How are people with weak chins supposed to live with themselves?

how are people with weak chins supposed to live with themselves?

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practice mewing

Accept isolation and being the end of your genetic line. If you can't, kill yourself.

Get a better one

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Meme, doesn't work

You can still have friends tho

If you're 18 or so you can still get great results by mewing. And regardless of age it's better than nothing. I was doing it for its own sake because it instantly cured my lifelong intermittent problems with nose breathing.

You mean mouth breathing

With being unable to breathe through my nose for hours or weeks at a time. Mewing instantly opened up my nose when I was in such a state, and stopping it instantly closed my nostrils. Now the only times I can't breathe through my nose are getting sick or an allergic reaction.

Friends don't fill the void of childlessness unless your a high level soi numale

I apologize

>Implying you have children

I don't and the feeling gets worse every year

Yea, if you're not spending a bunch of money on some ungrateful little fucks and waking up at all hours of the night to wipe their asses then you're a cuck!

How bad is it?

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You have a very distorted idea of child rearing but that's ok. It's not for everyone, including me since I'm too unattractive

1) hide it by growing a beard
2) plastic surgery
3) mewing
4) get over it (true beauty is on the inside)

u ok

Good enough but you don't look very white

But my front looks pretty busted sadly :/

Women are more superficial than men


Looks wise? No they aren't. Hot girls will happy bang a fat bald fuck who has a great personality. Guys on the other hand, myself included, care a lot more about physical looks and will tend to go for a girl with a shitty personality who's a 9/10 over a girl with a great personality who's a 6/10. Obviously if I know what's good for me I should go for the 6, but the 9 will be more attractive.

I had double jaw surgery and went from a weak 6 to a solid 7 (also had to lose weight).

Was it worth it? I've been considering it too.

I'm told my facial structure looks a lot like this guy.

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Yeah because no human being before has not had kids

Millions haven't but that doesn't mean they didn't feel like shit. Some mutants don't want kids and don't mind. But people like me who want kids but can't have them are tortured as we get older

None of their offspring are alive today. The reason misery exists to nature's way of telling you the situation your in is bad.

> white people are special little snowflakes like me
Luckly for you there is already a hugbox for that

But I am white....

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It's a joke because he takes it personally newfag

You look like a hapa or maybe a hispanic. Sorry dude

I’m mostly German and Italian there’s no Spanish or hapa in my dna. I like white girls.... is this why they never found me attractive? I never had a kiss.

He was close.

Your beard looks like shit. Maybe shave it clean, or grow it out more.

idk. Kinda hard to judge someone from shitty selfies sometimes.

There's a saying that goes like this: "scratch a woman and you'll find a eugenicist." It could be that you live in a really white area that is conservative. Those girls stick to actually white looking guys except for really black guys. You should try your luck in Thailand or somewhere like that

That looks like a comically good looking jaw line from here. Maybe it's just the angle?

Listen Brandon, you just gotta take a hammer to your face and start over.

No, people irl have said my jaw is good. I just have a fucked up face tho overall and nobody finds me attractive so it doesn’t matter.
>actually white
That’s so fucked up. I gotta kill Myself at some point. This is so depressing
When I shave my face people tell me that I look worse. People say grow a beard.... I’ll show you how much worse it looks. The only reason I have this beard thing is cause people insisted I’m better off with it.

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Yeah man. We are in a early-stage hypergamy society. Women are only going to get pickier and the average American "white" (like yourself) is going to become a genetic relic next generation. Women want purity, whether it's Northern European blond hair, blue eyes, or Japanese samurai spirit, or African crispy ass nigger skin. Mutts are unattractive this day and age. Killing yourself would save suffering

How am I average? Even artificial intelligence rates my face as above average.

I'd say you pretty attractive if you ignore the skin/race issue. You just aren't exotic enough. Dye your hair blonde, lighten your skin, and get colored (blue or green) contacts. I guarantee you will do better

>Coloured eye contacts

Well grow the beard more I say. It looks shit that short, but at least you have good facial hair. Make sure you keep it well trimmed ect.

I’ll never be fake and try and be what I’m not. I’d kill myself before trying that honestly. Maybe that user was right about me being a stupid mutt that nobody wants. Ffs I’m 27. I even do well financially, but could never get a first date. That’s so pathetic. Why even live with this shame.... all my friends irl are getting laid!

He needs help and that's all I've got. Not ideal but maybe his parents should have chosen better genes

Yeah, some people are destined to not breed. And I only mention breeding because girls only date guys they'd have kids with. If you can't get a date you aren't fit to breed. Sorry, Brandon

Do you have a mandible or a boydible?

I honestly find this a just cause to commit suicide. There’s no way to turn my life or mental health around.

