Am 20 year old kissless handholdless virgin girl, literally never been approached by a guy in my life...

Am 20 year old kissless handholdless virgin girl, literally never been approached by a guy in my life. I try to look/dress nice and be normal but that clearly isn't doing anything for me. Even worse, I'm hopelessly in love with a game character, basically I've become the female counterpart to waifufags. I guess it's a way for me to cope, but it's getting to the point where I'm legitimately depressed that he isn't real. In my mind it's like I'm never going to find a guy, so this is the only chance I have, and since it's obviously just a fantasy it makes me even more upset. I feel like this hurts my chances of finding a real guy too because I've somehow become even more autistic than I was before. Do I have any hope anons

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Approach guys yourself. You are in love with a game character because that's all you've known. Hang out with more guys and try to be proatctive and you'll make it.

Post a pic you fucking larper

I'll date you.

Obvious larper, the way you type reeks of male.

Get a bodypillow like the rest of us ya wierdo

I swear to God it's real. I'm not going to post my pic, I legitimately am looking for advice. I think my typing is just because I'm on the internet so much and I'm imitating what I see here

I appreciate you answer, but I thought it's weird for a girl to approach a guy? I feel like that's only something a more dominant(?) girl would do, which is not
like my personality

It's funny, I have a big figure and merch collection of him and I was just looking into body pillows, which is what prompted me to write this post because I feel like I'm going past the point of no return if I do that

You missed out telling us the most important detail here. Which video game character?

Also, I have a friend who was like you until she was 24 or 25. Her biggest problem was bland mannish clothes that made her look like a boy, the haircut of Prince Valiant and a severe lack of self-confidence. She was afraid to speak for herself and generally avoided people. Never spent a night out in a club or got drunk either.

But she hit the gym a bit, started using make up, dressing up, started approaching people, did a 180 change. Has lots of contacts now and a new guy will try to pick her up at least every 2-3 weeks. Women largely rely on looks to attract men, but being more of a social butterfly than an outsider also boots your attractiveness. Get involved, be seen, act approachable.

If you really are a woman and are moderately attractive, then you should never have trouble getting laid. There is a world of lonely guys that are just like you. Go for it.

Fine, a pic of an actress who looks like you.

You probably have never done anything that might land you a boyfriend right? Not gone outside, not set up a dating site profile?

You're not a girl
Girls are socially successful by default and can't fail to the point of becoming hopeless waifufags like men

At least try to be a bit more subtle

Ok I believe you
>aka I think you are full of shit
I'm assuming you're so fat and ugly that not even a thirsty beta man would want to fuck you
Pics or gtfo larper

Implying OP would want to get anywhere near you


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Best part of the thread, kekd

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Tfw my reply is there
Hi mum n dad

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If you lived 20 years and literally no one approached you sorry but you're just really really fucking ugly or fat
And I mean REALLY ugly or fat, some guys have low standards

No matter what you look like there are thousands of guys all around you that wouldn't hesitate if you asked them. Guys nowadays are scared to ask a girl for her number or anything really because of stupid SJW retards trying to make guys think asking a girl out is rape or some shit.

Social media was a mistake a big fucking mistake.

>le epic ass jay wubble u
nice autism. find another scapegoat you retarded

What's with all the gay psyops on Jow Forums lately?

Without a picture of you, we cannot be certain of your looks and therefore give you accurate advice. However, I understand the hesitation in posting a picture.

There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or millions of men who would take you out. Even if you weren't very attractive, they have low standards. Unfortunately, they also have incredibly low self esteem. You may have to ask them out, and no, its not a dominant thing to do, especially if you are this lonely.

As for your husbando, its totally cool to have one. Body pillows are a bit far, but you can toss em out or stick em in a closet if you find a really good guy. Curious as to what character it is though.

Also, go to cons. Go to cons. You will find people at cons.

He's not wrong, women in college especially are a huge financial and legal risk because the cucks running the school believe EVERYTHING she says.

