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It's still inside of me... 3 days now, fuck

My mom does not give me any of my psychiatrist info so I can’t make appointments myself because she’s a controlling tard. I don’t know how to tell her I need to go back on antidepressants

Can’t you do it yourself?

Its not your fault

I'm decided to fap one week when my gf was on a particularly heavy period, now i want to fap but don't feel like having sex. I love my gf and am proposing in November, we used to fuck like rabbits (like multiple times a day erry day).

I try to not fap but she works weekends and i work from home 3 days a week. When i'm alone for so long i think it also becomes a boredom thing and I end up fapping again.

Been going on for MONTHS. I think right now its been a couple of months since we fucked. We've discussed it and i've told her the truth about how i have anxiety about performance due to previous experiences and prior reliance on cialis (which she knew about before too) but I haven't told her about the masturbation because i know she would be genuinely hurt knowing i'd rather masturbate than fuck her.

I would think it had something to do with smoking recently, but that's only been since May and I only have a couple of cigarettes a day. This has been going on since a bout of flu at the beginning of Jan.

I just want to make love and have kinky sex with the love of my life again bros

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I feel like I'm hanging on to a normal life by a thread.

I want to go down the path of sin and debauchery and I feel like it could happen at any time.

This good clean living is killing me

what best illuminates the internal void?
fucking thots leads me to craving past gfs and their affections even though I'm fully aware that it's rationally a pipe-dream.

Dude, muh triggers!

I quit drinking last week. Fuck me, I wanted one so bad last night, but stayed the course. I jut used alcohol as a cope, since I needed it to properly talk to and connect with others due to my autism. However, the fleeting moments of """friendship""" just weren't worth the sheering headaches and inevitable damage I was doing to my body. Now, I just have to live with how busted my stupid brain is sober.

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Went from emotional, sharp, math major, successful, athletic, calm, training every day, no health problems what so ever to depressed, apathetic, anxious, scrawny, probably suffering from dysautonomia.

Still have some hope left that something will change(and actively working on it) but will probably end this within a year.

Chronic stress is no joke. It will fuck you up big time! Cut out toxic people out of your lives, does not matter what they are to you.

I'm lifting to get fit and planning to travel solo at some point. I'm not thinking of it in terms of a sex vacation but I see myself sitting here at 30 and I haven't experienced much of anything. Never even held hands with a girl. I'd like to go to Japan but I'm going to keep pushing hard to have a body I'm proud of before making a trip like that. I day dream often and truly want a wife and kids. I think I've reached the maximum return on investment from weed and video games to shut my mind off and be content. My body and mind are rejecting my continue attempts to substitute these two things for actual human contact and development. I'm not actually fat but have some type of body dysmorphia. I'm 6'1 165 and bulking while lifting. The problem is I still see myself as the same fat kid that never got anything but ridicule from women. I want to do better, I have to do better.

It gets easier buddy, way easier. stay strong.

It's been two years for me and my life is so much better.

Try googling his name maybe?

wanna elaborate? you got it

I have so many highs and lows everyday. It never ends. I wish I knew if it was a disorder or something so at least I know what it is.

Fucking dumb mod cunt

Shit my gf BARELY wants to have sex, I always ask and she says that "she's just not a sexual person" even though we used to fuck like rabbits

Wanna trade?

i'm doing IF. im doing my very best bros but its hard sometime

Having one arm is not helping with my self esteem and getting rejected by the girl of my dreams really sucks. Religion is helping me fill the deep void in my soul but I don't think it's enough.

Reignite the spark by doing new experiences together, as in go travel, take a class or a seminar, go to the beach, rent a cabin and have a bonfire, hell rent a hotel room with a hot tub. Shit like that gets you out of a rut. But it's not permanent bro, don't worry, you'll get thru your dry spell

After coming back from a 3 week vacation in the USA today my 3.5 year girlfriend confessed to me she cheated on me multiple times in the last week with a guy she knew from before and met again somewhere

Boys, I‘m baffled and thinking of them fucking fills me with hate that I’ve never known existed

i'm so fucking lonely

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So found out my mum died a week ago today, i was on holiday with my wife and my family didnt tell me till i got back today. I asked questions about their health whilst away and they ignored the questions to protect me from ruining my holiday. But now i feel so lost and confused they have had time to process this and the funeral is in a couple days. Im sad and dont know how to process all this. I feel so bad i was away in another country and didnt know what was happening.

