I went on a date with this person exactly a week ago. This is our last exchange immediately after our date...

I went on a date with this person exactly a week ago. This is our last exchange immediately after our date. Not a word from him since. Should I delete and block him or should I msg him ? And if I should msg him, what SHOULD i message him ?

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Women are so weird. Why the fuck would you block him?

He was the last person to reply. He expects a reply from you. Hes probably confused as to why you haven't said anything and your feelings about him.

a phone goes both ways

It was kind of a douchy response by him, but if you liked the guy, message him and ask if he'd like to see you again

Yet his reply doesn't have much there
>Ofc bb
such a simple reply with little thought or care put into it.
But anons right, why would you block him? People only block people to solidify their ego, they're exceptions obviously but mainly it's that.

But if I liked someone so much after a date, I'd message them the next day. That's what I do and I get the ball rolling again, it's not hard

Idk man. Maybe our boy just doesnt know what to say. Message him back OP, what could go wrong

>end convo in the nicest way possible
>should i block him?
hahaha what the fuck is wrong with this generation?

She's a female. She has never been in a position where she has had to reignite/initiate the conversation. It's easier to move on to the next guy than it is to have a conversation with a guy who doesn't make literally every move

Literally ask him on date :3
>hey, wanna hang out again? Or did you forget about me?

as irrational as that sounds i will agree with you but blocking him?

Meme’s aside your intuition is right. If he was interested in you he would’ve asked to hangout with you again by now

How's it irrational? And yeah, she'll block him. It's the womanly thing to do

It is irrational because in 10 years, she wonders where all the good guys went.
You block people you don't want messages from, not people who aren't talking to you. And if you WANT to talk to them, you can just do that, you don't need an invitation to text the guy you are dating.

Oh, I see. I thought you were my post was irrational, not the content. Yeah, I agree. Women are mostly if not entirely irrational. Just the way it works

...you were *saying* my post...

Women always avoid this statement. Any time this is posted or said in real life it's like it doesn't register with them.

BTFO ur trash tier to him lmao get played!!11q

Women are literally children

Did you fuck him OP?

>should I delete and block him?
The fuck is the logic behind blocking people who aren't talking to you to begin with?

I block people on Discord who refuse to talk back to me when we have a thing going because it makes me feel like I’m getting stalked. It’s one thing to get removed and not chatted back but it’s another thing when they don’t remove you but don’t answer back. The latter is creepy as fuck.

He didn’t really put in any effort on responding, so it’s definitely a red flag. But you could just text him casually. But yeah, a week of nothing is really bad in my book. I’m not needy, but i like a text or two a day. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

Also my situation is different than OPs. I’m talking about sending them at least three messages over one week and they still don’t answer when it shows they are online and playing vidya but I know they haven’t removed or blocked me.

This is how the female mind works. Not replying to conversation and then ghosting the guy and somehow making it his fault.

I swear to god, do NOT block this guy, he seems so nice, and if you have, unblock him and find him again before he dissapears, this is garantueed to be one of the few guys who has not adopted the fuckboi culture.

I would suggest to continue to smalltalk with him and if you really like him I would suggest maybe settle with him

I hate what texting has done to relationships.

you girls are crazy