My sister's friend has had a crush on me since she was 11...

My sister's friend has had a crush on me since she was 11. I told her that if she still liked me when she was 18 then I would marry her. I was obviously not serious because I expected her to not like me eventually. She took me seriously and now she's 18 and she's expecting me to marry her.

Would I be dickhead if I said no? Am I morally obligated to marry her now? I'm 30 years old by the way.

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Apologize to her for lying and then tell her you'll still date her and you can see where it goes from there.

Yeah mam, seems completely airtight and probably legally and morally binding. No way out of this.

Your life is not an anime. You either tell her you're sorty for telling her that (despite the fact that she could obviously forsee that it was a joke made to a teenage girl) or try to go slowly and see if it works between you two and maybe get a sweet 18 years old wife at 30. If she's a nice girl you are the luckiest guy on earth.

I'm sorry user, but you made a promise and now you have to keep it.

Do you like her?

That's honestly the cutest thing I've ever read. If you don't even want to try and date her you are missing out OP , not many women around with that level of commitment anymore.

At least smash

OP you better wife her up. Is she a cutie?

You think OP would be here asking advice if she was a qt3.14?

Would you be a dickhead if you broke your promise? Yes.
But it's not like being a dickhead matters. Honestly just like said, take her out to fulfill your minimum obligation and see if you maybe like her.

She's a nice girl.


do it op

Say you wanna take it slow and you want her to know you better and see if you her expectations. Go on dates, spend some time together, then after a while ask her if she still wants to be together. You don't owe her nothing but a chance.

Why are you still single at 30?

OP you lucky motherfucker this better be bait because this is vanilla anime material right here, is she cute. post a comparable model? rate her

typical asshole guy that will fuck with a girl, promise to marry but never commit fully.

Tell her you are marryiengw her when she has 30 age

just say to her, that you want to date first

Marry her.

Why wouldn't you want to marry the 18 year old you have been grooming for 7 years?
Go on a date with her and figure out if she is insane, of she isn't, go for it.

Pedo larp thread.

Gas them all.

He's hit that shit already and now won't marry her. He never intended to marry her but ok with stealing her youth. What he really wants to know is how does he flee without her telling the cops what he did.