Gf has extreme anxiety and often depersonalizes. I'm the needy type, which only makes her health worse, always without realizing I'm hurting her until she tells me. I'm lost, as I only do it to try to make her feel better, yet fail almost every time

I had something similar happen to me a while back. Everybody tells you to be nice. Don't. If you ever have the misfortune to interact with her make it clear you think she's lower than cow shit. Scorch the bridge and never intentionally interact again.

I'm too wierd to find a gf, the only girl that clearly liked me did so for four months, and then said that it won't work out between us (she said it didn't feel right). What's even worse is that I will end up meeting her in my social circle, and although I think I'm over her it will still make a lot of wierd interactions, as people thought we were together. Every time I think of that I just want to vomit. I am also poisoned with fap and pornography, which I'm trying to quit, but I lost all hope in. I feel miserable all the time and almost never communicate with people. I only speak to someone when I'm in sauna after working out and when I visit my parents. I fucking hate this shit. Pheeew, it felt nice getting it off my chest.

Call 911

Being sober forces you to learn

I'm pretty good.
As horrible as it sounds, now I feel happier and more content with my life, my father is becoming a real drag.
He's always so down and just cynical about everything, it pisses me off and makes me feel miserable after I see him as a result but it's not like I can tell him to stfu.
I do wish he'd stop being such a fucking wet blanket tho.

Start making friends with other girls and she’ll put out

To quote from the OP movie, it's not your fault. Losing a parent is a terrible thing for anyone to go through and it would have ruined the rest of your holiday to have heard about her death; your family were only trying to help you enjoy those moments.
Though not a parent, I had a similar experience when my first dog died. I'd been at work and then away on a night out, had a great time and forgot to call back after a missed call from my dad during my shift. Calling back the day after he told me he didn't want to ruin my evening, and looking back now I appreciate it - after breaking down in tears in the privacy of my own home, rather than strangers.

Sorry to hear about your mum user. Take all the time you need to process it and don't be afraid to open up to someone about it.

My uncle OD'd on heroin tonight. He was one of my favourite family members.
He used to teach me how to draw, he told me we were gonna get a lot of chicks together when I grow up, when I did get older we never got a chance since he spent a lot of time in rehabilitation centers. We played sports together and he told me how to lift.

It hurts so bad and I'm crying like a bitch.
I knew it was gonna end this way cuz he's been addicted for almost 20 years, but it's still to soon, bro's.

>Jow Forums
Jow Forums sucks

>Cut out toxic people out of your lives, does not matter what they are to you.
even my mom?

In high school I had a panic attack over memory loss and thinking difficulties, I was always a great student and I got the highest grades in my college biochemistry class.

I have very serious pain and fatigue all over my body I am diagnosed with an incurable painful condition called dysautonomia, and I have speech difficulties from brain damage diagnosed as dysphasia.

I am completely ostracized by society all the doctors hate me and wrote me off as mentally ill.

My understanding is that I was stereotyped by society as being a dangerous young man similar to the school shooters or criminals who are isolated young men.

It’s not true I was always a very kind young man I am not dangerous and I never was, being quiet withdrawn and occasionally aggressive is just a stereotype.

In school I was the nicest kindest kid if you were going through issues or needed help on homework I would be the one to help because I was a very nice very friendly kid I am a Boy Scout.

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I am a good guy and all my friends at school knew, the doctors at the hospital stereotyped me as a mentally ill and aggressive teenager, and refused to help my illnesses until now.

It may be too late to treat my long list of serious health conditions.

I was a good guy, smart, well behaved, supportive to friends, I protected you from the bully.

>Jow Forums

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Almost killed myself while drunk 5 months ago. I finally stopped drinking the next day and began studying Hinduism. I was on all welfare and had been jobless for 5 months already. Fast forward 2 months, I find a temp job thru a temp agency fixing an access database. Fast forward another 2 months and they're so impressed with the new database I'm building that they offered me a full time salaried position starting at $50k a year with immediate benefits and the title software engineer. I'm an engineer now. Wtf is happening.

