Are women sociopaths?

I’ve fallen into the mgtow/incel mentality and all I see is that women are narcissistic and self absorbed not giving a fuck about anyone but them.

Are women sociopaths? How do I get out of this mentality?

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Just most of the single ones.

Getting to know more of them helps, or even the "ask the other gender" thread here.

If you even have to question it then you know you the answer OP.

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They really are
The ones that aren't and are actually intuitive always seem to go for npc's

>all I see is that women are narcissistic and self absorbed not giving a fuck about anyone but them.
I rarely see this, maybe it's a culture thing. I see more self absorbed men than women. Intact even the women I am short with are rather bubbly. Maybe your just a bitter cunt and people can see that in you.

I don't get how that image is related.

This is so true. My ex would always be more loving and cater to me more if i screamed at her.

Women confuse dudes in this way and it can sometimes end in violence. Sometimes they are mad at you and what you to get mad and purposely will push your buttons. I think it becomes such a habit for them they don't realize they're doing it so when they deny it they believe what they're saying. Women are different then men, very much so.

Is ridiculous that women are here will always try to say men and women are almost not different at all in this sense, but that's not true. Men are inherently more honest in general. A man will tell you the truth even if it hurts you at first or even if it makes you hate him m women generally won't do this. They'll ommit stuff, tell "white" lies, because they want to control the situation. Lying, deception, dishonesty is ALWAYS about control and it is always manipulation. Women just do this so much that they think it's Normal and ok. And if toy catch her in a lie she'll victim blame. For example when women lie about their Sexual history, because they don't think other people should have a right to pass judgment and have standards (except for them) and will say "if men didn't slut shame us we wouldn't have to lie". This is psychotic thinking. No accountability. But society doesn't really hold women accountable like they do to men, so women don't care about lying unless they get caught. I think it's hilarious when women get exposed for being frauds and then shamed. They deserve it.

Maybe you're inexperienced, naive and delusional, and only seeing what you want to see. You sound kind a beta male, probably an incel

Because women will start shit on purpose and then act like a victim when there is retaliation, which is extremely dishonest. Women like it when you get aggressive sometimes, sexually, but they will act like its hurtful. They love it when you won't tolerate their manipulation and drama.

>You sound kind a beta male, probably an incel
Cope harder faggots. I may not be a manwhore and certainly don't give a fuck about your buzzwords. I have two sisters and have been friends with girls all my life. I dont have to fuck everything that moves, in fact you reach a point where sex is meaningless without some sort of chemistry. You need to get out more. Just because a girl has hurt you doesn't mean all of them are exactly the same you simpleton.

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The real key is, as is written on the bottom there, inceldom is a choice and all the ones I’ve met have already decided they would rather die suffering in a comfort zone than attempt any real effort

You get rid of the mgtow/incel mentality simply by interacting with women and realising how delusional that worldview is.

Just spend some time with some. But maybe tone down your incel hatred a bit so you don’t scare them away.

I interact with women plenty and definitely not an incel. Mgtow is generally correct. They also have different levels, for example one Level is just using women for casual sex and never committing. Another level is not interacting with women at all.

This isn't even relevant to me. I deleted my Instagram 3 years ago. I don't use social media like that. I have more experience than you, I know better

Why not just get women to fall for you and the use their love for you to manipulate the into benefiting you? Most women do this to their beta male orbiters, so why not do it to them. At the very least these girls use their guy "friends" as a back up, emotional tampon. They use guys to triangulate the guy they're actually sexually attracted to. Happens all the time because it's socially acceptable and women don't often face negative consequences. The guys get used though. The guys are taught to do the right thing, treat women with respect, that women are more naive and morally superior. Innocent little angels. But women are definitely not morally superior to men, it's actually the reverse. Women are way bigger players than men because they will always use their male "friend" that is interested romantically but doesn't know how to game.

Also what does consent really mean? For example do you think female prostitutes want to have sex with most of their clients? Fuck no. They don't like it. But they do it anyways for money. So obviously rape has nothing to do with a womans desire. If she can sell consent, she could give consent away for free. It's not a rape if she just consents, and thus it won't traumatize her or hurt her.

We really need to revisit what consent means and how much value a female really has objectively in society.

When young/uncultured, they don't understand males and see you as an NPC. Just as males don't have an idea about female psyche, to be fair.

