>meet a guy off tinder
>both agree we dont want a serious relationship at this point in our lives
>go on a ton of fun dates and have sex a bunch of times
>he friendzones me after 2 months cause he says he cant separate sex and his feelings for me
>he continues to pursue casual sex relationships with other people
>he still texts me every day, wants to go on vacations with me, touches me a lot, said i was beautiful, and tells me he loves spending time with me

am i so deep in the friendzone that theres no hope ill ever get out? should i give up? close to roping

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try not being a gay, then

im not gay im a girl

he's obviously avoiding compromise. ask him to not do that, and tell him to be honest with himself and with you. he clearly wants you, but doesn't want to take responsibility for it.

yeah. i guess i just dont get why hes ok dating/sleeping with other girls but not me. i never demanded commitment from him at any point and was totally fine with our arrangement. its just hard not to take it personally and assume it means he thinks im ugly or something. i have a lot of guy friends and none of them treat me the way he does

>>he friendzones me after 2 months cause he says he cant separate sex and his feelings for me

Wait, so, you have feelings for him and you want him to yourself?
And he said to you that he can't have sex with you because he has feelings for you?
Have you told him that you have feelings for him?

Because dummy, he wants a serious relationship and you don't, so all he'll do is continue hurting himself if he keeps sticking it in you.

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wait, I don't get it. is it you or him the one that still doesn't want anything serious? because if it's you, then... how do you not see that he wants to go to the next stage but doesn't want to lose you?

>ask to be treated like a cheap whore
>gets treated like a cheap whore

He has feelings for you, but he doesn’t want to have feelings for anyone. At the same time, he craves intimacy, but he’s afraid. Is he going through something emotionally difficult, like the loss of a parent or something?

What do you want from him? You agreed to casual sex, got it, now it's over.

You got everything you asked for, exactly what you asked for, and now it's ended and you feel bad?

So really all you need to ask yourself, is what do you really want?
Because when you think about it, this is not what you really wanted, only what you asked for. So figure out what you really want and next time ask exactly for that.

he very strongly doesnt want a serious relationship. i also dont want one, but he def feels stronger about it than i do.

we had an arrangement where we were casually dating each other, and i really liked it and wanted it to continue. it was never meant to be a one time thing, and i feel he ended it prematurely. im hurt that he wants to pursue that with other girls instead despite constantly telling me how special i was to him and how rare our connection was.

he isnt going through anything at the moment (hes very open and vulnerable with me so he wouldnt hide it if he was). however, he has struggled with depression before (is on meds) and been burned by a couple of bad relationships in the past few years.

try to seduce him to a point he doesn't want to go out with other girls anymore? no idea if this is possible, but I guess you could try finding a way.

i dunno...when we were going out he repeatedly told me i was unlike any girl he'd ever met before. i dont get why he'd friendzone someone he felt that way about. im just so confused.

>i feel he ended it prematurely.
>im hurt
If it was casual, you wouldn't feel this.

Do you know what the word casual means? You are calling it casual, then acting like it's serious.

Your words/feelings/actions are not in alignment.

So like I said in my last post - get your head straight first. After then, and only after, will your next steps be easier.

>telling me how special i was to him and how rare our connection was.
And you told him you wanted casual. You broke HIS heart. He probably spent those weeks with you secretly trying to fall out of love with you, because he was afraid he wanted more than you did. It's a very real possibility and would explain his actions.

In any case my advice is the same OP --- thoughts/words/emotions in alignment. Stop saying one thing, doing another, and feeling another. You'll end up in a hole if you keep this up.

you're right...i guess im just afraid to tell him how i feel. im worried ill scare him away, and that would suck because even though this is all very painful id rather have him in my life than not in it. we have a ton of fun when we hang out and have such a great connection it feels like a waste :(

try not being a degenerate then

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I understand completely. I'd feel the same way too

hard as it may be, you should let him know your true feelings. I can guarantee if you don't you'll regret it later in life.