I have CTE, it sucks and will only get worse.

I'm hurt and lonely. Women have a "great time" with me on the first date and then leave me on read when I try to set the next up.
I think they can tell I'm lonely. I do go out with male friends, but if I'm honest, they don't exactly bolster me up. People in general like to tease me a lot, because I have this gungho attitude and act like I can just take it forever, but it sucks that THAT'S all my social life is. I'll "maybe" get a compliment for my work ethic sometimes. One of them gave me his old wii because he tells me I need to do more than work, drink, clean, and dick around on my phone, but I can't even make myself play that because I'm busy obsessing over whether or not this bitch is going to text me back. Like "wow, she said I was funny and cute, and her head has to rest on my chest when we hug," but that's all I even want now.
Half of me wants to just fill up her inbox with memes so I can either get her attention or get her decisively fucked off with me and either is the correct choice at this point.

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>I don’t know how to tell her
>"I need to go back on antidepressants"
There. inb4 durrrrhurrrr greentext used wrong

I lift and lift and lift but still haven’t seen a minge or touched one neither! ! !


remember m8 your not so special

I fucked up hard in 2018/2019. A girl has shown heavy Interest in me last october and I didn't approach her. She gsvd me many chances but I'm too shy and think I'm not worth it. She didn't go out of my head and she's chilling with her clique in college and now its even harder to approach her. We have exams now so we have no lectures for the next 2 months and I'm basically sitting at home, try to learn my shit and remind myself how my lonelyness is eating me alive. I learned from my failures i think but as soon as I see her I cant speak up to her. I also barely see my friends anymore since I became an imb4 shut in. We were partying yesterday with me drinking 3 beers, half a bottle of wine, 2 vodka energy and a glass of pure vodka (I barely drink but I'm polish so I'm solid). After the glass of vodka I sipped in 3-4 seconds all those old fucks that could be my fathers just stared at me like wtf. Then I had a mental breakdown outside of the bar due to other personal things.

I'm reading self help books by now but it's still hard to me to change my life. I learned that I have to fight and that I mustnt blamd others even if it's their fault.

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I'm having a 19 yr old qt coming over in a few hours and I just wish my ex would call me telling me she fucked up because her mental health was fucked and she wants to try to make it work and she'll do anything for another shot.

But that's not reality.

I'm 30 and she was my 2nd relationship ever but for the first 6 months we had something special. I've never been with someone so compatible in so many ways.

Idk if that's just normal for the first 6 months of relationships in general but fuck it felt so amazing.

She cut off her best friend a month before she dumped me. She has DEEP abandonment issues but i was willing to try as long as she didn't treat me like shit. Which started to happen and I wouldn't allow it - hence the beginning of our end..

Laura I miss you

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Especially your parents, they have a “special kind of power” since they are “blood”, but everyone can be toxic to somebody.

Keep going man. If you want to Improve read mark mansons book on how to not give a fuck.

The only thing you can do is to stop giving a fuck on dates and pick a hobby. I only had one date once and I didn't give a damn at all and it went fucking well even if I'm broken inside.

Do you kiss them on the 1st date?

Not sure what that has to do with anything.
I unironically hate hobbies. Post number one summarizes it. I'm not special. The things I can make aren't special. I'm not going to let the highlight of my life be making a bunch of shit that nobody cares about.

I don't. I don't even have the foggiest idea WHEN that's supposed to be the thing, a kiss.

congrats! you should ask for another pay rise, though

I live relatively far from my mom (son of single mother), though I see her once a week. while she thinks she can take her of herself along, she can't. she's 65+, we never had our own house and her siblings kinda hate her.
thing is, on the one hand, I fucking HATE her, except for the fact that she's my mom. she's toxic, dumb, religious, hateful. I'm not even sure if I should trust her.
on the other hand, I decided to buy the family house with her in the next months. I've improved my situation substantially in the last 2 years, and she got some govt subsidies for buying a house. it's a relatively big house and we could make a small business with it, just so she can keep occupied and making some money by herself. also, I plan on visiting this house weekly, perhaps even working remotely from there in a couple of months.
I still have no idea if this is a good idea, or if it'll fuck my head even more than what she already does when I think of the stuff she has(hasn't) done in my life.
what do you think I should do? should I tell her to fuck off and die? should I take advantage of my position and buy the house? should I try doing something totally different? I could buy a cheap house by myself, but... I want one badly right now.

