Ask the opposite gender anything

ask the opposite gender anything

my last question
how do I avoid a flake? I really like this girl.

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>how do I avoid a flake?
You don't. If someone doesn't wanna hang out, they won't hang out. Outside of anything incredibly offputting on your end, i.e. smelling like shit, talking like shit, acting like shit, someone will have to decide on their own whether or not they want to be with you.

I posted another thread, but nobody responded to it, so I'll try here: is being with someone who seems emotionally unavailable ever worth it? The last time I tried to date someone very depressed, it failed miserably. I end up drawing women to me who have some emotional issues and are depressed etc. but it never works out, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm doing wrong by myself by dating women like this, or if it's possible to be happy with someone who is depressed.

How much of a turn off is being bisexual as a dude?

the thing is, she asked me when, I suggested a day where she's apparently busy.
How do I reschedule without sounding like a thirsty beta?
How do I

You just ask when she is free. If she is not responding or says she's not sure etc., I'm sorry to say but that's your answer.

What you absolutely do not want to do is lose your cool, get too emotional, try to pressure her etc. You cannot let someone live in your head rent free like this, which I realize is easier said than done.

Women, what kind of porn do you like or what do you use to get the mood going when touching yourself?

Amateur stuff, usually pretty vanilla

For the past couple months, my girlfriend has changed her views on our relationship.

It's not that she dislikes it or anything, she still loves and misses me dearly, but the thing is, she's thrown in the fact that she's busy.
A couple months ago she got a new job and has buried herself in work because she has nothing else to do. We used to see each other 3x a week, now it's once every 2 or so. She generally tells me when she's going to come over or hang out. I try to make plans with us, but she's busy.

I bring up the fact that things have changed and are different, but she just says we're both busy - we have things going on and have the rest of our lives to be together.
I don't want to be insecure, I want to focus on myself, but what the fuck do you do in a situation like this?
She does still love me and she does still miss me.

Move in with her, if possible. It not maybe video chatting in your free time could help if sheโ€™s unable to come over

What's more important in a guy, looks or confidence?

cock size

So there's this really REALLY cute guy at the walgreens and I think he kinda likes me cause instead of having the dead-inside retail stare like most dudes he like looked at me and smiled and got all soft voiced cute when i came around to his line today and we both shyly talked to each other. ANYWAYS would it be weird to like, stop by there every few days to see if he's there and the next time i see him give him a note that says something like "my name is anonette, and i think your really cute. text me sometime? if u don't wanna that's ok too!!" with my phone number? It's less weird cause i actually have reasons to go to walgreens since i have to fill my adderall on tuesday or wednesday and then i'm also running out of like, paper towels and other things. am i being a stalker, i won't do this thing if i'm being weird he's just so cute i wanna kiss him agh

omit the note and just ask him.

i'm way too shy for that, plus if there are people around it makes it awkward for the both of us

You throwin WAY too much thought into this, adderall girl.

Just walk up to that nigga and say "Hey lil sugar I think you're fine as FUCK" while deep dabbing.

so girls, how mad are you if we broke up
and then keep seeing each other with sex for like 6 months.
then you tell me you love me and wanna comeback
and i say nope, but i wanna stay friends cuz i could use that sex
but you say "im not talking to you anymore, have great life"

What the hell? Dude just ask him if you can have his number next time you stop in for a prescription. If he's not there and you know his name, ask someone if they know the next time he'll be working and say you're his cousin if they ask any questions. Taking time to stop by every day is definitely weirder than just asking someone when he works next. Either way you're a creep unless you wait until a day you happen to need to go to walgreens

just shy of black or "i'm a male feminist"

If he's a good-looking guy, I doubt he would care about an autistic bitch like you who pines after him.

is it better to just not tell a chick?

Reposting from end of last thread
Tl;dr girl I like is going out of state for business and keeps giving me mixed signals. I said "ill miss you" in a message and that's the only part of the message she didn't acknowledge in her response. I suspect its just a distancing tactic but I get mixed signals from her all the time.

