Does getting a gf worth all the work I have to put in? It seems like a huge waste of time and effort for me

Does getting a gf worth all the work I have to put in? It seems like a huge waste of time and effort for me.

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No, it's not.

You should work on yourself, and someone will come along and be attracted to the work you've put in. If you're not willing to work on yourself at all, you may not make a good relationship prospect.

But if someone can't appreciate anything you do, they're not worth your time, either.

>You should work on yourself, and someone will come along and be attracted to the work you've put in.
I don't know user, have been working on myself in the last few years and still no gf.

I worked on myself the past 9 and still no GF. But women have noticed me more and more as I continue to improve. I will say upfront if you want a fast track, the number one thing to do is be confident. Which means not doubting yourself so much or relying on others for approval. I realize this is easier said than done.

No. Having a GF or a BF isn't worth the trouble. It's like having a dog or a cat. You don't need to have one but people need the companionship for whatever reason. Some people need the constant attention from another living being to validate their existence. If you're an anti-social person, not an autist, maybe just a misanthrope, its hard to make a compelling argument for why you would bother with a relationship outside of sex or wanting your own biological child.

If it feels like a huge waste of time to you then it's probably not worth it.

you can improve into infinity, if youre not also pursuing and asking women out and such then why bother bettering yourself


Becoming that kind of person is worth the work. This is because the same qualities that might score you a girlfriend are also broadly appreciated by society. In short, life is fucking easy mode for attractive people. You have no idea. You get better jobs more easily, strangers treat you nicely, people will do you favors for no goddamn reason, etc.

Good to know, I'll book an appointment with a plastic surgeon asap.

You should, it's safer than ever these days. Rhinoplasty and orthodonics completely changed my fucking life.

I was being sarcastic, I don't have money to spare for that and I got orthodontics done anyway. Didn't change much considering I hate smiling.

Well asking out hundreds of women just to get a gf seems like a waste of time for me.

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Dude, you say "fall in love" for a reason: it's not something to search for, it's something that simply happens.

The effort should be to keep love alive once you "fall" in it.

You're on Jow Forums. It might actually be impossible to spend your time any more wastefully than what you're doing right now.

There are no objective standards for what constitutes a waste of time. If what you're doing satisfies you then it's not a waste. Anyone who says otherwise is a literal NPC.

The time you spend writing that autistic response was objectively a waste of time.

>maybe if I call him autistic I won't have to address his post
I don't even know you, but I can tell you're an incredibly boring, cookie cutter "person".

You put the period inside of the quotation marks, like "this."

Not necessarily in british english, "retard".

>lowercase b
>lowercase e

>thinking you can be a muh grammar autist but greentext as well
Gotta love how you're pretending that my initial response hasn't struck a nerve, by the way. Keep seething, NPC.

Keep using the same sentence structure, broken record.

Keep hiding your boiling anger behind a mask of embarrassingly artificial indifference, non-person.

Then help me release my boiling anger if it interests you so much.

No, that's your burden to bear.

Awww are you scared of a little ultraviolence?

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Keep talking shit and I'll give you the Warwick Davis treatment, kiddo.

just fuck already

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But he's not a cute biological female.

I'm pretty sure that's what he was offering in the last post. Either that or he wants to blow up my shield generator.

Look up the various Warwick Davis /tv/ copypastas, newfriend.