It completely depends on why you “hate” her, and if those things are actually just annoyances, rather than irredeemable qualities.

There isn’t too much info here for me to give my honest opinion. You obviously don’t have to give that info if you don’t want to.

get fit brah, you'll make it.
watch how improving your health will improve your perception of the world and how the world perceives you.
good luck and godspeed.

get a cool prosthetic and hide it under long sleeves+gloves.
be THAT guy, the best possible version of yourself. OWN it.

fucking hell. a similar thing happened to me around 6 months back. a 5 year relationship gone down the drain and all I was left with were terrible, new feelings.
like said, don't "be nice", but also don't become fixated on "revenge" or making her feel bad. simply make it clear that you're better than her and her actions, by not interacting with her ever again.
it's hard, user. 6 months have gone by and it doesn't feel a whole lot better. thinking of her still hurts, but she shows up a lot less frequently in my thoughts and dreams.
seriously, don't dwell on your hatred and try to look forward, as cheesy as that may sound. trying to get even only shows that you still care about her attention despite what she's done.
good luck user. from another victim.

you'll make it bro.
you will.

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i wish the same thing every night user
but that's not reality
and it fucking hurts

I posted this some time ago

I'm addicted to porn. It's been almost 20 years since I discovered internet porn as a child and I haven't stopped since. I've fapped to almost anything imaginable and if left alone I will jerk off to porn 4 to 6 times a day. My entire life I've come up with reasons for when I'll stop jerking off to porn. First is was once I got a girlfriend to have regular sex with, then once I moved in with a girl, once I got a legitimate job, or when I got married. All these events have come to pass and all I've done is just hide my porn habit.

I'll have sex with my wife and then go to my office in the basement and rub one out to porn. I have a flash drive of my favorite scenes where occasional during slow days at the office I'll rub one out to during work hours (on a personal laptop). People have knocked on my office door during one of these sessions and I've pretended to not be there, putting my job at risk. I have a stronger erection jerking off at my desk than I do when I'm having sex with my wife.

All my excuses for why I don't stop are poor:
>If my wife lost some weight (she is normal weight, nowhere near overweight)
>if she wore sexier clothing
>if she did certain behavior during sex/initiated more

All of these reasons are bad and/or full on lies. The only truth is that I'm an addict and I can't stop.

If anyone reading this stupid website is young and doesn't have a relationship yet, don't fuck your life up with porn like I did.

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My social anxiety gets in the way of living my life, never had any friends, never had a full time job I'm trying to get help in overcoming my anxiety but I don't know if I'll succeed in getting very far. It doesn't help that I'm quiet and not very humorous, gets lonely and depressing
Ive started fasting and walking more to try and lose some weight to improve my self esteem I was 110 at one point now I'm 91, I guess 85 would be my goal. Couldn't do any chin ups when I started working out then I got up to 3x4, but I had to stop due to pain in my hand, doctor sent me for an ultra sound and they found a growth in my hand, I'm worried it might be cancerous.
Atleast I'm not a KHV

the whole "porn fucks you up" is a meme.
it all comes down to your mental strength and not believing that BS

Thanks, mate

Honestly that 19yr has glued a grin on me. That was good pucci.

I feel like a weight has lifted off me and honestly i feel more over my ex. Just needed some hot young poon to fix me up.

Highly recommend it. Take swing dance lads - no lie.

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If that is what your mum has done, if I was you, I would not completely cut ties, but I would really limit the contact between you two. That is if she is still the same/or worse then before. In other words don’t worry about her unless she is on her deathbed, and even then just visit her occasionally.

If it’s a case of mental illness on her behalf, I would still limit the contact to the same degree.