>Does she ever initiate text?
On occasion. Usually its when we've been apart for a while.
>Are they long?
most all of our messages are about meeting up in person so they're never too long, but we'll have several hour conversations almost daily when she's out of state
>Does she text back quickly or takes her time?
Depends on what she's doing. I know she's not avoiding replying of that's the question
>Does she have any crushes you might know about?
>Did she show any signs of interest to you? Any flirting at all?
I'm autistic as fuck so I'm not sure if she's flirting. We definitely have inside jokes and have started making sexual jokes not directed at each other (exceptions being when she screams "eat my dick" when she beats me in card games). We went to the midnight showing of a movie the other day and she definitely ended up getting pretty close towards the climax of the movie but that's the most obvious thing I've noticed. I definitely can see her being wary of a new relationship because of her ex but its also been a few months. I'm fine with waiting until she's ready for one but I just want to know she will be at some point

I'm not dating yet because I don't want to share my phone with any girlfriend I manage to meet. I don't like the idea of letting each other "check our phones". It makes me feel like I'm 13 again and my parents want to check my browser history or something. It's a terrible sign of trust.

Have sex.

Do women get as depressed as men? If so, any advice on dealing with it?

Yes, leave the note.

Much less risk of totally sperging out.

Live a lifestyle where you can hand your phone off to someone you trust and know they won't find anything damning

Find a girl who isn't a psycho bitch that needs to go through your phone

i'm a bi girl and some bi guys are stylish as fuck so i say not a turn off. Tho i know some straight girls who would flip shit
i put way too much thought into everything, it's why i got put on adderall. I can't just walk up to him and dab and tell him he's cute out loud, i have 20 years of conditioning to literally not do that to fight against.
I guess i can do that. i didn't get his name, but whatever i'll just wait until the next time i see him. Asking is still sorta weird. I'll just grow some balls or something.
nice. time to die i guess
I mean would it be better to just ask him out loud? I have the habit of spacing out (more than usual), and totally embarrassing myself when stressed out

ye, women hate faggots

There's this chick I was talking to today and I'm kinda into her and I think she might be into me, not sure. She was doing this thing where she had one arm across her chest and one up kinda touching her neck, that's a good sign right? That's a good thing?

I know trying to interpret body language is lame but I can't help myself

>I mean would it be better to just ask him out loud?
no, I think leaving a note is cute. That could just be me though.

I was joking about the dab.

That's my way of telling you that you're taking this too seriously.

You need to relax. It's okay to be awkward.

Send a note. Or don't. Be contrived as hell. Go in there and buy a single apple with the sole express purpose of asking him out. Walk right up to him and fight through the blushing red face and stuttering anime monologues and say some shit like "Employee-kun! I want your babies...!" (Obviously don't say this. This is hyperbole.)

Whatever you do, you win. Even if you lose, you win. Failure means growth.

got it, i make adorable notes. i knew i didn't learn calligraphy for nothing.
i know you were joking, i'm just being fucking manic. I broke up with my ex a few months ago and this is the first time i've wanted to approach a guy in years so i'm just aaagh fucj

Guys, be blunt. This dude doesn't give a fuck about me, right?
>claims to be my boyfriend and says he loves me (I didn't say it back)
>is busy all week but begs to see me on the weekend, promises we're going to spend allllll day together
>I cave in, agree, and he comes over
>entire time he's here, he's on his phone and asks me the same questions like he's reading off a script
>we don't do anything and he doesn't want to
>ends up leaving 1-2 hours later
>doesn't message me or reply to my messages all week until he's ready to come over
>wash and repeat for the past 4 weeks

drop him, he likes you but he's a shitty person.

Sounds you haven't even made it pass just being friends.. and not even good friends for that matter.

It's fine. It's hard to read you online.

I didn't realize you did calligraphy.

In that case yeah, make a note.

Shows off a talent. Chance to get creative.

But seriously, just don't stress out and overthink it. Adderall can at times exacerbate those tendencies, as I am sure you're already aware.

How long should I wait before kissing her. Like how many dates if I only see her on the odd occasion outside of our dates?

>It's fine. It's hard to read you online.
>I didn't realize you did calligraphy. In that case yeah, make a note. Shows off a talent. Chance to get creative.
Hell yeah, i rarely have a reason to do anything fun with it anymore.
>Adderall can at times exacerbate those tendencies, as I am sure you're already aware.
The irony is that i don't take it on the weekends so this is me normally. It calms me the hell down tho, unless i don't sleep then i just feel like a zombie.
Thanks for the help!

Yes. Get a therapist

Yeah, but it's much easier for them to cope because they can talk to people or go on meds without risking their social status.

Is there a equivalent to kicking someone in the balls but then directed towards females. It's apparently it's considered cool or something to kick a man in the balls but is there something i can do, to do something back when a woman tries to hit me?

It's not considered cool to kick a man in the balls. Also the answer to your question is a backhanded smack across the face. Slap her back to a time before women could vote.

Can we not use women's defence techniques but on women I'm sure a kick in the cameltoe will hurt just as well

Still painful to kick a woman in a crotch, or titpunch.

