I hate my gender:

I am male and hate them all including myself.
Why women can think about some interesting stuff, you can talk with them about something abstract, while all males talk about is having GF and their place in chad, alpha, beta hierachy. Males can do anything, any crime simply to get sex.

t.I know that Jow Forums is toxic AF but i will post it anyway

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you’re just surrounded by retards user


Have sex

No i won't



Your question is?

How to deal with it?

I don't know what crowd do you hang out with or youre trolling but nobody ever talks about being "chad" in real life

Yet all tread in this site is filled with chad virgin relationship stuff

Listen virgin, you just got to find friends that share your ideas. That easy.

Because regular folk don't post these threads, online is not the same as real life in the slightest

literally the exact opposite of the truth

Literally, when did you experience last time that someone unironically was talking about being chad or other Jow Forums shenanigans

Yes they are, thanks to Jow Forums a realy know what males truly are, just a bunch of horny sexual predators

tbf a lot of men actually are really boring and way too far up their own asses

That's flawed thinking and I don't think you are qualifed to speak about this topic

I'm not going down without a fight.

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You can prove me wrong?

You just have a bad group of friends.
I have plenty of male friends I can talk about abstract stuff, politics, music, technology etc. It isn't all just sports and women guys talk about.

Similarly, it is easy to find shallow women that just talk about themselves.
You just move on and find new people.

I can't bring any evidence but by my experience no one does that

I have not met a single man in real life who talks about that shit. You sound like your on the spectrum so I went delve and deeper into this.

Cry into a pillow. Cut some onions beforehand for added effect.

It isn't a matter of proving you wrong. Its a matter of assisting you in building a reality in your mind in which being wrong is a possibility you'd be willing to entertain. The key here is that humans are exceedingly skilled at externalizing inner conflict. We excel at seeing the things we want to see. Essentially, we externalize inner conflict onto the world and people around us because the negative emotions are too great to process on our own. We need physical representations for our inner conflicts or else we'd explode from the stress. You aren't willing to entertain the possibility that males aren't all horny sexual predators because that anger is precious to you for some reason. Instead of asking people to prove you wrong you should spend some time trying to prove yourself wrong. Get some therapy. Get out of your head a little bit. I think expanding your perspectives a bit might help you out a lot.

OP you have met the wrong men and you don't have good male role models. The truth is that the majority of PEOPLE are horrible but you may have just met better women than men. Meeting people is a matter of luck, I hope you meet good men and good male role models in the future.
Either way I personally think that you should not try to be something you don't feel like being and if you don't feel like a male stereotype yourself you don't need to be one. You just need to be a good person. People will hate you anyway.