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This. How is it moral for women to use their sexuality to exploit men to get what they want? We need to take this power away from women so that true gender equality can exist. It's unbelievable that it's socially acceptable for women to use sex as a tool or bargaining chip to manipulate men. Imagine if we were able to take that card out of their deck and then they'd have to compete on a truly level playing field.

We have laws that try to balance out men's natural skills and upper hand they have over women (like men sre physically stronger, have more endurance, intellectually superior, logic / objective thinking / reasoning).

Every gender specific law wqs created to benefit women and to handicap men so that women can actually have a fighting chance, and men still do better.

God in such a fucking genius. I really just baby believe God correct i am sometimes, but I know I'm right. They'd why people get mad and hate, i speak the truth.

What retard believes that one gender is better than the other? Or that you have to redefine consent, whatever on Earth that crazy shit means.

You sound like a villain from a Saturday morning cartoon in a high school. You sound like this nigga right here. You're reading his manifesto. I want to shove your DnD playing ass into a locker you little dweeb.

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>I deleted my Instagram 3 years ago. I don't use social media like that.

And yet you agree with a screencap of said problem and keep dwelling on an echo chambering network equal tho thotter, thotstagram etc. you moron.

I didn't agree with it. I simply stated that it's not relevant to me. I bet you're under 25 and probably a female. Sorry. Maybe next time kiddo. I don't take people like you seriously, your opinions aren't based on enough empirical evidence. Plus usually women have shit options because they're to emotionally driven and not very objective.

>How do I get out of this mentality?
Get off Jow Forums for a start

If you take away the sex card birthrates would decrease like crazy because you can always depend on your bros for a decent convo or logical response already. It would honestly be a sad sight.

No. Some women are terrible, just like how some men are terrible. Just chat with some women that aren’t terrible.

>No. Some women are terrible, just like how some men are terrible. Just chat with some women that aren’t terrible.


>I’ve fallen into the mgtow/incel mentality and all I see is that women are narcissistic and self absorbed

No, you are just seeing yourself clearly in the opposite sex. Pretty crazy how that mirror works, huh?

No men are sociopaths, women are just stupid, it’s a bell curve some women are smart but the average spatial IQ is behind men explaining why girls dislike code games or chess.

There are many women out there smarter than you it’s a bell curve

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No offense, but it’s really retarded to 1) think that you can sum up the idea of human intelligence in such a one dimensional way and 2) to post a bell graph with literally no context of the research study.

If you’re going to talk about intelligence you should try to appear a little more... intelligent

Most people are at least lite sociopaths dude. Women aren't really special in this regard. MGTOW/Incel shit isn't even especially wrong when it comes to the entry level ideas, eg marriage is a huge risk for men and not for women.

It’s well known that males have higher spatial and mathematical ability, there are tons of studies on this go read I am too lazy to link all the research it’s very basic.

STEM females are emotionally dumb, so they're the ones that'd fuck you up.

"Man smart" woman are hell rather

I know, but you are implying that spatial awareness and mathematical prowess are the lone two components of human intelligence, which is false.

There are also many “components” of intelligence in which women have shown to be superior on average to men.

Using your logic, I could say that “men are just more stupid on average than women because they’re not as good at X, Y, Z”

Spatial intelligence is better we used it to start the industrial revolution, win at chess, put a man on the moon, gain insight into science it is an essential aspects of intelligence.

If you can write about science but you don’t understand anything who gives a fuck? Nobody... exactly

Spatial intelligence is the best intelligence

Wow, you’re actually retarded. You must be at the low end of that fucking bell curve.

This is a thread about a social topic- men and women interacting. There are many facets of intelligence that have to do with that topic, and spatial awareness is not one of them.

Also, spatial awareness is not synonymous with scientific intellect. Just because, on average, you can pack luggage into the trunk better than women can doesn't automatically make you a fucking scientist.

whatever dude... I already know that spatial intelligence is important in STEM I don't want to waste my time explaining things to someone who, has never read about the topic yet is still extremely opinionated.

I don't do that I never argue about topics I have never read anything about, if you like to do that find someone else to have a pointless conversation with.

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I’m literally in stem and i’ve CONDUCTED several research projects as the PI which is why it’s so blatantly obvious that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Posting graphs with no sources or context is literally retarded.

But good move backing off before you make yourself look even stupider

I already read the sources, I am too lazy to go and do research for you just to convince someone who has never read about this specific topic.

go google it there are tons of studies on the area of gender differences in cognition, tons go read them then come back once you agree with me...LOL

I don’t disagree that men are better at spatial intelligence.

