How do I ask a girl out or flirt with her without making her feel uncomfortable?

How do I ask a girl out or flirt with her without making her feel uncomfortable?

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Be a person who she would be comfortable around

just b yurself

Be attractive.

U try

If she flirts back or accepts, then u good

If not, then screw her

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How do you start a conversation with a girl?
Do yo flirt directly?

Unironically this

Ask her out after you kill her

How do I know what that is?

But I don't want to make girls feel uncomfortable, i don't want to risk it. I really don't want to be one of those guys that girls feel scared of approaching them...

I just talk to girls normally and never flirt or ask them out, but as a result of that I'm now a 23 year old kissless dateless virgin

You don't just jump into flirting. You have to build up to it. Not over the course of weeks, either, you can do it in minutes. You have to be decent at reading people and wit.
Thrown something small and innocuous out there, but that could be taken a different way. It gets more and more blatant the more you both feed off each other. Confidence is key here.

>You have to be decent at reading people and wit
Yeah I forgot to mention, I'm literally diagnosed autistic. Am I shit out of luck?

You already give up you goon

Unless you can tell me how to overcome literal autism, I don't see what other option I have.

Nope! You just might have to try harder than others. And go a nontraditional route. Start working on your social skills by forcing yourself into situations where you get immediate feedback. Start by asking people questions when you're shopping. Just about where things are. Maybe drive a little further so you're not recognized or hit different stores.
If you're spaghetti autistic, your first step is going to be attempting to blend in with the people around you as much as possible. If not, you're already further ahead than some!

Making girls laugh is always a good start, the key to not making girls feel uncomfortable is to make sure they are comfortable before you start really flirting with them. It may still obviously not work out some times but you'll at least be avoiding having people think you're a creep

Assuming you are not ugly (I'm pretty lenient in facial ugliness though) or fat and have good hygiene, this is how I (as a shy semi depressed probably autistic and fearful girl) would want to be asked out:

Very slowly. I assume guys who ask me out without knowing me are girl crazy and always on the prowl. If you get to know me slowly and drop flirting signs incrementally I will be much more receptive.
Flirting signs - eye contact, talking to me more than other people, asking me more questions outside of the topic like how my weekend was or how my day has been or if I am doing anything special for X holiday, slight teasing (very slight I'm soft).
Like 1-2 things per time I see you and after a couple weeks then ask me out. Or ask for my number. I want someone who asks me out to do it because theybe carefully considered it but because their dick told them to

I'm painfully shy though and you do already need to be my preferred race (my own), age range (similar to my age), not fat, and probably similar job field as me. Which is all petty so maybe this advice is garbage.

I'm not really interested in approaching random women

Usually when i like a girl, it's a girl i already know, from a social circle, a class at college, or someone a friend has introduced me to. Unfortunately im terrified and autistic so i never flirt with these girls or make my intentions known. I'm scared that I will make them feel uncomfortable and become known as one of those creepy guys. But I don't get friendzoned either because i don't bother speaking to the girls i like. I just make small talk with them a few times, admire them from afar, and then see things they post on facebook or instagram and sigh deeply realizing that i'm too much of a pussy to even ask them for a simple date

>not really interested in approaching random women
The point isn't to approach all the women with the intention of sleeping with them, it's to sharpen your social skills. Which can be learned, just like anything else. You wouldn't ask the store employee out, but a little light flirting is fun if she's into it. If you can't tell, that's what those innocuous statements are for. You won't start just knowing how to make them, you've got to learn.


>I don't want to make girls feel uncomfortable, i don't want to risk it.
Then you have zero chances.

Asking the girl of my dreams out got me rejected. Trust me bro the pain ain't worth it.

If a girl doesn't want to flat out fuck you after the first date it's over


I've never even managed to get a first date from a girl...

Atleast you could move on you rat. The pain of rejection is far better than regret/what could have been pain.