Because things like that change extremely rarely. That’s how I would handle that situation.

im really worried about my sister (shes not really my sister but shes close enough)
she just broke up with her boyfriend, who im also friends with, and Im afraid its because of her mental health
she hasn't been acting great, paranoia, hallucinations both seem to be common
shes convinced that her ex boyfriend cheated on her in a hotel room in the same bed as she was sleeping
I think that a lot of it was caused by stress from work and her parents, and I know that both her and her family has a history of schizo

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Jannies moved it to Jow Forums because its not healthy to talk about problems lmao

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Broke up with my first gf and have been having a shit week and can't stop thinking about it. She is kind of hindering my career growth so I had to let her go and she is an awful person but I still like her a lot. Hope things get better

dysautonomia does not exist
it's a shill tactic
either that or you're a moron
exercise more and connect with your neurons


I'm a fuck up, I feel incredibly miserable. I just stopped talking to the only girl I tried to open up to because it seemed she kept on coming up with excuses but before that she had been throwing herself at me. I know I can't beat myself up over a girl but this is on top of a bucket load of circumstances, failures and severe loneliness. The fatigue is killing me. I've started drinking to feel better. My mom has cancer. Household chores pile up and when I get home I'm too tired. I have to put on a mask of being ok then deal with ceasing to exist as a social person when I leave work or school. I've had no energy or drive to work out. Every fucking day at school is a constant test, the classes are filled with girls who I have to remain on good terms with and they will constantly shit test me and I have to come back with jokes or whatever. There is literally no peace unless I'm comfortably drunk.

All this so I can graduate to have a slim chance at an entry middle class career, so I have the money to pay off a mortgage and take care of my mom should she get very unwell. I panicked about that half a decade ago and here I am, almost there but I have never hated myself and been so unhappy.

I can't even open up to my mom out of fear of worrying her. She thinks I'm ok. I have no one to open up to except for fucking anons here. It's an act the moment I see anybody else and it's tiring.

>I unironically hate hobbies. Post number one summarizes it. I'm not special. The things I can make aren't special. I'm not going to let the highlight of my life be making a bunch of shit that nobody cares about.

You don't have to be an expert or the best in anything. 99% of the population is mediocre while being better than 60% of those people in one field while being average in any other. Geniuses and masters often suck tho in most fields while being experts in one or some. Zucc is a billionaire but is so autistic people say he's a robot or an reptiloid. Musk is a billionaire but has anger issues while being a workaholic. Michael Jackson was a broken psycho and Assagne throws his own shit on embassy walls.

You have to find hobbies in order to have fun and express yourself, not to get into a history book you faggot. Do you expect s girl to show interest in you if there's nothing interesting about you? What do you do all day? Can you expect a girl to do nothing but literally nothing with you?

Girls love people who show passion and ambition in one field and showing my passion for electronic music and talking about how I'm doing my own and my other core interests for like 8 years now was enough to talk hours about it. You're just searching for excuses and give too many fucks on social prestige which 95% of us will never gain. Leave the idea of "going big" behind nd start living. Go on or youtube, search for a topic that interests you and start reading and learning about it.

We live in 2019 and can get almost all information for free and you let it all go to waste.

Also people can give fucks about you but they do give fucks about actual humans with interests and not some fleshy function that does jackshit all day. I don't wanna know how your dating convos are going.

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I'm pretty sure I have uncovered repressed memories of child rape, but at the same time I feel like I could just be driving myself nuts chasing ghosts. I don't know what to believe.

My girlfriend left me a couple months ago. Almost 3 now fuck. She was the only person I had ever been close to in my life and she left me for another man. I am pretty sure this has scarred me emotionally, as I literally can't stop thinking of her. I had trust issues and was lonely before her it felt like God gave me a peace of happiness and ripped it away. I hate her so much for how she treated me but I also miss her even more.

user, I don't mean to be a dick, but I don't think there's really much you can do for this girl. Her family having a predisposition to schizophrenia kinda fucked her from the start. You can try to help but she might push you away or become outright antagonistic towards you.

You're not the first guy this has happened to, nor will you be the last guy this happens to, user. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off, life will go on without her.