Spatial intelligence is not the most important facet of intelligence.
Overwhelmingly, the scientific research out there shows that intelligence has hundreds and hundreds of components. Spatial intelligence is just one of many facets and, particularly in this case, is totally irrelevant.

What idiot saves research graphs without saving the source???
God the more I talk to you the dumber you seem.

>Spatial intelligence is just one of many facets and, particularly in this case, is totally irrelevant.

tastes in women is subjective so it would depend on the person if they were willing to put up with a spatially impaired person. I wouldn't do it.

most important intelligence is a subjective preference... but as I said spatial intelligence put os on the moon and it is what allows you to write this post on your computer, Spatial intelligence has many gained humans many accomplishments

Maybe if you actually went to the gym once in a while, actually had a decent personality, and wasn’t a total bitter dickhead women would be more attracted to you and you wouldn’t have to whine about shit like this on Jow Forums

hahahaha hahahaha you cannot be serious hahahahahahahhahahahaha oh my god

Sorry dude I can’t do this. You are literally a retard hahahah

Spatial intelligence is not what put us on the moon LOL I am dying!!! It is ONE aid probably HUNDREDS of components of intelligence that contributed to that feat.
In addition, someone could have poor spatial awareness and still be great at STEM, because like I said, spatial awareness is one of many many facets of intelligence that results in a characteristic like “being good at stem”.

What exactly do you think spatial awareness IS? also, just because women aren’t quite as proficient as men in regards to spatial awareness doesn’t mean that they are impaired. There is probably a very small number of people who are “impaired” when it comes to spatial awareness.

God I hope you are trolling me.

your right its not like the Saturn V was designed by aerospace engineers, and everyone knows that verbal intelligence is vital to a good engineer.

proficiency in math and a high spatial IQ is completely useless, and had 0 importance during the design process of the moon landing.

wake up spatial intelligence is a requirement to be a good engineer, and without the existence of humans with very high spatial intelligence there would be no engineers to build your laptop or your car, or put us on the moon.

If you are too dumb to see these very obvious truths about spatial intelligence than I must be wasting my time writing all this to someone who is unwilling to learn anything.

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I didn’t say they have zero importance, I just said it’s not the end all be all. You keep dancing around my point and making straw men because you know you’re wrong. Or maybe you’re literally too stupid to understand my point.

Not wasting any more of my time on you and your IRRELEVANT SPACE BULLSHIT. What does that have to do with the OP?
What kind of autist bases his interaction with women on SPATIAL AWARENESS? Are you looking for a life partner or a aerospace engineer??
God I cannot

What if a person with high intelligence or interest in science was just annoyed by people incapable of understanding their interests? It might lead them to avoid people incapable of understanding science.

For example GMO’s are sometimes feared despite the evidence they are completely safe, maybe such arguments could be avoided... ?????

>How do I get out of this mentality?
Get some therapy. This anger you have is essentially an externalized weapon to wield against some kind of inner conflict that you've been able to process on your own. Focusing your anger at women is an easier process for you than exploring your own inner demons. Its easier to externalize pain or suffering through transference than it is to accept that a great deal of it lives inside of you. Ironically, the individual in your OP picture, Ted Bundy, was a great example. He justified a great deal of his killings by blaming the enticement of women and pornography but we all fully acknowledge that his mental issues were his and his alone. Society almost entirely refused to accept his narrative that he could shift some of the blame for his decisions onto other people. Although I'm not comparing you to Ted Bundy your psychological mechanism of escaping pain reversing its trajectory is rather similar.

You have a choice. You can either spend your days methodically constructing the justification of your anger and your feelings of loneliness, abandonment and worthlessness or you can really dig in and find out why you feel those things to begin with. The danger of blaming these issues on other people is that by doing so you relinquish control - you relinquish your entire ability to explore and address these emotions you experience. You do not want to permanently reside yourself to the role of a victim because it renders you powerless to do anything about it.

I wouldn’t want to date someone who wasn’t CAPABLE of understanding science.

“Understanding science” is a characteristic that reflects a bunch of different components of intelligence. Openness to new ideas, rational thought, ability to process new info quickly, etc etc etc.

People process thing differently though. Maybe the person i’m dating can understand science but it takes them just a tiny bit longer because their processing speed isn’t as fast as mine. That in itself should not be a deal breaker, since ultimately they are able to get there.