Ah the tit twist

Of course, but I think the kick to the balls for "cool" reasons is more symbolic. A kick anywhere would hurt, some places more than others. A backhand to the face inflicts special emotional pain though.

Yes, but itโ€™s better for them because they have their own pussies.

yikes, just be forward and don't write that cringeworthy note

Why the hell do people get into relationships? They seem absolutely fucking awful from what I've seen.
And why does everyone want me to be one with them or someone else? I cannot come up with a good enough reason to want to put myself through that nonsense.


how old are you?

We're animals with hormones and biological urges. The rest is just our elaborate bullshit machinations.

Plenty of animals pair for life

They don't have elaborate bullshit machinations. Same end goal though: satisfy the biological urge.

Okay, so there's this girl I like and haven't really talked to for a while, then outta the blue we start texting pretty regularly. We'll one day I invite her over and she comes with her hair all done and looking good. We play Mario Kart and I whoop her ass, then we get some food and she's really friendly and accommodating. Beginning of the night we were on opposite ends of the couch, but by the end of the night I was right up next to her. Thing is I didn't make a move, I was wondering if I shoulda kissed her, but I didn't wanna come off as creepy or too strong. So I settled for a hug, but then now she's not texting as much, she takes a while to respond and I've tried to invite her back over, but to no avail.

Did I miss my chance? And what can I do to fix this?

Is it cringeworthy to give someone your phone number on paper?

This, based pusyposter.
And imagine if women didn't have vaginas, holy shit, they would all kill themselves the very next day when they realize how worthless they really are and how society won't cater to them anymore. It's really not a surprise that so many men become traps these days, life on easy-mode is real.

Guys, how would you feel if your gf stood behind you and held your dick for you while you peed? I kinda want to do it for my boyfriend.

Weird flex but okay

freak out because piss is about to cover my whole bathroom

Oh you want to know what it's like to piss as a dude, don't you?

INFJ girl here.
Guys, why do you think that talking to you all the time, showing lots of affection, and trying to learn about you on a deep level counts as leading you on? Imo those things are just the essential building blocks of friendship.

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Next time he gives you the receipt, just write your number and name on it, then give the receipt back to him, smile and leave.

It's how my best friend met his gf and he's head-over-heels for her

Itโ€™s also part of courting and dating. I agree that guys jump the gun way too often, but you gotta meet them halfway and state your intentions more clearly.

If just using the toilet idk... but if I was outside like camping or something i'd probably tell her to aim higher and see if we can hit a target.

A proper cuntpunt

Me and my GF tried it because she was curious. It was fun.
"Next time we go for the boss level - with morning wood."
Tip: Do it outdoors. I bet you can't aim if your life depended on it.

Are mascular guys will small penis real men and shemales/gays with big pinus?

if she keeps blowing you off, let her come to you. If its really bothering you try sit her down and talk to her, but do your best not to sound needy or else she may start to lose attraction for you.

You never seen a good relationship? What kind of abusive upbringing did you have? Or, and this is most likely, are you a teenager?

should i kill myself? (i'm fat, ugly and virgin at 22 years old)

No, you should not kill yourself.

You should also not judge yourself so harshly. It does not matter that you are fat, ugly, or a virgin.

fssshsshs i feel like i'd make that totally awkward somehow

you have the autismus and send wrong nonverbal cues

What makes someone attract taken women? I seem to draw them a lot more than most people, and I don't want to be "that guy".

Not a grill but confidence, easily. Out of all my friends, the one who is currently banging 6 or 7 different attractive women is the fattest. He's also the most confident person I know.

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How should I of respond?

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objectively no. subjectively, depends what your aims are: better for transience; not better for substance

Post pics otherwise go fuck yourself.

He's 5'11" and weighs 275lbs.

yeah you missed your chance bro


If youre talking to them all the time theyre going to assume youre into them. Thats why those memes about 'youre such a good friend' or similar exist, because its a good way to make the other person know that youre not romantically interested

Hey femanon, so I'm bad at picking up on signs like really bad. I never know if a girl is into me until it's usually too late, or they come right out and say that they're interested. Thing is there's this girl I've been talking to recently, and on paper we're perfect together. She loves cosplay, video games, she draws and does tattoos, and she's freaking gorgeous. Thing is I don't know if she likes me the same way. she's come over a few times, but I was too scared to make a move. How do I know she's into me, and when's the right time to make a move? Pic related.

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Dont worry too much about picking up signs. Youre trying to avoid potential pain of rejection, but rejection doesnt actually matter

Instead of waiting on signs, just tell her you think shes gorgeous and ask her out

Scared to flirt after #MeToo. Worried one wrong move and that's it.

