals, like the rest of the women.

My mother had 3 before she had me, and one a couple years after my birth; in eastern Europe it was easier to get an abortion done than finding information about birth control back in the day. She regret none of the first 3 from short affairs, but she does second-guess the last one every once in a while, but even those only because I'm not really social and she would have liked for me to have some company. She fears I'll isolate myself entirely when she's gone.

But those notions are very rare. She couldn't have forseen that I was an easy-to-raise kid, and she definitely couldn't have foreseen that she'd manage to work herself to upper middle class range all by herself, without a valid degree or any social circle at all, in a foreign country.

Be aware that being a single mother in capitalism means you're the bottom of the barrel, no matter what some idiots whining about child support will tell you. Government would have to imprison men and force them into labour until they've paid off 5k$/month of child support to actually make up for the effort and time it takes to raise a child. Men won't do it, and their half-hearted attempts often make things worse (an acquaintance of my mother's soon ended regular weekend stay-overs at daddy's when grades began to suffer and homework wasn't done at all). As a woman child-rearing falls to us alone, and that's why rules about reproduction are ours alone.

It's perfectly fine to regret nonetheless. Be more careful about your birth control, get a good education and job, and you will have a much easier time being a mother in the future.

>Babies have been born. That's what makes them fucking babies. Fetuses haven't, so like... they're not.
They're still from the human species therefore they're valuable from the moment they were fertilized

Op chill out a little.
You deserve to be happy. You aren’t a bad person. I’m against abortion but I don’t think you’re a murderer or anything.

Process the mistakes you made and adjust accordingly. You can still party, you can still have sex. Just be more responsible about it. Get one of those injections that is 99% effective and always use condoms. Don’t have sex so frequently and indiscriminately. Have a good time but just be a little more responsible.

It’s ok. You’re going to be ok. Everyone goes through hard shit in their life. Some people get STDs, some people get raped, some people get arrested, some people struggle with addiction, some people live in poverty, some people have loved ones die, and some people get abortions for their unexpected pregnancy. It’s a part of life. Use it to grow

The kid didn't deserve what happened to it. You deserve everythint, if there's a hell I sure hope you burn for eternity while your fetus watches.

yo chill out bro she just killed a baby no biggie

Men call their offspring much worse things when they don't want them. But it's fine of course since they're men. :v)

Technically she killed a fetus.

And honestly in the scheme of things, to terminate a life before it can feel pain or have rational thoughts is not the single most evil thing ever.

I’m not saying it isn’t wrong, but it’s not the same as killing a baby.

>You forgot the lart where you made a conscious decision to put that baby inside you

Oh, just like when you spooge inside someone you have this moment where you have complete and omnipotent control over what you're doing and you literally choose to impregnate them.

That was sarcasm, btw.

Unless you're some sort of robot, in which case it doesn't actually make you right; it just makes you less human.

But keep judging people. Because that's helpful.

>Protip: also sarcasm

>when babies can't feel pain
I thought this meme died a few decades ago?

There is something worse than calling your child that you should nurture and protect a fucking parasite that's sucking away your life energy, and men do it all the time, lol.
Heartless bitches, epitome of mental illness literally insectoid people, they even treat their kids like insects.

Cumming inside a woman is a beautiful thing because I am making life. That is not the same as killing a baby.

Bro bro brah it's just a fetus bro
*squishes it*
See ? It didn't even do anything it didn't even cry lmao it's ok brah

How many children have you adopted so far? Do you support any children of low socio-economic background, help them have a better life?

>to terminate a life before it can feel pain
Have you ever seen an abortion?

Fuck no but I don't kill babies either

>you assume

Yes. It is.


If not, then it's a risk you're imposing on someone else.

And that's how the birds and the bees work, little Johnny, so now you're all grown up I guess.

>I love ruining two people's lives
>because at least I'm creating life
>what is responsibility?

In the OP she said “a few weeks” right?
A fetus can’t process pain in a human way at that stage of development.

Humans and bugs are NOT the same- but in the same way that bugs just have a collection of nerves and respond to “painful” things in a very reactive but non-“feeling” way, a several-week-old fetus would also not “feel” pain.