There was a time when i thought like this. i had just gotten out of a pretty bad breakup and thought she was ruthless because she didn't want to stay with someone as great as me, but then i looked into who i was as a person and realized i was very immature and although she wasnt a great person either, the breakup was the best thing to happen to us, now im planning on going to med school (something i never would have thought until i was single). I understand that women can seem cruel at times but maybe you should look at yourself without a filter and see who you are before you judge women so broadly. also, women like men who have their shit together, not nice guys who feel entitiled to pussy just for being kind and respectful. like it or not in nature females choose to their mate and you have to prove your worth.

It’s not like I specifically hate woman, I have been in many arguments over things like GMO’s or other areas of science where people from any background will become very opinionated despite having read nothing about the topic.

It’s like religion I hate religious people, for being so arrogant about their beliefs, maybe I don’t want to learn how to deal with those kinds of people, they might actually make me hang myself someday.

I know the world is never changing religion and pseudoscience are here forever and I don’t know if I should learn to enjoy that.

Yeah i agree in some ways, but what really feel is that children, as a daughter or son, need a check by parents

Why do people on this board treat women like they're another species? They're people, and are as awful (or good depending on how you see it) as any other people.
Shit if anything, men are objectively worse in terms of violence and crime and being diagnosed sociopaths.

I hate people on a case by case basis, generally religious people suck but maybe there is an exception?

why do I have to put up with all the pseudoscience mormons believe in or why that strange woman refuses to eat GMO's and believes that IQ is invalid and racist.

I actually believe that parents need to be screened for IQ before having children... that is my problem, the cut off should not be 100 it is too low, at least 130 even autistics can score 130 so how can we expect someone below that to be safe for our civilization?

you're pretty much right, however
>is that women are narcissistic and self absorbed not giving a fuck about anyone but them.
that's what we all do, actually
we do things to our own benefit or the benefit of an extended representation of ourselves, like our children
if we do something for charity or love, we are indeed doing it expecting some benefit in return, even if you don't know or don't want to accept it

women seem to be mad psychopaths because of the way they acheive their purpose
we man manipulate our environment because that's the way we are wired (i'm too lazy to explain this), and women manipulate other people, specially men
and because of this they don't really have the tendency to use abstract and concrete info (they can, of course, but how many women engineers you know compared to male engineers?) and hence their communication is based of context instead of actual concrete information
this what we see as covert or underhand communication, and we tend to see what is kept in secrecy as a potential treat
if you ever saw a woman watching a bullshit show that makes no sense but it's full of drama now you know why

we are like this because our ancestors that had this characteristics were the most successfull at reproducing, so we have this rooted in our blood
but it's not evil in any way, we use what we have to defend ourselves, like a lion uses its claws and teeth and you wouldn't consider it evil, women use deception and men use strenght to get what they want (in general, pussified men or faggots are just as or even more deceptive than most women, and some fucking dykes will fight you like a man)

a good example is if you ever heard a woman say "did you see how that bitch looked at me/you!?" and you even didn't notice, or if you ever tried to appear calmer or more confident by manipulating your body language but they just seemed to see through it

you can see this same ability in small children and some animals, it seems the less occupied you are with the abstract meaning of the message trying to be conveyed, the more sensitive you are to this little nuances your body communicates

holy shit this is the most retarded thing I've read this year

ok fine go ahead date the dumb woman from gender studies, I don't want them, and their spatial impairments...

i'm a different guy mate
it's just that you're so stupid it's hilarious
did you just saw this cool Jow Forums app in google play and want to over-smart other people?

I know right? That dude is such a dumbass

this was meant for
sorry for phoneposting
who's the dumbass

Duh, That's how I interpreted it since he was the only reply.

It's just my preferences, man... I don't like women if they are really bad at math or science unless it is just a fling and they need homework help, you need to be really hot and have blue hair or something to counteract your math disability, you better have other valuable characteristics to counteract your bad math...

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sometimes dumb girls are good thing they want your help in math, you know they think you are "really smart!" and they find you very interesting, it can be a good thing it depends.

math and spatial awareness arent the same thing dude.
A woman could be a total shit head at spacial awareness and still be fucking awesome when it comes to math.