I'm 5 foot 110 lbs, if I was fat I would know what the problem is, it's not perfect but I have a really normal average body. My face is really 60s looking, I used makeapp and did editing on a photo and it's close enough to what I look like without makeup, but I really do wear normal makeup every day and I dress decently, I'm in college and I dress up more than just wearing a sweatshirt like everyone else, I do wear all black though. I feel like I have enough self awareness to know I'm not deformed, obviously not super pretty but I like to think I take good enough care of myself. I feel like I can handle conversations but this thread is making me think that maybe I am really autistic and I just don't realize, I thought I was just a little shy/awkward

It's a kind of obscure character, he looks like he'd fit in an otome game like ones from Rejet. Thanks for the anecdote about your friend, it's hopeful. I guess my next step is being more proactive about being outgoing, I've always been shy but I guess it's worse than I thought. I really just want to have a partner, I feel like bars or going on tinder are places for hookups and I don't want anything like that

I am in clubs at my school, but do dating apps really work? I really want to have a relationship, I'm not looking to get laid

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>imagine being so dumb to believe this

You know how people get into relationships? Answer: by meeting each other. Whatever the way to meet might be.

Because it happened to me, fucking sheep

You are not limited by your personality traits, and even if you werer not being dominant has nothing to do with your issue. You can approach a guy exactly the same they might approach women. Shy guys/girls sometimes ask other people on dates even if it's harder for them and extroverted people sometimes get scared to ask people on dates even if it (theoretically) should be easier for them to do so.

Details or you lie.

>I'm 5 foot 110 lbs, if I was fat
But, that literally is fat. Now I'm super skinny but damn I'm 5'7 and 102 pounds, you're fat girl.

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Look girl: either everyone around is pretty gay or something is up with you. Having a husbando is okay I guess like I'd find it pretty weird but honestly we are all a bunch of autists down here. Without a picture or something like that there's no telling what the issue is.

And you replied to someone asking if it was weird to approach a guy. As a dude it would make my day if some random qt 3.14 came to me and asked me out so I wouldn't worry about it.

You did not ask for advice; go away.

>I'm 5 foot 110 lbs, if I was fat I would know what the problem is, it's not perfect but I have a really normal average body.
Good, You passed the first test, being fat is a huge attraction killer in women, with your weight I would suggest trying to put on a little muscle in the gym, especially since you're in college so that shit is free.
Also learn to cook, I can outcook most women I know but it's nice to see a girl that can cook good meals for her man, it really does deepen the bond.
Also please dont abuse makeup, try actually maximizing your natural looks without using that shit.

>be me
>be a week before semester starts
>see buddy of mine I went kayaking with some friends of his
>chat up, because you know, laundry takes forever, and I'm in college, people are more mature!
>fucking indian bitch in the group suddenly comes up to me and asks me to leave because I'm "being a creep"
>mind you, I'm just chatting and trying to get to know people and this bitch just spouts it out of nowhere
>tell the bitch to go fuck herself and leave
>cops show up and start asking me things and I just tell them it's another episode of woman being a bitch and they rightfully leave me alone.
>second time
>in 2017
>have algebra class with this one girl
>try to say hello, because fuck it I'm already semi friendly with all my other classmates
>no avail, in real life she would be a social retard but in college thats acceptable these days
>go get some coffee at the school cafeteria, they love me and it's always a pleasure getting coffee with them and they're so down to earth
>run into the bitch, didn't know any better but I joked "hey watch out, you might crash into someone lol"
>no fucking response whatsoever, fucking inhuman
>come to class early, bout to take a test, see classmate there, ask about if she might have any clue whether about the test
>fucking bitch just explodes, calls me a creep, and completely dehumanizes me
>ironic since she is a LGBTBBQ Ally

>Get a message from dean, I had no idea what it was for, I assumed because I almost got into a fight earlier
>come in dressed nicely, a little dress rehearsal for a trip to PR I was going to do in a week or two
>get told by this lady that I was accused of stalking
>normally this is game over, but I'm not one to take an accusation lightly
>I explain to her that I simply tried to say hello, be a human being™ (aka 2016 situation again) and be friendly with classmates
>she believes me and charges are dropped, thank god
I'm sorry but that shit damaged me so damn hard that even though I did manage to get at least 2 chicks to like me, even one asked for my number and asked me out (what OP should be doing with a guy she likes) that along with getting the cops called on me for non-alcoholic beer and even getting accused of plotting a shooting.
I lost so much faith in people and women and ultimately myself that I practically got depressed and gave up on everything and for all of 2018 I was simply in ruins albeit at lease I was trying to rebuild myself and thats pretty much my word for the past 2 years: REBUILD.
Fuck you faggot, you have no idea how bad things are

OP is attention-seeking.

