Why do women never compliment men?

Why do women never compliment men?

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Some do, depends on the woman.

I have no clue how to compliment them. I always try thinking of ways to compliment my bf and I can’t come up with anything besides handsome. Men hate being called cute or sweet from my experience so I have no clue what else to say.

Think about things you enjoy being called
Then do the same to him

If you're complimented by a woman then she thinks that you're autistic.

I'm a guy and took it as a complement when a woman said I was sweet.

I'd say that's an acceptable one but cute isn't.

Apart from showing appreciation for the nice things he does, use your senses. Tell him that you like his clothes, or the feel of his hair/stubble/muscles/etc., or the way he smells (whether he's just showered or you're into his natural body odor), or feed him some pineapple then swallow his load and tell him you liked the taste.

jfc, this thread made me realize a girl had complimented me and I didn't get it at the time

she was attentive, paid attention to details and seemed to like me a lot. and I let her go, twice...

Had a girl ask me and some other guys why guys didn't like compliments. None of us actually had an answer but we did all agree that it felt weird.

Clearly not universal.

So, OP. I guess it's because most guys don't want them, and those that do just get caught up in the group.


I always compliment my man.

I think the short answer is jealousy.

Women are leaps and bounds more jealous than men are, about everything. It's really hard to say something nice to someone while envying them.

Typical dumb bitch, taking a generalization and responding to it personally.

I swear women have absolutely no differentiation between individuals and groups. I'm not even exaggerating. I think you guys lack the cognitive capacity to understand this.

And no, dumb bitch, up until this sentence, nothing in this post was personal about you.

Wow, calm down, incel.

And you resort to name-calling and shaming. I'll accept that as a concession to defeat.

Shame doesn't work on me. Better luck next time dumb bitch.

H-holy shit, do I actually agree with a tripfag for once?

Yikes. Found the next mass shooter.

Well, dude, I don't see something like "most women" or "some women" in the OP.

So, why not clarify that some women compliment their man too?

Why you got so mad anyway? Are you jelous 'cause neither your mum ever complimented you?

They do.

1. It doesn't occur to them that men enjoy compliments (internal vs external validation)
2. Flattery is a female manipulation tactic
3. They dont want to risk complimenting a man in case it is seen as a come-on
4. It genuinely doesn't occur to them to do it
5. ???

When I notice someone's accomplishments, talents, style, good taste etc, I'll compliment them. And I'll do it with no other motivation in mind than the desire to express my admiration. Gender is irrelevant. But that's just my kind nature and winning personality speaking.

The user who mentioned envy comes closest to the truth. Envy is the highest of all female emotions.

Women compliment me on my dress sense, style, general "vibe" all the time. I receive far more compliments from women than I do from men.

Unfortunately I'm still a kissless dateless virgin. I'm scared maybe the girls think I'm gay...

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Because they cant control you if you think you have any worth silly. Keeping you seeking approval makes her life easier. The more desperate you are to prove to her the more your willing to do for her.

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I only compliment men if there’s a clearly platonic or professional atmosphere.

The reason is because a lot of men misinterpret friendliness as flirting. I am ALREADY naturally a pretty friendly person, and to put compliments on top of that would probably miscommunication my intentions.

I do usually return compliments, though, as long as I genuinely thought of it before they told me a compliment. Like if i’m having a good convo with someone and i’m Impressed with the dialogue and they say something like “you’re really thoughtful”, I might say “so are you” or “I was thinking the same thing about you”

men are assholes

If a woman compliments a man a lot of the time he'll think she wants to fuck. The only compliments I've gotten from women were from ones I was already intimate with.

hug him everytime he comes home and tell him that he is a strong capable man

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My 31 yo female friend send i have a nice but (im 27 btw). Heh later incels

>I receive far more compliments from women than I do from men.
I think this is normal, I never hear any compliments from men. But women will always compliment if I get a haircut or something like that

Milf accidentally sends the wrong person a text. Nice try user, nice try

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I'm a fucking incel and some women compliment me, it's probably just pity tho

See it's the only correct answer
Also nice quads

>Why do women never compliment me?
Ftfy. I compliment dudes all the time.

what you meant to say is, "Why has a women never complemented me?"

That is something none of us (people who don't know you) can know. Best of luck.