Everybody has preferences, spatial awareness is just one of the most autistic preferences i have ever heard because unless you're trying to date an astronaut it doesnt really matter in day to day life as long as your wife isnt a literal retard.

there is an advantage to different kinds of women it could just be a phase, you go through different kinds of women, sometimes you like brunettes or women with pink hair.

it is actually the nature of many species to naturally seek out mates with similar traits, and it was investigated that in humans level of education is a factor in the choice of mates known as "assortative mating". So it would make sense for a science person to select a science person of the opposite gender as a mate, it is the nature of mammals to behave this way.

there now I have scientific evidence that my preference in women is in fact just another innate cognitive property of mammals ;)

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Young people behave like idiots, OP.
You won't see 40 year old women talking like this

oh ok sorry man then i must be the retard after all

guys, come on, be honest
it ok, i ain't gonna judge
did you read "spatial" intelligence as in, you know, outer "space"?
don't worry, seriously, it ok, we all make mistakes sometimes


You know these self proclaimed Jow Forums geniuses can never be wrong. As far as their concerned it’s spacial intangibility

Maybe that’s what that retarded guy was going on about. That’s why I asked him if he even knows what spatial awareness is.
From my understanding it’s the relationship between objects and how they occupy space like when you pack a trunk with luggage or when babies stuff those shaped blocks in the correct holes.

If that guy was talking about it in the sense of “relating to outer space”, then that’s even more retarded than I had originally thought

stop reading the boards that encourage you to think that way. also, you can try to hang around more women and begin to see them as people again.

is it more likely that all women are somehow the same and all terrible or that you and this community are confused?

Our attraction in mates reflects our parent's behaviours which in turn reflects our behaviours as we tend to mimic our parents. This is shown here; So
>Are women sociopaths?
No, but if you believe so you may be specifically seeking women with sociopathic traits or may be seeing your own behaviours reflected back at your by your potential mates
> How do I get out of this mentality?
Get better taste and mate selection methods

I've only been on this board for three days after being confined in /o/ for years, and here I saw the most retarded posts I didn't believe could come out of the head of a person capable of reading and understanding
what a wonder

LMAO spatial intelligence is just what engineers use when they build rockets in solid works, you need to be good with spatial IQ to understand science at a certain level thats what the graph was about,

no engineer could ever have a low spatial IQ or they would be fired and sent to a more female dominated field of work... such as the english department or psychology where there are rampant homos

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no human being fully capable of communication can be so stupid so i reported you for trolling

fine I will stop, I am just under the impression that intelligence influences how people communicate with each other,
assortative mating by education level?

how is a subjective preference in women stupid if it is the result of assortative mating(mammals), this is documented and I posted a picture of such data above?

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No, it’s not.
Literally google “spatial intelligence”
Or “spatial awareness”

you clearly have no idea what it is.
What a fucking idiot

You’re not stopping and your posts are getting more and more stupid.

I can tell you’re trying to save face and sound smart by using larger words but you’re not using them correctly so your sentences are jumbled and incoherent.

Just say what you mean dude.
What the fuck does that photo of logos crossed out have anything to do with anything?

>fine I will stop, I am just under the impression that intelligence influences how people communicate with each othe
no one doubts that mate, i'm calling you dumb because you use terms wrong even tho your point is pretty valid
>assortative mating by education level?
no, mating is a genetic reaction and it can't be influenced by extrinsic stuff (althought education level could work as an indicative of intelligence), but this is mostly important in a strictly sexual context, since sexual attraction is the very root of behaviour related to mating
assortative mating usually means similar to own's physique, intelligence seems to be a variable but rather it could be because people of the same origin share similar a intelligence

how is a subjective preference in women stupid if it is the result of assortative mating(mammals)
it happens on every specie

>this is documented and I posted a picture of such data above?
again i'm not mocking your point, because i think you're right
i'm just mocking the way you use words

you're right i'm just mocking the way you use words

Yeah I have a brain injury with aphasia so that’s why I wrote weird words.

Guyz I have massive brain damage and my parents had to diagnose it as autism because there are no services available for brain injuries.

I have had pain and insomnia for 2 months and the women helping me with my disabilities and studying in college has stopped wearing clothes when me meet, she only wears panties now and then a graphic t shirt, sometimes she is just wearing panties and then a bra, there are no clothes.

After meeting with her I can’t sleep and it makes me miserable, she knows that and she teases me saying things like “make sure you get lots of sleep tonight”

But I never sleep after I meet with her..... she isn’t being a sociopath right? I have never seen a woman with no clothes like that, I think she dresses like this intentionally.

I guess I must stop seeing her now?

