Probably going to put myself on a watchlist for writing this, but...
What seems so bad about converting?
Muslims are mostly bro-tier people.
Muslim girls are very pretty.
I don't want to work, I want a loyal gf who wants to obey me.
Alcohol is a shit drug, pork is unhealthy... what's bad about converting? won't go to syria/blow myself up if that's the catch, but otherwise, converting seems like a nice solution.

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Not sure if bait, but I'll bite.
>I don't want to work, I want a loyal gf who wants to obey me.
You have not met any Muslim couples or families, it's usually the exact opposite where she works you to the bone to get more income for her gifts and is unnecessarily bitchy.

There's also an issue of which imam/cleric to follow for other shit because some of them interpret the hadiths into retard tier territory like not having photographs because it's considered idol worship.

Shias are cool, some Sunnis too, but a portion of them are shit depending on the cleric they follow, so be careful on choosing who to interpret the hadiths/way of life.

If you read the Quran and accept all it's theories and revelations, like the community and since you're white and you'll probably be loaded for women to marry you, then fine, convert if you so wish.

Fuck do i know
t. 18 year old boomer

Have you even read the kouran? Biggest load of crap I ever read. Obviously written to scare un-educated troglodytes into obeying, and murder anyone who doesn't believe.

is this supposed to be a bait thread?

You aren't Muslim. Religion is a thing that's tied to culture/race. You could very easily go to the religious institution your family has connections to instead of being difficult about this whole thing.

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I don't believe hes interested in the facts, much like /x/ he simply wants to be part of a group

This. Jow Forums os obsessed with islam and it's view on women, simply because they hate western women. They assume regressive cultures like islam that treat women like property must be some kind of alt-right utopia.

They don't quite get that cultures that treat women like property have women who treat men like property, only useful for what material benefits they provide.

A loving relationship requires trust, which requires hard work on both sides. If you just want to force a women to obey you because you don't trust her to be loyal otherwise, then you get a pretty grinding relationship in return where she agrees to be loyal but expect every fucking drop of wealth from you because she can't trust you for anything else.

“I don’t want to work”
Nobody does, but that’s not realistic if you’re poor.

He’s too beta sounding to be in a dom and sub relationship with a girl.

>Muslim girls are very pretty.
>Alcohol is a shit drug, pork is unhealthy... what's bad about converting? won't go to syria/blow myself up if that's the catch, but otherwise, converting seems like a nice solution.
You could stick by your values without converting you know?

>Joining a religion in adult age.
Holy fuck you're retarded OP.

Traditional Christianity would give you all of your wants or needs without being stigmatized as a terrorist.

Came here to say
Pork is great for you
And you should decide yourself what you're able eat, It's fine if you don't like the taste but It's not poison for you

Oh and good luck with the government of your country watching you now, I should leave this thread now. Have a nice day OP

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Allah literally does not exist. You are not secrectly immortal. Death is not an illusion. There is no afterlife. You are an evolved animal. The big bang, evolution, and determinism are undeniable. Converting into a religion, let alone Islam, would be gravely misguided. Basically be less in denial of reality, learn about naturalism and humanism. Be a better human being, not an indoctrinated religious drone riding on a moral high horse based off of ignorance.

OP here
It was a joke thread aimed at a bald schizo bitch who browses this forum, a very evil one, I feel bad. Sorry A, rude of me.

Kys faggot

I'm not gonna lie the brotherhood aspect of it seems nice. However I can't bring myself to trust their ideals and gods.

You need to grow a pair of balls and work for a living

All faiths have pretty chicks

I wouldn’t treat my wife the way those asshats do

>What seems so bad about converting?
Nothing besides the fact that they believe in a lie and therefore are heretics

If you dont give a shit about religion and truth than go right ahead, they still somewhat try to follow God's law albeit not all of them