But now it feels awkward. I can't seem to get her over and I don't wanna do it over text. I was thinking wait until we're both at a thing, but I don't wanna wait so long she loses interest. Also should I back off on texting and give her time to "miss me" or will she just assume I'm not interested and find someone else?

>Removes main post
Are you fucking serious? Okay fine I'll ask here.

Either gender who has had success in finding a long term partner...
How long do you think it takes you to "fall" for someone? Can it happen if you're not dating them? What if you kinda feel like you don't really know them even though you have talked to them and they were in a relationship but you were attracted to them physically from the start of knowing them and then butaybe you're worried because they helped you through something so be you wonder if you're even capable of relationships because all of a sudden you miss this person and you don't know what to text them? What if it seems to really suck if you don't text them? What if you see yourself in them and I don't mean that as a retarded innuendo? What does any of this... Why??
I'm playing tricks on myself? I mean I've done that before like when I make seafood or chicken I sometimes get freaked out or the first time I tried plantain I thought I had constipation the next morning and was worried I had to call a doctor, so my mind isn't always reliable

I shouldn't care either way. It's just a stupid crush that mixed with her supporting me through something and me not realizing that it sucked ass to lose that support. I mean people develop crushes all the time I'm projecting these idealized ideas of what I would like her to be like? No what am I saying?

Okay look. How do I stop having a stupid crush or whatever this, this feeling of "needing" a certain person because you felt as if they were there before but rely you just didn't have any fucking human contact to begin with?

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i also feel like that, so i guess #meetoo heh hehe

well if you have they have their phone at hand, no need to use a paper..

sounds like something i'd like to do

There can't not be friendship between men and women. If you are spending a lot of time with a guy then that would be interpreted as that you like them.

go to a gym and stop being a pussy.

This is sorta directed at the girl wanting to ask out the Walgreens guy, but:

As a dude, if a girl I was attracted to was being a little nervous and awkward around me while asking me out or showing signs of attraction, I'd be pretty into it. It's always flattering to see someone who thinks you're cute and gets nervous around you because of it. Even if things are a little awkward at first, you have the chance to make it up if they say yes. And if they say no, then even if you weren't awkward at all, they still would have said no.

Unless you do something batshit crazy to reverse their attraction, being a little awkward is totally fine. No idea if it's the same for girls in regards to guys though

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>You never seen a good relationship?
A few, but those are quite rare from my experience. Most relationships look like people trying hard to just not feel like they're alone.
>abusive upbringing
Yeah, my impression of romantic relationships is almost certainly colored by childhood experiences. Even so, they strike me as something I can do without

I'd probably give her a weird look and then agree. Probably say something noncommittally agreeing like "Sure, I guess, if you want."

Two reasons. One, guy friendships are different from girl friendships, and two, those sorts of things are relationship things that encourage love, basically. So if you're doing that then you're leading him on if you don't have an intention of following up.

That said, are you sure that you aren't interested in him?

If it's not feasible, cut contact. If she's available, ask her out.

Some are, sure. But lemme tell you that being in a relationship with someone you're crazy about and who's crazy about you is literally the best thing in the world.

Should I go back to my abusive ex? We're still legally married and divorce is a bit expensive at the moment, but I may file the papers within the next few months once I have the money. Assuming he does ask me back, should I go back?

I'm only asking these ridiculous questions because I have had absolutely no luck with anybody since I've left him. I know that love is not the end all be all answer to life, but I'm the kind of person who loves to love and I love very hard, so while I'm more or less moved on from it, a very small part of me will always love him to death.

People find me too damaged because of my C-PTSD due the violence he inflicted on me.

So you know the answer to this question already, but I will answer it because it sounds like you need it to be said:

The answer is obviously no. He does not deserve you and your love, and you don't deserve to be hurt by him. He has traumatized you so badly that it will take time to recover from what he's done to you. You need to focus on yourself until you are healthy enough to find someone new. It's okay to take that time. You will be lonely in the short term, but in the long term you will be happy. You do not deserve to be hurt by him, you deserve a good life.

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Is it really that great? I get vague feelings something might be missing from my life sometimes, but what I've seen of romantic relationships usually dispels the idea that's what it is.

Thank you. You're right, what the fuck am I thinking? I think I just need to put dating on hold and just focus on myself.

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No, no, no, no, no.
Please have some patience. Getting over these things takes time. You owe it to yourself to be free and to live the life you want to. I say this as someone trying to work through something sorta similar.