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If I should try to give you an honest and non-trolling answer mate, I think you should start by examining yourself. What are your needs as a human being, and do you feel that these needs are being met? Are your needs reasonable? How many of these needs are actually related to women? How can you fulfill your own needs and start living a complete and happy life? All these questions are basic questions in most therapy forms. The point is examining and understanding your pain and how you can cope with it and change things in your life so that you actually can make progress instead of burying yourself into destructive thought patterns. Hating women IS a destructive thought pattern. Not only because you risk hurting other people around you, but mainly because that strategy wont help you feel better or atain a more fulfilling life in essence because that thought pattern isn't rational.
And since it isn't rational it will not give you anything, more than something very brief at an emotional level, which I can understand, but it will not help you in the long run. Instead it will create a negative feed back loop which risks making your life even worse (Women are evil - I will not treat them with respect - women around you actually start hating you because you treat them like shit - suddenly you have "proven" your point which gives you an excuse to hate women even more etc).

Why did she stop wearing clothes? Is this intentional she knows it was keeping me awake all night and giving me insomnia? Does she hate me?

>, in fact you reach a point where sex is meaningless without some sort of chemistry. You need to get out more. Just because a girl has hurt you doesn't mean all of them are exactly the same you simpleton.
Truer words have never been spoken.

This is gold.
Pure gold.

Women don’t give a FUCK about anyone but themselves OP.

Women need to be reminded how it works. A good old beating and rapes.

I hate this double slandered. There was a psycho Asian girl who stabbed her boyfriend to death and all men could talk about was how much they want a pyscho cute girlfriend. OF COURSE if a woman does this LE WOMAN ARE PROBLEMATIC XD

Thad is a faggot

>none of your problems were caused by your circumstances, you and you alone started this hateful feeling
>no Ted Bundy's mental problems were not caused by some kind of unnatural relationship with his mother, it was HIS conscious decision to be a murderer because people just turn into murderers out of a random caprice
>if I start by stating that it is yours and only yours responsability then neither I nor anyone else except you have to give any actual help, you have to help yourself
>no, this is not a result of continued negative feedback from being exposed to people, we are all cool, you are the freak who hates us
>no, environmental stimuli doesn't influence your perception of self value and identity while growing up and your brain as well as character and a general judgment of the world is completely your own choice

listen girl I'm all about getting in charge of yourself and taking responsability but you have to admit that not even you believe the bullshit you just posted, those are some really bold assumptions, but at the same time not giving any real useful info nor any useful description of what you think is happening
that's the laziest shit: pretending to help people by making them completely responsible for everything so you don't have to actually put the effort of giving real advice
it's not only counter productive but it's harmful, the way to proceed here is by confronting those experiences which made him learn its attitude towards a group of people

but you are just going to keep forcing your pre-made bull because it would require thinking otherwise

read i would like to denote that even if your description of men's way of communication is at least in principle accurate, we have evolved different from those previous to us
we don't have to rely on boldness and honesty anymore, we are not rigged by a honor system anymore
and even if those traits are expected and praised in men, the thing is that only men which have had a natural depiction of maleness hold those traits, and they work for them because they posses the other necessary traits to rely on them
but most men aren't really what they were decades or centuries ago: since the sexes being absolutely equal dogma became the standpoint of the people, men's character started to get more and more femenine, with the line between maleness and femaleness getting fuzzier and fuzzier with time
this doesn't just mean that men have become weak and timid, but they have been adopting what used to be characteristics hold by women and only women: secrecy, courtesy, deceit, and so on; they started having play in the emotional and contextual level instead like women
obviously with lesser results
this started getting exacerbated since the father's figure started taking more of a secondary priority in the family unit

so i wouldn't regard men any more trustworthy than women, at least not men of my age or younger
they don't have to be the perfect exemple of the manipulative men, as we all share those traits because the turn society has taken in these times

look at this motherfucker, don't you want to punch him in the face?
i do, and it's because he looks uncanny, you know by gut that he is not worth of trust, and your guts are right

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sorry i forgot
please try to not let him being obviously jewish influence your answer, just concentrate on his general femenine and bitchy vibe, which is the actual point i'm trying to explain

My counselor stopped wearing clothes she just wears panties and a bra it looks like a bikini.

Is she cockteasing me in a mean spirited way? Sometimes it feels like she is trying to make me really sexually frustrated in a mean spirited way

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No, they are scared and constantly belittled and victimized, some develop narcissistic or sociopathic traits as a response to this. Many posters on incel sites develop similarly, sort of like an abused dog.

for about ten years I somewhat interacted with women while having no idea what incel or mgtow meant. Only after that I discovered that there are people who made an whole weltanschauung about virginity and refuse/being refused by women. Btw, it's not even new, S.Paul spoke about it, among others.