Is it normal to feel physically sick when kissing your gf...

Is it normal to feel physically sick when kissing your gf? I don't find her attractive but her personality is great so I'm still with her but at the same time every time she wants to kiss I want to vomit. Maybe I'm just not too fond of the feeling of someone else's tongue in my mouth. She's the first person I've ever kissed as well so maybe I'm just not used to it?

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>having a gf
F-Fuck you

shameless self bump

>I feel sick when kissing my gf
>I'm not attracted to her

Maybe she has bad dental hygiene? Just joking. Some people just don't like kissing. When you think about it, it's extremely unsanitary.

Nope felt like that with my ex. She was a thicc Latina but I didn't find her as attractive as I thought (she used a fuck ton of makeup). She was kind of stupid which made her suck at bj's. She was booksmart though.

Gosh it felt good to get that off my chest

Yeah I guess I underestimated how much of a part attractiveness plays in a relationship.

>She was kind of stupid which made her suck at bj's
I didn't realise that sucking cock was a high IQ activity.

Nah it's kind of intuition or what people call streetsmarts she got into stanford for a semester

Only way to tell is to stick your tongue down another woman's throat and see if you're stilled repulsed.

>ton of makeup
Sound similar to some chick I know, her name isn't Jessica, right?

I think it's because of you not finding her attractive - sometimes you think "oh, I prefer personality over looks" which isn't inherently wrong but sometimes they are just that words to make yourself feel like a less shitty person than the one beside you. Or, maybe, you just want a relationship to be in it. Something casual.

nah starts with t

Well I can't exactly do that since I'm in an exclusive relationship, and say I break up with her just to be with other women and realise I simply don't like kissing then I just threw my chances away with a good person.

What is infidelity?

Is it possible she's just a bad kisser? A lot of people are. I've kissed 10 guys and only 3 of them I would consider to be good kissers, and it didn't have to do with my attraction level or feeling for them.

I don't love kissing my current boyfriend but I do love hugging and cuddling him along with other stuff.. and I love him a lot as a person as well.

So basically, what I'm trying to say is do you love other parts of your physical relationship with her, as well as the non physical? In that case, I don't think kissing is really a big deal.

I've never kissed anyone but her so I wouldn't know if she's good or bad I can't really tell

>he fell for the personality meme

Are the kisses sloppy?

No it's not normal.



Is it just kissing that repulses you or all intimacy?

Kissing, hugging, spooning that sort of stuff. Sex and blowjobs are fine though

Sorta felt something similar with a previous gf but that was mainly that my gag reflex was incredibly sensitive, I honestly felt bad about it but I can't remember if I verbally assured her that it wasnt her fault lmao

Hahhahahaha holy shit dude if you are physically retching when she’s near you then break up whether or not she has a good personality

If she doesn't have the streetsmarts to give an A+ blowjob, dump her

that's kinda fucked bro and honestly, not lovepilled

Maybe you're just a sociopath because you're dating somebody you're not attracted to. But the sex is beneficial to your other mental deficiency of needing to use others to feel good.

I understand why you’d make that assumption however I’m just not a very affectionate guy, I don’t like cuddling or holding hands because it’s repulsive to me I wish I did enjoy it but I just can’t force myself to. I don’t use her for sex, she instigates all sexual contact with me I just go along with it

>I've kissed 10 guys

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Is it possible that you are actually asexual/aromantic and just going through motions because of societal pressure?

I just don’t like engaging in acts that don’t do anything for me sexually. Kissing doesn’t turn me on, It’s just feels like I have someone else’s wet tongue in my mouth and apparently that’s supposed to feel good. Hugging is boring and uncomfortable for me I’m not sure why exactly but it just feels unnecessary. Holding hands also seems unnecessary to me, with sex however I actually feel something sexually so I can tolerate it.

I don’t think that’s it, I’ve felt sexual desire for other people but I’ve never acted on it. I’m new to the whole sex and affection thing so I can’t compare my experiences either.

she's probably held hands with more than 15!

Holy christ dude, you're either gay or got memed into thinking "personality" is all that matters

Well you probably should have had less morals and given yourself more ability to test yourself before commiting. Too late now, since you won't be able to.

morals aren't the issue, everyone claims personality is far more important and I still believe that to be the case however I've now realized there has to be a certain degree of attraction towards your partner as well, but yh too late now