I don't know why ya'll think he looks *that* bad. He looks like a 6/10. No chad, but I figure someone will find him cute.

Probably just needs to travel more. Local girls probably see him as a mutt I guess. At worst you can always go to vietnam or philippines and probably be swimming in puss.

6/10 IS bad, user. 7+ is attractive. Could I be a 7 if I got plastic surgery? Or should I just kill Myself?

6/10 is bad. But not terrible. You just need to work harder to find puss.

I don't think you look so bad that plastic surgery would help. What's your personality like? If a girl comes up and says "so user, tell me about yourself?" What do you say to her?

Skin can't be lightened

I can afford plastic surgery with how much I have saved. What holds me back from a 7? I’m short so if I can’t even have a 7+ face like literally all my irl guy friends have, I’m just going to kill Myself. I know 7 isn’t that high of a rate either

Just tell me what I need to do to make some people think I’m better than a lousy 6. It’s either fix my face or kill Myself

I’m ignoring the part about social skills cause I have perfectly fine social skills. The problem has ALWAYS been that there’s no fucking interest in me.

>I’m ignoring the part about social skills cause I have perfectly fine social skills.
Doubtful. If you social skills were fine you'd comfortably answer the question. You just know your issue might be partly a shit personality you don't want to improve.

From these posts you already sound desperately insecure, which is a huge turn off for girls (and everyone).

>he is boring

I’m positive it is my looks if nobody finds mine decently attractive. I have no glaring deformities, I have an objectively stronger jaw than the average male, I have a nice head of hair, I’m not fat or even chubby, I don’t have too much asymmetry going on... with that, if nobody is able to find my face attractive, then I’m just fucking ugly.

>Wanting to bring a child into this fucked up world

>I’m positive it is my looks if nobody finds mine decently attractive.
The fact that you believe that with complete dogmatic resolve and won't qualify it by describing your personality and why it can't be part of the problem, makes me more sure than ever that the issue if not just your face.

I’ve been posting my face on Jow Forums asking for advice since 2012. Nobody wants to reassure me that I look pretty good and definitely good enough for a decent girl..... but I’ve seen any decent looking guys given that reassurance. I’m convinced I simply don’t have the appeal that is needed to find a mate.

>decent girl
Maybe you issue is your standards are too high. You want a girl who looks better than you do.

Stay in your own league and you can get your dick wet. Or just be lonely, whatever. Not everyone who fucks it s a 7+ if you haven't noticed. If you can't get over that I guess you'll be lonely.

It was worth it, it cost me more time in braces than it did in cash since I'm a leaf. The surgery was free, they even moved my chin forward without me asking.

Can you just tell me why I don’t look good? I can change my features with surgery. I used to think I was a handsome guy and that cute girls weren’t out of my league... if I can’t get a semi attractive girl that isn’t obese I’ll fucking kill Myself today. I am not afraid at all... just tell me why I’m not good enough for fucks sake!

It's because you look like a waterhead. I'm sorry.

Then obviously being born was a mistake and I’m a freak of nature... I can’t even play with this hand so I’ll fold it

Can we hold you to that? If you're here tomorrow I'll be very disappointed in you.

Yes it can. They do it in India and East Asia all the time

I have a strong chin and I've been bullied throughout my whole life for it to the point where I hate people in general.

>Can you just tell me why I don’t look good?
This attitude is exactly why girls don't like you. You know your problem is your personality and you refuse to acknowledge it. Would you like to date a girl who acts like that? That's nightmare fuel.

what how are you short or brown or something?

men don't care about women's personalities

That guy is a retrochad, never do any surgery

You look cute, go get some pussy, stop caring about your jaw

>men don't care about women's personalities
Spoken like a true virgin. Try having a relationship with a girl with any kind of trust issues and tell me you don't care about women's personalities.

Basikally dis
Git yerself a nice flash gob like a good proppa nob, da boyz will fank ya

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I didn't say relationship retard

Stop feeding Brandon.

>asking for advice since 2012

You've also been ignoring all the positive responses you've received, and even argued with some of them, which is why I dont even bother with you anymore.

I think you just want to be unhappy because you sure as shit perpetuate your own unhappiness.

I'm also a leaf, how can I get such surgery?

>Meme, doesn't work
another close minded retard. mewing changed my life completely.

That's not a weak chin you fucking moron. That's an overbite.
He has a fucking butt chin. It's like the opposite of a weak chin.

Did you have to buy those inserts you place in your mouth?

You need proof you have sleep apnea or other medical issue due to jaw occlusion. Good luck.


Proof? Most skin lightening is fake to scam people out of money

Fold more towels bitch

You’ll be okay

is the chin the main thing? really?