Friend wants to get rid of dog

I have a childhood friend who has had this dog for 7 years. She went on vacation for two months while I dog sat her dog and was a neet all summer. The dog is very well behaved and sweet and I cherished my time with her. I guess I kind of spoiled her because I’ve never had a dog before and always wanted one. Having a dog gave me a reason to leave the house and go on long walks, because it made the dog happy, and that made me happy. After two months I returned her to her owner, and went home and cried. My childhood friend did tell me that I could always take her for a weekend so that comforted me. Later She told me that the dog was extremely depressed and wasn’t eating or drinking or playing with the toys I bought her, but when the dog saw me she was ecstatic, tail wagging like mad and holding a small stuffed animal I gave her. She immediately started eating and drinking again and her mood was back to normal. I don’t think I’ve ever felt needed or loved more? Less than two weeks later I get a message from the owner telling me how the dog is misbehaving and they don’t want her anymore, and they want me to take her. Found out my friend didn’t even care for the dog for those 7 years, but instead her grandmother did, who recently moved. Now no one wants to care for the dog and may put her in a shelter if I don’t take her. Easily I would say yes, but I’m still living in my parent’s house (senior in highschool) and they just don’t like dogs. The thought of that sweet little dog being in a home where they don’t even care for her is infuriating, but her being in a shelter is even worse, especially because she is older and a bit nervous. Even if she does get adopted I may never see her again, which makes me so incredibly sad in my own selfish way.
How do I convince my friend not to give up on her dog? Could I convince my parents to let me care for her? How can I help the dog adjust back into living her old life with her old owners?

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Move out

im 17 living in southern California. I could move out, into the local crack hole.

Will the local crack hole let you keep the dog?

Sure hope so. Maybe the dog will like crack

Problem solved

By demonstrating responsibility.
Make a business plan, details.
Where will it sleep
How will you afford it food and proper veterinarian care?
Name examples of success you’ve had with it
Be willing to make adjustments and compromises.
Be firm, but respectful.

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Is that the dog? It's tiny. Maybe sneak it into your home if you really love it.

Just ask your parents. They already let you keep her for a couple months. You already showed you were responsible for it. Argue that doggo got u put of the house. U can take it to the dog park. Bitches love dudes with dogs

Clorox wipes for scale. Lovely little dogy.

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Hug it until it sqeeeeeeeeees.

I really wanted to explain how emotionally the dog has helped me, I mean for gods sake I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for 13 years and only from going on walks have I realized like wow being outside and not in front of a screen is nice. Also just nice not to be alone most of the time. Parents don’t really care about mental wellbeing though, but hey that’s life.

I wasn’t even thinking about gettin puss, just want dogy to have fun with other dogy. also neet femanon. Bitches be saying they dog mom and then leave their dogs in crates for 17 hours a day.

Food and vet care is big problem too. I’m planning on getting a job but im kind of retarded and bad at things. I can’t even do these recaptcha things right the first time. I will try hard though. Maybe petsmart will hire me haha

That’s the plan!

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Maybe after some time your parents will like the dog? My dad was always complaining about the cat and now loves it.

I hope so. After two months of caring for her my mom said she was surprised she loved her, but my dad is the one who is against her. But i did see him sneak in a pat on the head every now and then.
They’re also immigrants from asia so they have a weird village dog mentality where dogs aren’t part of the family like how white people see them

So there would be 2 people pro-dog against only one.

As said, prepare a plan.
Also, stress the fact that the dog managed to help you exiting your house.

Pro tip: tell your parents you have to just foster the dog until you find a new family for her. Meanwhile, the cute lil fucker could grow on your dad too, and you will have time to show them your plan with facts.

Kind of, more like my mom is always going to take my Dad’s side. But that also means only one person to persuade

But thank you for the pro tip that’s really smart and I’m gonna try that. Tiny dogy will win hearts

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>Could I convince my parents to let me care for her?
Yes. You must convince them at any cost. Tell them it is a very well behaved dog ect
Do whatever it takes, you won't regret it years from now.

Good luck for that then! Happy to have been of any help.

She's really cute, I bet your dad won't resist for long.

Yep , good luck , also report back if you manage to keep it

If it helps, I kinda swore to never have any dogs after growing up with 4 in one condo with my crazy boomer grandparents, but after seeing this picture, I would definitely keep it.