Not an incel or MGTOW but really what's the point of having a girlfriend...

not an incel or MGTOW but really what's the point of having a girlfriend? I've been a virgin for 22 years now and the more I think about it the more I realise all I'm doing is trying to find something or someone to shoot out my load and put it in something. when I watch porn, I'm basically doing the same thing but without a gf, after that I'm done and relieved and can go about my day.

So if I can just pleasure myself without getting an IRL girl then what's the point of having one in the first place? Most of my time I also enjoy drinking, shitposting, playing video games, etc. so I don't really see any reason to commit myself to a gf or "other half" if I can do all those other things on my own.


Think of it as a friend you wanna stay friends forever but also be intimate with

If you don't want one, then don't have one. What is the purpose of this thread?

Because companionship and intamacy is really nice.

When you get it and then lose it you will realize.

Trust me, as someone who got into a serious relationship around 24 and desperately wanted one around your age, you have a healthy mindset. Once I got that relationship I realized I'd made a dumb fucking decision and I hated it.

I stuck around for years not to hurt her feelings and eventually just snapped and dumped her out of the blue.

Now, this doesn't mean that all relationships are shit and I'll never be in one again, I just think that WANTING it so bad is really just for people who are insecure in themselves and need validation.

Part of what I posted in another thread: If you live with someone for a few years, your personalities will blend. The more time together, the stronger the similarities. You'll then have a partner who has a lot of similar experiences as you, and can relate to your way of thinking on a much deeper level than anyone else. You can confide in them, and they will understand your point of view. This is why having a life partner is so important, it stabilizes you and allows you to check your thoughts and feelings against someone similar.

You're an idiot, you have to actually communicate with your GF to get maximum benefits. They are there to talk to and share deep personal conflicts with.

>really what's the point of having a girlfriend?
We all have our reasons. If you want to hear them you should ask about that.
If you don't, then you don't.

If you're good alone, then feel free to stay alone.
Why force yourself into something you see no reason for?

I have friends for this. I don't need a girlfriend for it. And I'm not saying I'm a big strong man who never has problems, but your girl doesn't want to hear you bitch and confide in her all the time, or she'll go find someone who won't.

My ex was super concerned and constantly looked for problems that weren't there, she was like a replacement mom. It was fucking awful.

But I'm an only child with a helicopter parent so that's probably why I hate it. I wanna take care of my own stuff.

Riley quit mechanical Engineering and start doing copious amounts of cocaine

Moderation, my brother. You build lines of communication with your partner so they have avenures to conversate with you. If the only way you listen to your GF or empathize with her is when she's bitching about something, then yes she is going to bitch about everything just so you'll listen. But if you do things together, talk about your day, discuss current goals and desires in life, then you diversify your shared experiences and diversify your interactions. A little bitching is healthy and cathartic, but you need multiple avenues to engage with a partner. And btw, there are many things you just cannot discuss with male friends, things you'll need a partner on. Think medical, financial, life changes etc

Do men and women have relationships just so they can find someone else to bitch and whine about all the shit they’ve had to do every day?
Again what’s the point in finding a gf to talk about your problems when you’re literally doing it on a forum of an image board like this? Other people will listen and they’ll either sympathise or call you a faggot. At least there’s varied opinions when you post in here, but with a “significant other” you only hear ONE voice and it’s always the voices who feels pity for you. What bullshit.

Having a girlfriend/boyfriend is like having a friend you can be intimate with, that's basically the difference between a partner and a friend. You're going to share your life as deeply as possible with your partner, you don't do this friends.

Most reasonable women don’t do this

>Can't see the value in connecting with another human
I think you got a gene mutation bro

>Think of it as a friend you wanna stay friends forever but also be intimate with

A "friendship" with girls doesn't exist within a relationship.

I'm not sure what world you live in where you can't talk to your friends about medical, financial, or life changes. Does this board not have any true friends, or just people they talk at from time to time?

My best friend is fiercely invested in my wellbeing. We live 500 miles away and I have zero doubt he'd drive up to make sure I was alright, just as I would go for him.


I got news for you, that's what you do in a relationship. I wouldn't drive 500 for a family member, let alone a friend. Sounds like you're already in a gay relationship and you just didn't realize. No wonder you don't have any interest in women.

>not an incel or MGTOW but really what's the point of having a girlfriend? I've been a virgin for 22 years now
Stopped reading right there

I have multiple friends who would come check in on me if I were hurt, not just this guy.

Do I have a full time caregiver? No, but that's why I have health insurance. What kind of world do you live in where you don't have a friend you can trust to sort shit out with every once in a while? Or do you have so many problems that your friends don't exist?

Bahahaha that shit is dead. Hot girl summer is upon us

>hurr durr if u dont want one dont have one
>have to deal with shaming, prejudice, tax penalties, alienation from all your friends, etc. because of your inability to attract the roast

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Dang man I actually grew up with the guy in OP’s pic and went to school with him and his gf before she passed from cancer. This shit is sad, really weird seeing their pic on here.

>tax penalties
>living in a shithole

You don't have to have one if you don't want one. Plenty of people get into them for the sake of it and are unhappy and plenty others enjoy being available. Some of us enjoy being single unless you happen to find someone different and special.

Do what you want.

If I just want to find a girl to fuck, should I just buy a sexdoll and cum inside it for a while then store it for later?

It is a moral good to reproduce. You need women for that.