That is why she's writing these long word-vomit replies to everyone. She has to keep slapping the keyboard for "just a few more words" because if the paragraph ends, then so does the attention that you're giving her.
Like she's always anxious about losing your attention.

>protip, she's doing this to men in her life and scaring them off

The other part is, she is not exactly asking for advice nor obviously trying to fix the problem. Look at the OP, making a thread about not attracting a man, yet in that word-vomit of a post, she never even mentioned how beautiful she is, and when people reply asking about it, she makes it like pulling teeth and chucks up lame excuses.

So, no matter how much you fix her problem, it will still be there. Because once it's solved, she gets no more attention. She will never let that happen.

Don't be her fool. Everyone below this post is now gullible and/or pathetic betas.

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whatever, I always hope there will a fucking woman here who will take the words: "dont be fat" "work out", "cook" and "ask him out yourself" to heart
But no women dont like to improve because they're lazy, entitled and coddled

or perhaps she has autism, doesn't know she's not too ugly, has never gotten signs from men, likes explaining things in detail, and fears the obvious: posting a pic in Jow Forums could literally destroy your life?

>posting a pic in Jow Forums could literally destroy your life?
it doesn't if you dont post your face

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You are only giving your point of view. It would be good to hear from some third party. Because obviously your view is extremely skewed and unreliable. If multiple people call you a creep it's probably for a cause. You're deliberately leaving something out.


Dude I'm literally the exact same as you except I don't feel bad about it.
I love my video game crush so fucking much. I just interact with him before bed and pretend I'm telling him goodnight in the game.
I'll always love you, Andrew.

Colleges label all men as rapists you fucking cocksucker
If a slightly unattractive man says hello it's sexual harassment
Holy fuck man

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Are you fat? Post body

Didn't happen to me nor anyone I know. It sounds like you have never been to college and are just parroting memes of other entitled manchildren from r/incels. Unfortunately there's no reasoning with people like you, you're immune to facts and logic due to your extremely low intelligence.

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What college did you go to that labels all men as rapists? Quite a few people would be interested in knowing. Especially if they file sexual harassment charges for saying hello. This college must be named and shamed.


Are you kidding me? Im looking someone like you to have a family

>Like she's always anxious about losing your attention.
But why? She doesn't even know me or how I look, why would someone do this shit?

which game character_

I wrote about my appearance here pic as I said is not me but one I edited off the internet. I know I write way more than necessary but I just don't want to miss anything

I legitimately didn't know it was so accepted that a girl can make a move first, I appreciate the insight. I'm really going to make the effort to try and go out more, I think I'm less afraid now. I do cook already but I'm going to start going to the gym, all I do is go for walks.

I'm happy you're confident in that user, I just feel like for me it's getting to the point where it's really unhealthy and I'm losing touch on real life relationships

Thanks for the answer, I appreciate everything you wrote about. I'm going to hold out on that body pillow I think. I'm actually going to a con this fall! I build armor stuff as a hobby already, I think it would be right in my element, I have a friend who met her boyfriend through cosplay.

dont fuck up

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> I do wear all black though


This op me too

>Am 20 year old kissless handholdless virgin girl, literally never been approached by a guy in my life.
Why are zoomer obsessed with ridding themselves of their virtue?

>there are idiots whiteknighting on 4channel right in this very thread
What the fuck

That's sweet, but I'm not dumb enough to put contact info out here

I want a boyfriend, I'm not looking for a hookup, I hope to wait for a while before I have sex

My whole wardrobe matches and I dress pretty chic, I don't look like an emo e-girl

>That's sweet, but I'm not dumb enough to put contact info out here
I dont remember asking you for it, get off your high horse woman

Female insecurity and a pinch of loneliness, most likely. It's always single women who do this.

Women need attention like you need to see boobs. Attention is like crack for them. Even if it's just on the internet.

20 isn't old. Jesus Christ you kids these days are ridiculous. Just live your life and try to stop being so damn sad and mopey all the time.

If you stay indoors, regardless of your gender, you will never meet people. If you go outdoors and interact with people, regardless of your gender, you will find people with whom you can form an emotional connection. Sometimes that connection is friendship, sometimes it's something more.

Swiping on tinder or shitposting on Jow Forums is not socializing, it just fools your brain into thinking it is.


do femanons get off on riding a bicycle?